Dayne Train stops in Madison Sunday

first_imgLUKAS KEAPPROTH/Herald photoAfter being cut by the Houston Texans in training camp this season, the former Heisman trophy winner Ron Dayne visited Madison this past Sunday to participate in a charity basketball game at Memorial High School. The Badger Herald caught up with the former Wisconsin running back after the game. What brings you back to Wisconsin?Dayne: I am always looking to do charity work, and today was fun.It was reported that you underwent a physical for the Tennessee Titans last Thursday. What are the plans for your NFL career?Dayne: I’m not sure. You know, right now I am just kind of laying back and enjoying my family, and that’s about it.Do you have any plans for life after football?Dayne: There’s a few different things I would like to do. I want to give back to the community, maybe do some work with kids and, you know, things like that.Have you given any consideration to coaching or contributing to football in some way after the NFL?Dayne: I don’t know. Once I get my degree, then I can focus on stuff like that. I have to go back to school before I make any decisions.Wisconsin suffered a tough loss to Michigan Saturday. What advice would you give to your former team?Dayne: That’s tough. You can’t really give them too much advice, you know. Just once you have a lead, keep it and don’t let off. You can’t let your foot off the pedal.Do you still participate in the Heisman Trophy voting every year? If so, do you always vote for a running back?Dayne: Oh yeah, I still vote. I usually vote for a running back, but if there aren’t any worthy then I won’t force it.You were highly recruited out of high school in New Jersey when you chose to come to Wisconsin. Current Badger P.J. Hill was recruited out of New York. Why do these talented East Coast backs come to UW?Dayne: Well, I don’t know why Hill came here, but for me, it was the opportunity to play. That was my big thing, being able to play right away at running back. I wanted opportunities, and Wisconsin gave them.What does it feel like when you come back to campus? Do fans still recognize you?Dayne: Oh, you know, it is always a good time when I come to Madison. I had a great four years here, and I think the fans appreciate that. It’s just fun.last_img

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