Additional Appropriations Approved for Higher expenses

first_img The Nova Scotia legislature annually authorizes spending budgets or appropriations for individual departments, groups of departments or other categories. Where expenses in each area are expected to exceed the budgeted amount, an additional appropriation is required. The Minister of Finance must file additional appropriations with the legislature within 90 days of the release of Public Accounts. Economic Development, $6,305,000 Energy, $12,160,000 Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations, $22,144,00 Tourism, Culture, and Heritage, $4,722,000 Pension Valuation Adjustment, $13,711,000. The province has approved $59 million in additional appropriations to cover higher 2008-2009 expenses, as outlined in the budget forecast update released Dec. 19. “We were able to keep departmental expenses down this year through an expenditure management program,” said Finance Minister Michael Baker. “This helped offset higher expenses for several government priorities, which require additional appropriations.” The province is forecasting a 2008-2009 budget surplus of $212.9 million. Departmental expenses are forecast to drop $11.6 million, helped in part by a $43.6 million expenditure management program. Additional appropriations have been approved to cover higher expenses for: last_img

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