NBA Basketball

first_imgWhile reading a recent article in the Indy Star, it was pointed out that teams like the Pacers are confused and concerned about the new holding rule in their sport.  The idea behind the rule was to allow freedom of movement by the player without the basketball.  In the past, if you were guarding someone like LeBron James and he didn’t have the ball, you simply grabbed onto him so he had trouble moving.  Now the officials are looking for this and the foul calls have gone up significantly.   This has led to high scoring games and longer games.  Coaches are not sure how to get around this rule and still be able to keep their preferred offense going.This is not a problem in college and high school, because that rule has been enforced for a long time.  It doesn’t seem to stymie those coaches.  The pro coaches will simply have to start playing more team offense and less individual.  This is the way I see it!last_img

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