Jovic, without excuses: signed a document not to leave home

first_imgSerbian public opinion insists that, even in the event that Jovic had not read this text, should have been aware of the measures imposed in the country, since in Serbia there is no talk of anything else. The volume of information regarding the conditions of the returnees is immense. It should be remembered that an estimated 45,000 Serbs have returned to the country during the crisis unleashed by Covid-19. In total there are almost a million Serbs emigrated and scattered throughout the world, almost 14% of the total population. Furthermore, the text obliges the citizen who signs it (in this case Jovic) to, “in addition to complying with the mandatory quarantine in home isolation, notify the Serbian Institute for Public Health by telephone of any changes they may make to the monitoring of their health status“reads the document in its final part.In the last few hours, a model of this text issued by the Ministry of Health and supposedly signed by Luka Jovic has been circulated by various Serbian media. Beyond that these photographs really correspond to the document that the footballer signed, ACE Yes, you have been able to verify the authenticity of the form. This is, Jovic was forced to sign a text identical to that shown in the Serbian media. Luka Jovic Yes, he was informed of the conditions in which he had to maintain his quarantine once he entered Serbia A week ago, last Friday. Among them was that of remaining isolated in his Vracar apartment, in the heart of Belgrade. The player, however, broke quarantine and was hunted on the street on Wednesday. This has earned him the object of a criminal complaint by the Serbian Prosecutor’s Office for having violated the rules of the state of alert decreed throughout the country since last Sunday.Jovic, in his explanations this Thursday, accused the authorities of not having properly informed him. However, all those returned citizens (especially those from Spain, Italy and France) they were required to sign special documentation. In it, in addition to communicating how he should behave, personal data were registered: name, address and contact telephone number. The purpose of the writing is to keep these returnees under control and, in passing, to remind them of their duties in the fight against the Covid-19 coronavirus. last_img

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