Luxury parka maker Canada Goose buys 45000 square foot factory in Toronto

TORONTO — Luxury parka maker Canada Goose has acquired a manufacturing facility in the Toronto area from its contractor, Grand Harbour Clothing.The 45,000 square-foot facility is in the Scarborough area of Toronto, and the company’s second manufacturing plant in the region.The outdoor apparel maker says the acquisition adds 70 employees to its staff and is expected to boost efficiency by 25 per cent.Canada Goose will produce its line of lightweight jackets and vests, called the HyBridge Lite collection, at the site.Parka king Canada Goose targets world from its Toronto factoryCanada Goose a ‘bully’ waging ‘campaign of intimidation’ with parka trademark lawsuits, says SearsThe company says it plans to invest in new technologies and infrastructure to retool the facility.“I’m proud to be leading the charge in rebuilding apparel manufacturing infrastructure,” Dani Reiss, the company’s president and CEO, said in a statement.“This is an important investment that not only expands our footprint, but significantly increases productivity by transforming a great factory into a world-class manufacturing campus through innovative technologies and processes.”

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