Kenya UN agency sounds alarm on dire food situation

25 August 2009The United Nations food agency today issued a warning that Kenya faces a dire hunger crisis due to failed rains, appealing today for $230 million to feed nearly 4 million Kenyans – nearly one-tenth of the African nation’s population – over the next six months. “Red lights are flashing around the country,” said Burkard Oberle, Kenya director of the World Food Programme (WFP). “People are already going hungry, malnutrition is preying on more and more young children, cattle are dying – we face a huge challenge and are urging the international community to provide us with the resources we need to get the job done,” he added.WFP is currently distributing 2.6 million drought-affected Kenyans with food aid and hopes to increase that number by 1.2 million.Many parts of Kenya have experienced three or even four consecutive seasons of failed rains, and conditions are expected to deteriorate, with the Government projecting the main maize harvest to fall nearly one-third below the five-year average. In addition, pasture and water for livestock is quickly dwindling.The hardest-hit Kenyans have taken drastic measures, such as reducing the number of meals each day, eating cheaper and less nutritious food, migrating to urban centres and taking on massive debt.Acute malnutrition rates among children under the age of five are over 20 per cent in some areas, well above the 15 per cent emergency threshold.“Life has never been easy for the poor in Kenya, but right now conditions are more desperate than they have been for a decade,” Mr. Oberle said. “WFP is aiming to help almost 1 in every 10 Kenyans to cope wit this serious crisis but we can’t do it without money.”The agency also hopes the influx of funds will allow it to expand its school feeding programme by 100,000 to reach almost 1.2 million children. The Kenyan Government provides schools meals to some 500,000 more young people through its own scheme.Across the Horn of Africa, WFP is facing funding shortfalls, including over $160 million for Somalia and nearly $100 million for Ethiopia.Last month, the agency’s Executive Director, Josette Sheeran, warned that millions of hungry people around the world will not receive food aid from due to a “dangerous and unprecedented” $3 billion budget shortfall this year.WFP is hoping to reach 108 million people in 74 countries this year with food aid, but it expects to receive only $3.7 billion of the $6.7 billion needed for 2009. read more

Victims of Haiti tragedy remembered

Lighting a candle for Haiti are, from left, Ted Van Geest, Eric Joseph and Marge Van Geest, all St. Catharines residents with Haiti connections. At the far left is University chaplain André Basson.Brock staff and students remembered the victims of the Haiti earthquake today with a solemn multi-faith memorial service.About 20 people gathered in the Thistle complex to pray, reflect and light a candle for the beleaguered country. In the capital of Port-au-Prince alone, the Jan. 12 quake has killed more than 150,000.The only appropriate response is compassion, and “to act on our compassion to the fullest degree,” President Jack Lightstone said at the memorial.The service was attended by Eric Joseph of St. Catharines, a native of Haiti whose family still lives there. The response of the Brock and Niagara community has helped, Joseph said.“It makes us feel like we are not by ourselves in this world,” he said.Joseph lit a candle with Ted and Marge Van Geest of St. Catharines, whose son and daughter-in-law lived in Haiti for more than five years before they fled the ravage of the quake.Sameer Iqbal represented the Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU). He is the union’s vice-president of finance administration.“Tragic events motivate us to put aside our differences and come together for a common cause,” he said.So far, more than $7,000 has been raised on campus for the Canadian Red Cross, said John Kaethler, director of International Services. The goal is $10,000.About $4,400 has been raised through an online donation portal at Other fundraisers include BUSU comedy and euchre nights, Ontario Public Interest Research Group bake sales and a Community Connections silent auction.International Services is selling samosas. Pre-orders are due Jan. 29, with a general sale on Feb. 3 in MacKenzie Chown A block. The cost is $1 per samosa or $10 per dozen (which includes two sauces per dozen). There will be an automatic delivery charge of $2 per order. Send completed order forms, with money, to the Office of International Services (DeCew 209). Click here to download the order form.Quick links:• Brock Red Cross donation portal• International Services samosa order form read more

Ohio State Hback Parris Campbell questionable for game against Iowa

Junior wide receiver Parris Campbell (21) runs the ball downfield during the first quarter of the OSU-Maryland game on Oct. 7. Credit: Ris Twigg | Assistant Photo EditorOhio State redshirt junior H-back Parris Campbell is questionable for Saturday’s game against Iowa, head coach Urban Meyer said at a press conference Wednesday afternoon.Campbell was injured early in the first quarter of Saturday’s 39-38 comeback win against Penn State and did not return to action.“He got dinged on a kickoff return,” Meyer said. “He’s tough as nails, too.”Meyer was asked whether Campbell was in concussion protocol, but said he did not know.Campbell is a starting H-back and has a career-high 29 catches for 410 yards and two touchdowns this season. He is Ohio State’s primary kick returner as he has taken nine kickoffs 329 yards, including an 82-yard return against UNLV.Redshirt sophomore K.J. Hill is listed as a starting H-back as well and walk-on C.J. Saunders played Campbell’s position after the starter was injured Saturday.Campbell has also added five carries for 51 yards and a rushing touchdown.The Buckeyes will kick off at 3:30 p.m. Saturday against the Hawkeyes in Iowa City, Iowa. read more

