SLS entrepreneurs make donation to Safe Passage

first_imgBatesville, IN—The 8th graders at St. Louis Catholic School Economics class ran a business for 3 weeks prior to Christmas break.  They were open for 20 minutes in the mornings before school. They sold trinkets of all types at their shops. Some of the items were slime, scrunchies, chapstick, stickers, stress balls, Hot Wheels, and random items they didn’t want or need anymore. The class ran their company using game methods for prizes and buying out-right options also. The students voted on where they would like their profited money to be donated to. This year Safe Passage won the vote. Mary Mattingly came from Safe Passage and talked with the 8th graders a little about what they do and where their money would be used.  The organization was very grateful for these 8th graders, and SLS is so grateful for what they do for the six counties they serve. Overall the class donated $625 to Safe Passage this year.last_img

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