Find out why IKEA puts such rare names on its products

first_imgHaving said this curious biographical data, the founder of IKEA decided to create a series of names with which to baptize their products and that today can still be used. Once the series was created, it grouped the different types of furniture and objects of the brand and associated them with a specific theme. Below you can see a list with the different groups of IKEA products and the theme to which it is associated.List of IKEA product names– Toiletries: Names of Swedish lakes and bodies of water.– Bed textiles: flowers and plants– Beds, cabinets and lounge furniture: Norwegian place names– Bookstores: Professions or names of Scandinavian children– Bowls, vases, candles and candlesticks: Swedish place names, adjectives, spices, herbs, fruits and berries– Boxes, wall decoration, paintings, frames and clocks: Swedish slang expressions, Swedish place names– Children’s products: Mammals, birds, adjectives.– Desks, chairs and swivel chairs: Scandinavian boy names– Fabrics and curtains: Scandinavian girls names– Garden furniture: Scandinavian Islands– Kitchen accessories: Fish, mushrooms and adjectives– Illumination: Units of measure, seasons, months, days, shipping and nautical terms, Swedish place names– Carpets: Danish place names– Sofas, armchairs, chairs and dining tables: Swedish place namesThis way of organizing the products of the famous brand attracts attention worldwide and now we know its origin. Even so, this technique sometimes varies, since if the name of a product is very similar to a word from another language, this product changes its name in that country. Although IKEA products are very different and varied, they all have something in common and they are the strange names that they give them. Although these types of words are known to Swedes, it can be very difficult for the rest of the world to try to name a simple shelf. It may seem that naming each of your products in such a peculiar way is meaningless. However, it has its reason.The founder of this popular Swedish company, Ingvar Kamprad, suffers from dyslexia and over the years has sought a method to help him fight with it. At one point in his life, he realized that nouns helped him remember products better than when using numerical codes. Image: iStockcenter_img The founder of Ikea was looking for a method against dyslexiaIkea products come together and they are associated with different themeslast_img

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