36 x Endless Hair Elastics/ Bobbles : Snag free quality thick bobbles.

first_img Love how many bobbles you get for money and how. Love how many bobbles you get for money and how they grip the hair and doesn’t pull your hair out when taking them out of your hair; but disappointed how long they last – about 10 bobbles have snapped on 1st use. Received immediately, thank you. Great product, arrived on time. Great quality, low price and amazing. I would highly recommend these bobbles. It’s great finding good quality, snag free bobbles for such a low price and for getting so many. I love these bobbles they hold your hair really well and they are really strong, i would recommend these :-). Good job you get a lot of them for the. Good job you get a lot of them for the money as they don’t last very long, but while they do last they work well and do what they are supposed to do. Maybe they could be made with slightly higher quality elastic. I normally go expensive on hair bobbles, and now i know why. A girl can never have to many bobbles. If your like me then they end up everywhere/lost or in places i didn’t even know existed in the house. I have really thick hair so most bobbles tend to snap on me, also i like to buy ones without the metal bit on as my hair tends to snag on it. They keep their elasticity great. Would definitely buy again, if it wasn’t for the fact that i will have hair ties until i’m so old all my hair will have fallen out anyway. I’ve only used one so far and it’s been weeks. They keep their elasticity great. Okay – not packaged as pictured. The hair ties themselves are fine and we’re delivered promptly, however they did not arrive as pictured with tags on – they all came loose in a plastic bag, ok if they were for me but they were bought to add to a beauty gift bag for some friends. Good quality – strong elastic. Snag free quality thick bobbles. . As advertised decent thick no snag bobbles. As a man growing my hair its hard enough getting to grips with putting in a bobble without having to worry about that annoying metal bit either snagging my hair or digging into one of my fingers so these are a very good product for me. 36 hair elastics for such a small price. These are great each 12 pack has the original price on the back so you know you’ve received an awesome deal. The elastics themselves are strong and have a good stretch on them. They hold your hair nice and tight and there’s no problem sliding them back off your hair. I’ve had none of the usual hair getting caught up in them because there is no metal connector they are just one piece bands. I would recommend these and i will be buying them again. As any girl will know you can never have enough hair elastics. Disclaimer: i received this item at a reduced cost or free to provide an impartial review. I have not been paid for this review. Great value good quality.Okay – not packaged as picturedThey keep their elasticity great!Snag free quality thick bobbles.Good job you get a lot of them for the Love how many bobbles you get for money and how 36 x Black Endless Hair Elastics/ Bobbles – Snag Freelast_img

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