Good News Browns Your Chances Of Making The Playoffs Are 1 In

Jacksonville beats Indianapolis75–0.00144523 Minnesota beats Cincinnati77–0.00000000 Kansas City beats Denver66–0.00000000 12New England beats Miami90%–90.00000000% Cleveland beats Cincinnati16–0.72442626 Cincinnati beats Baltimore32–0.00000000 For a brief moment there on Sunday, the Cleveland Browns’ 2017 season appeared to be lost. The team was defeated by the Jacksonville Jaguars, moving its record to 0-10. Considering that no team has ever made the NFL playoffs with 10 losses, the result seemed to dash any remaining hope in Cleveland that the Browns would make a run.Or did it?It turns out, thanks to the assiduous investigations of a Redditor who goes by MrMolonLabe, the Browns are still in this thing: Provided that 46 different games go their way — including two ties — a hypothetical 6-10 Cleveland Browns can be the second AFC wild card team.It’s all rather simple. First, Cleveland wins out — that’s the easy part.1Minor note: The chance that the easy part actually happens is roughly 1 in 650 based on our projections for the rest of the Browns season. Then the Browns need the following: Week 12 wins from Kansas City, Tennessee, New England, Houston, Dallas and Carolina; Week 13 wins from New England, Denver, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Detroit and the Giants; Week 14 wins from Indianapolis, the Jets, Kansas City, New England, Chicago, Washington and San Francisco; Week 15 wins from Denver, Kansas City, Miami, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Minnesota and Dallas; Week 16 wins for Baltimore, Kansas City, San Diego, New England, Pittsburgh and Washington; and Week 17 wins for Kansas City, Indianapolis, New England and Cincinnati. Also, the Broncos and Raiders need to tie in Week 12, and the Bills and Dolphins need to tie in Week 17.If all this happens, there would be four AFC teams with a record of 5-10-1 and five more at 5-11. The Patriots, Steelers, Chiefs and Titans would win their respective divisions, and the Jaguars would get the first wild card at 12-4. That leaves the Ravens and Browns tied for the last spot at 6-10. The Browns would win the tiebreaker because their Week 15 win over Baltimore would split the season series, and Cleveland would have a better record in the division.Luckily, we happen to have forecasts for each of those games and can assign a probability for each of those discrete events based on each team’s current Elo rating.2The big assumption here is that the events are independent. Here’s how it shakes out: Pittsburgh beats Cincinnati66–0.00095385 Wash. beats L.A. Chargers39–0.00000036 Kansas City beats Oakland77–0.00000218 15New Orleans beats N.Y. Jets82–0.00000000 Kansas City beats N.Y. Jets64–0.00061047 Pittsburgh beats Houston67–0.00000000 Denver-Oakland tie*0.35–0.00253549 N.Y. Giants beats Oakland32–0.00002492 Some are trickier than others: Elo can’t tell us the probability that a given NFL game will end in a tie because most NFL games do not end in ties. For that, we’ll need a better estimate: There have been 5 ties since 2012 over 1,440 games played,3They changed the playoff rules again this year, which should make ties easier, but we haven’t had one since the change so we don’t have a good number for that. Regardless, this estimate is higher than the overall historical probability of ties. giving us a back-of-the-napkin probability of a specific game going to a tie as 0.35 percent, a rate of about 1 tie every 288 games.Let’s set aside Cleveland’s two needed ties for a moment. Multiplying the Elo probability that each game breaks the Browns’ way, we anticipate there is a 1 in 238,559,677,617,755 chance that they will get that sixth wild card slot. The probability of having two specific selected games tie is a 1 in 82,369 chance. Combining those two chances, we anticipate that the Cleveland Browns have a 1 in 19,649,922,085,696,900,000 — that is 19.6 quintillion — chance of making the playoffs.More to the point, the Browns have a probability of 32 percent to go 0-16 this year. But hey, anything is possible.Check out our latest NFL predictions. Indianapolis beats Houston52–0.00000000 Detroit beats Baltimore45–0.00007788 Kansas City beats Miami83–0.00000000 Cleveland beats L.A. Chargers14–0.00000349 14New England beats Miami81–0.00000283 13New England beats Buffalo76–0.00192697 16New England beats Buffalo87–0.00000000 Tennessee beats Houston63–0.00038459 K.C. beats L.A. Chargers76–0.00000000 Houston beats Baltimore32–4.52766413 San Francisco beats Houston21–0.00000000 Jacksonville beats Houston69–0.00000000 WEEKOUTCOMEPROBABILITYCUM. PROBABILITY Miami beats Buffalo34–0.00000000 N.Y. Jets beats Denver42–0.00000091 Buffalo-Miami tie0.35–0.00000000 Dallas beats Oakland52–0.00000000 Denver beats Indianapolis45–0.00000000 17New England beats N.Y. Jets88–0.00000000 Denver beats Miami45–0.00017307 Tennessee beats Indianapolis52–14.14895040 Kansas City beats Buffalo78–70.20000000 Indianapolis beats Buffalo34–0.00000012 Cleveland beats Green Bay25–0.00000001 Wash. beats Denver64–0.00000000 Baltimore beats Indianapolis74–0.00000000 Cleveland beats Chicago22–0.00000000 Chicago beats Cincinnati31–0.00000004 Cleveland beats Baltimore21–0.00000000 L.A. Chargers beats N.Y. Jets46–0.00000000 Dallas beats L.A. Chargers68–47.73600000 Cleveland beats Pittsburgh6–0.00000000 * Since 2012, 0.35 percent of games ended in a tie Total1 in 19,649,922,085,696,900,000 Carolina beats N.Y. Jets57–27.20952000 So you’re saying there’s a chance…What the Browns need to happen to make the playoffs this year read more

