Take off the mask towards the development of the youth

first_imgLocalNews Take off the mask towards the development of the youth by: – May 29, 2012 Share Tweet NYC President Fenella WenhamPresident of the National Youth Council of Dominica, Fenella Wenham, wants members of society to “take off the mask” of sexual exploitation, youth delinquency and disregard for the youth.“The masks towards the development of our young people have to be removed,” Wenham said quoting one of this year’s popular calypso while addressing the 7th annual Youth Awards ceremony at the weekend.She noted that the youth are “ready to work, ready to impact change”; according to her young people have also “influenced change” for the likes of US President Barack Obama, the first female prime minister of Dominica Dame Mary Eugenia Charles and the current Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit.Wenham made a special appeal for the mask of sexual exploitation towards youth to be removed.“We have some older persons beyond youth who love the young people and we are grateful. They admire the youth, but sometimes they love the young people for the wrong reasons. Stop the sexual exploitation of especially our young ladies for jobs and empty promises. Stop the exploitation at jobs, saying that we are young and that we will have time to be where you are; who says that we want it to take this long? Stop using our young people as scapegoats for your inadequacies and irresponsibility. Take off your mask towards the development of young people”. Despite this ability to impact and influence change in “every sector of society” Wenham said, the youth are unable to do so as they do not receive enough financial assistance from the government and the society in general.“We are ready to influence change. To effectively do so there must be increase financing for programs and activities to empower our young people. To effectively do this, the funds allocated for youth in next year’s budget must be increased”. While she condemned youth delinquency, she explained that there are insufficient avenues for youth empowerment on the island.“Crime, violence, defiance, promiscuity is what we see here almost every day and who is at the helm?…The National Youth Council is often called upon to condemn those acts of crime and violence and we do condemn these acts with no uncertainty. But, to effectively and adequately address the issue of youth delinquency there must be an increase for youth development and for youth empowerment in next year’s budget”.The youth, she claimed, desire the same things as adults and are prepared to work for them.“We give a fair day’s work so we deserve a fair day’s pay. We achieve and so we want the same space at the same price to feature our stories of achievement and success, not the inside corner that people hardly read. We want the same things that you want and we are ready to work for them”.Wenham announced that the youth “want to be partners not enemies, we want to learn and we want to teach too, we want you to celebrate our achievements”.And to those who “are still at the masquerade ball; it is time to take off your mask,” she concluded.Dominica Vibes News Sharecenter_img Sharing is caring! Share 41 Views   one commentlast_img

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