Airbnb Online experiences – a game changer that opens a completely new market and a niche for hosts in private accommodation

first_imgSo, in 2016, AirBnb experiences were launched, which soon gathered tens of thousands of experiences to offer to the market. Only a year later, Airbnb entered into direct competition with traditional tour operators by launching multi-day tour services called “Airbnb Adventures”. Again, focus on experiences in destinations. Accommodation is one part of the story, but every host has their own passions and life outside the accommodation itself. It is these unique authentic stories and skills of each host, we can now experience through video interaction (video course), where the hosts tell / sell online courses through their personal experience and skills. Get to know the interesting lives of the hosts outside the accommodation service, through their hobbies, skills or business life and learn something new and connect further – that is the philosophy behind the Online experience. Find out more about Airbnb Online experiences HERE Meet the interesting lives of the hosts outside the accommodation service Interesting is the wine class Airbnb hosts from Portugal. Rafael is a wine producer and owner of a wine bar and gives a one-hour lecture on wines so that wine lovers can get better acquainted with the key professional terms in the description of wine, and to turn them into smarter wine buyers. The video course is limited to a maximum of 6 people, and is charged 103 kuna per person. So, in an hour Rafael, could potentially earn a little over $ 600, or more than he would rent his accommodation for a day. So you can learn some new skills from your hosts, from exercising with an Olympian, cooking an hour of some local dish, how to make great cocktails, night bike tours, etc.… all through the eyes and experiences of Airbnb hosts. Make money by guiding people to activities you love – the slogan with which Airbnb communicates a new service to hosts But nothing is accidental, and so are new online experiences Online experiences are intended for smaller groups, from 6 to 8 people, and are charged per person. Interestingly, you don’t even have to receive guests in your accommodation or space to host the experience, which further expands the whole story and platform. Airbnb of course charges a 20% fee for services sold for experiences. The new platform aims to meet hosts who share their knowledge and experience with others and give you the opportunity to peek into their world and gain some new knowledge – all through the sale of personalized new and exciting experiences hosted by the main narrator. This is certainly a step forward in added value through connecting passengers and hosts, but a real one game changer is that it is an additional space for each host to earn. Namely, all online experiences are charged. And Chesky was certainly right, because it is the new Online experience that best defines his statement and the new Airbnb paradigm. But this is not just a basic upgrade of the Experience service, but a new one game changeru which opens up a totally new market and a niche in the host segment in private accommodation. Both in the sale of experiences and in the additional earnings of each host. center_img “I believe Airbnb Experiences will be a massive businessSaid Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky in a statement announcing Powell’s appointment. “Not everyone has a home to rent, but everyone has a story, passion or talent they can share.” Organize an event, do what you love and make money. There are currently a total of over 400 experiences available in Croatia, and some are already on the new Online Experiences platform, such as the host Luka from Vodnjan. Sell ​​me a story and an experience, not accommodation – an important lesson we can learn from the philosophy of Airbnb, which is the very motto – storytelling. The big turnaround came just earlier this year, when Airbnb hired Catherine Powell, former president of Walt Disney Co. theme parks, to guide their business segment related to experiences and experiences. A bold and great move, although until yesterday it was unthinkable. From the very beginning, Airbnb in its DNA focused on the experience and the hosts, and not on the mere platform for booking accommodation. As it developed more and more, the focus of management was on positioning itself as a platform for selling experiences. Some hosts are engaged in drawing or writing, design, or cooking, dancing, practicing or making wine – and now all these skills and knowledge are “shared” through online experiences. charged per person. Online experiences or unique activities where we can gather, hosted by hosts from all over the world, is the new content of Airbnb as part of its Airbnb Experience program. AIRBNB EMPLOYS FORMER DISNEYLAND DIRECTOR IN SEARCH TO EXPAND EXPERIENCE SERVICE This is definitely a game changer, and with this move, Airbnb additionally becomes a platform for selling experiences and makes another strong difference from and other competitors. PS How to make homemade soap, say from lavender? Tell me and sell me the story. Topics around home disinfection and hand washing are now more topical than ever. But nothing is accidental, and so are new online experiences.last_img

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