The iPad Lock Keeps Your iPad Cabled to Your Desk

first_imgYou know those wire cables that businesses use to secure laptops and desktops to desks, walls, and floors in order to prevent theft? Now you can have one for your iPad in the form of the iPadLock, in case you’re worried about someone swiping your iPad from your desk at the office when you go to a meeting, or want to be able to leave it on a desk in the library while you go to the bathroom. The iPad Lock is a clear plastic full-body case and kick-stand for the iPad with a port on the side that fits the included cable lock.The iPad doesn’t have its own security slot, so the folks behind the iPadLock built a case that has one in it, and included the steel cable that secures into the case on one side and loops around a fixture or desk on the other. They also claim that once the case and the cable are locked together, the case can’t be removed without damaging the iPad inside. You can buy the case and the lock together for $79.95 list price, or just the case for $39.95 list.last_img read more