Valamar opened the Central Kitchen and distribution center worth HRK 29 million

first_imgLast winter, Valamar invested around HRK 29 million in this innovative project, which will ensure the supply of as many as twenty Valamar hotels and nine camps with associated catering facilities for the destinations of Poreč, Rabac and Krk. The central kitchen and distribution center Vinež is a central place for the purchase and processing of fresh local food, and the preparation of finished and semi-finished products. This modern plant covers an area of ​​3.400 m2, ensures faster and simpler food preparation while relieving hotel kitchens in Valamar facilities, especially in terms of processing fresh food, as well as uniform quality and energy savings and lower procurement costs.   Last year, the share of domestic food and beverages in Valamar’s hotels, camps and restaurants reached 73%, confirming the role of tourism as a strong lever for marketing domestic agriculture and the economy, and the new Valfresco Direkt project is sure to further increase the percentage. Cooperation with over 200 family farms from Istria, Slavonia and Dalmatia For Valfresco Direkt, Valamar has contracted cooperation with about two hundred selected family farms and local producers, so we offer top products from Istria, Slavonia and Dalmatia with the aim of expanding cooperation to partners from all parts of Croatia to support the development of local economy and domestic production. In May, the Vinež Central Kitchen became the backbone of Valamar’s new project Valfresco Direct, an online store that brings together local producers of wine, olive oils, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, with a long tradition in the production of healthy and quality food. It can prepare up to 25.000 meals a day for guests with the highest standards of health and safety. More than a hundred employees work in the Central Kitchen Vinež in two shifts all seven days a week, which ensures high productivity. Valamar’s latest investment encourages an even stronger connection between tourism and agriculture and makes it easier for top local producers to sell their products to domestic and foreign guests. Valamar Riviera has opened a unique Central Kitchen in Vinež near Labin, which consists of the largest production plant and distribution center for hotels and restaurants in Croatia. last_img

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