“If the club decides I should leave because they need money, I will have to leave”

first_imgOn Monday they train individually: “I am looking forward to training with the group again. We have been told that on Monday we are going to start training individually. We are going to see what happens these days. At first they told us that we should do the tests on the 28th, but that date has already It has happened and we have not done it. On Monday we have been told that we are all going to train individually. “Tired of confinement ?: “I was used to being at home and I got along well, but in the end you get tired of the head and everything. It is not normal to be locked up all day in the house, but it is our turn. It seems that we are already going to see a little light ”.What do you usually do during the day ?: “I train, I talk to my friends almost every day and sometimes, when I’m in a good mood, I read, I watch series, movies… What everyone does. My family is here with me and I spend time with them. There are people who live alone, they must be very strong mentally. The truth is that it is very complicated.How are your daily workouts ?: “I always train with my father. He is always with me. He was a soccer player, he played in my country and since he was little he has educated me training. Before this situation I always went out to train with him. ”Do you agree to a replay? “It is not normal that people are dying and we are training and playing soccer games. But if they tell us that we have to go out to train, it’s for a reason. They are not stupid. If they tell us to go train, it’s because it’s safe. But everyone is free to think what they want. If they tell me I have to go to train, I’m the first to go. I very much agree with the end of the League. If it does not end, who will go down and who will go up?Do you agree with footballers being tested ?: “I don’t know how it works, but if there is a limit of tests and those who are risking their lives don’t have it, it doesn’t seem right to me either. But if they decide that we do the tests, then they must be done. If there is no cure, in the end we will all have to do the tests. “What do you think the matches will be like behind closed doors ?: “A month and a half ago we were playing a game in front of thousands of people and now they tell us that if we play we have to do it without fans. The most important thing in football is the fans, but you have to get used to it. It will be very difficult. The fans are the 12th player of all the teams and we all know the fans that Málaga has. They always help us, in good times and bad, even in this season, which has been very difficult. It will be difficult to motivate us, but the most important thing is that we are all healthy and well. ”What can you say about your future ?: “I have a contract with Malaga until 2021 and I am very happy here, I feel at home. I feel loved. “ There are clubs interested in Keidi Bare: “If the club decides that Keidi Bare has to leave because he needs money or whatever, I can’t do anything, I don’t make those decisions. I speak for myself and I can say that I am very happy here, like at home, I feel very loved. What the club decides for me, whether I have to leave or not, is something else. My representative has not told me anything. ”Were there any offers for Keidi Bare in January ?: “There were not only for me, there were for more colleagues. But I’m fine here and I’m not planning on going anywhere else. The decision maker is the club. If they need Keidi to go, I will have to go. “The next season will stop being Under-23 and they have to make him a professional record to continue playing: “This makes me feel like I’m in the air. This is what has happened with Mula and Iván Rodríguez (being Under-23, they had to go on to occupy professional records and the club was unable to register them due to their gap with the salary limit). It is a difficult situation, but I trust the club a lot and hopefully all this will be solved. ”Would you take it well if their wages were lowered ?: “Yes. If the club needs us to lower our wages, it would. We have no other option, we must help to the maximum and more in these difficult times. We haven’t talked about anything yet and I don’t know what’s going to happen on this matter. ”Club situation with the Receiver: “They are strange situations. I don’t care what they are going to do or what happens. The most important thing for me is to be one hundred percent in training, working with the team, and I am focused on the field. The club is calmer now, that is true. “Which coach has filled you more than you have had at Malaga ?: “They have all filled me, the truth. With Pellicer I have not worked long, but he is a very good coach, he is helping me a lot. Muñiz was the one who bet on me, he was the one who changed my career. He came from below and he put me to play, I’m here thanks to him. Then there is Victor, who has done everything. It has changed me a lot as a player and as a person. She is a wonderful person to me. ”His growth since coming to Malaga has been very important: “In a short time a lot has happened. I came from Atlético de Madrid and in a short time I have gone up categories. I feel more like a footballer, I have matured a lot in a short time ”.Málaga is three points from relegation and eight from the promotion playoff. What is the OBJETIVE?: “The most important thing is to start playing and that we are all well. We look game by game. It will be necessary to prepare well in training and then compete again. There is no point in talking up or down right now. It is going to be difficult, because the players have spent almost two months without training on a large field. It is not the same to train alone or to do it in a large field with teammates. ”last_img

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