AJ Baltes, Nov. 12

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest We’re frozen this morning. There were some guys running last week but they were cutting fields up pretty good. We’re combining corn right now to get our drying bins filled again. We ran a little yesterday too. It seems like the fields have dried out a little bit.It is supposed to snow tonight and maybe tomorrow a little bit. Then it looks like we may have some more frozen mornings. We have about 150 acres of beans to run yet. It is getting down into the low 20s at night. We’ve only had two nights so far that have gotten that cold. Hopefully our late season beans do better. They look better. The corn is still averaging around 175. We had one field run over 200 for an average but as a whole the corn is right around that 175 range.Guys are starting to wind down around here. Some of them have run in the mud just to get crops out of the fields and get finished up. Once we get the bins filled we’ll have to wait a bit. If it keeps freezing we’ll be able to sneak in and get more off.The wheat is pretty spotty and we aren’t sure what is going to happen. We don’t have any fields that have a really good stand. The cover crops are about like the wheat. It just got too wet. We might on a frozen morning go out and broadcast some more cereal rye. The stuff we inter-seeded in the corn looks pretty nice.There is not much fall tillage that is done around here. We’re just lucky to get stuff off. It is a pretty normal harvest schedule for us. We usually finish up between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Putting up that second drying bin this year really helped us because we can run about 100 acres at a time and fill both of them up.last_img

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