Manhunt for Moncton mountie murder suspect continues

(Updated)Nearly 24 hours later and the manhunt is still on. New Brunswick RCMP continue to search for Justin Bourque, the 24-year old accused of gunning down three mounties and injuring two more. And he’s been able to avoid being captured or killed.Police are combing the north end of Moncton for any evidence of Bourque. Residents are still in lock down, urged to draw their curtains and call 911 if they see or hear anything suspicious.The man at the centre of the hunt is 24-year old Justin Bourque. A former Walmart employee who lives in a trailer park. A suspect photo shows him with two hunting rifles slung across his chest. Police say they spotted him a few times Thursday morning, but haven’t been able to apprehend him.His Facebook profile is active and paints a picture of a gun fanatic with an anti-authority edge. It includes pro-gun propaganda photos and posts criticizing police. His most recent post-death metal lyrics, to which one of his friends replied just hours later: “You knew this wasn’t the answer.”Police have asked residents to avoid posting investigation details online in case Bourque is tracking their whereabouts. They don’t want to give him any intel on the search. As they hunt for him there’s little time to mourn the loss of their colleagues.Marlene Snowman is with the RCMP: “Two that are undergoing surgery and three that have passed away. This is a difficult time for Moncton — and Codiac as a family.”Meanwhile, north Moncton residents who had to witness Wednesday night’s gunfire remain trapped in their homes — terrified that the man who fired these shots could be metres away.“In five minutes, I think there was 20 gun shots. It was terrifying.”“We saw the bullet go and hit a cop car and took out all the window in the cop cars.”The RCMP still hasn’t zeroed in on a specific area. They targeted a complex in downtown Moncton this afternoon, but backed off after finding nothing. The only good news to come out of today is that one of the two injured officers has been released from hospital.Related: Local police pay tribute to fallen mountiesSend your condolences to the RCMP

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