Poonia ready for $20,000 face-off with Samuels

first_imgDiscus thrower Krishna Poonia after winning the gold medal in Commonwealth Games.Just a week after winning the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games (CWG), discus thrower Krishna Poonia has been thrown a fresh challenge. Her rival Dani Samuels of Australia has challenged her to a $20,000 contest.The duo has been involved in a verbal duel after Poonia had suggested that Samuels skipped the CWG because of poor form and not health and safety concerns.In retaliation, Samuels has called for a one-on-one contest with Poonia to determine who is better.  Poonia said she is ready for the contest. “I am not kicked about the $20,000 prize money. I am right now fully focused on winning the gold at the Asian Games. However, I am ready for any challenge Dani throws at me. If she wants to contest before the Asian Games, she will have to come to India,” Poonia said. Poonia’s coach and husband Virender Poonia too said the athlete was ready to face Samuels. “After the Asian Games, the contest can be held anywhere outside India and Australia,” Virender told Headlines Today.Dismissing Samuels’ reasons for skipping the CWG, he said: “If the Australian cricketers can come and play here, why can’t Samuels?” Dennis Knowles, who coaches Samuels, said the Australian athlete skipped the CWG because she feared she might get sick. He refuted Poonia’s claim, saying Samuels had been in her best form in 2010.Dennis Knowles, who coaches Samuels, described Krishna’s feat as “fantastic” and invited her for the contest.  Knowles said Samuels had skipped the CWG because she feared she might get sick. He refuted claims about Samuels’ form, saying she had been in the best of shape in 2010.  Sports commentator Charu Sharma dubbed the challenge thrown by Samuels as “childish”.advertisement”If Samuels wanted a fair challenge, she should have participated in the CWG. Her reasons for not coming aren’t entirely convincing as most of the other Australian athletes did come,” Sharma said.last_img

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