Nintendo Exec Discusses 3DS Warnings

first_imgNintendo caused quite a stir after warning that children under the age of six ought not play the Nintendo 3DS in 3D mode due to the potential damage it could cause their developing eyes. While the warnings were first issued back in June, during the unveiling of the portable gaming console, they’ve surfaced yet again and have become a major source of confusion in the blogsphere.When we heard that we would be sitting down with Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime, we knew it would be the perfect time to get some clarification on the warnings. The executive blamed the sudden buzz on a “slow news week,” joking that journalists jumped all over it due to the recent blizzard.”All 3D devices carry a similar warning,” he told Gearlog, adding that Nintendo has issued similar warnings for existing devices. “We do that with every device. With the Wii, we recommend that you take a break and go outside. We’re recommending the same thing. The insight here is, anything you do for an extend period of time, it’ll put stress on your eyes.”Nintendo is recommending that children under the age of six do not play the game, while older kids take a break after playing for 30 minutes. “Essentially there’s manipulation of your vision being doneto get the 3D effect,” h said. “We recommend that not happen for children six andyounger.”Check out a clip of our conversation, after the jump.last_img read more

Taoiseach says he didnt realise his mortgage could be sold on by

first_img Friday 19 Apr 2019, 6:10 AM “Some of them struggle to make those repayments but they make them and it could make their interest rates to rise and then there are tens of thousands people in Ireland who are looking to get a mortgage for the first time and it might make it harder for them to get credit. So you have to bear in mind the greater good on these things.”The issue of whether interest rates would rise if the Bill is passed was a matter of debate at a recent Oireachtas committee, in which Assistant Secretary for the Department of Finance Gary Tobin and Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland, Ed Sibley attended. Higher mortgage rates?In an exchange between Doherty and Tobin, the assistant secretary told committee members that the Bill “is likely” to result in higher rates. It was pointed out to the assistant secretary that his department made similar predictions about Fianna Fáil’s Michael McGrath’s Bill – which sought to regulate vulture funds – and these predictions have not become a reality. At first, the government was opposed to the Fianna Fáil Bill, but it later backed it and the Bill became law last year. Interest rates did not rise.“All we can do is tell you what we think might happen,” said the assistant secretary general.Doherty said six months after the enactment of the McGrath Bill, none of the department’s warnings about higher interest rates have come to pass – if anything, the opposite has happened, he said. Speaking to this website, Varadkar said those who have their home loan sold on to vulture funds have the same protections.“What I would like to say to people, is that even if your loan is sold on you have nothing to worry about if you continue to make the repayments and even if you are not all the consumer protections still apply,” he said. However, politicians such as Fine Gael Senator Kieran O’Donnell has questioned such statements, adding that vulture funds are in the loan business short-term, while established banks lend for lifetime mortgages spanning 35 years. When asked if he would prefer his mortgage to be with a mainstream bank or a vulture fund, the Taoiseach said:I know it wouldn’t make a difference because first of all I am meeting my repayments and I do know that even if I wasn’t because of changes that we have brought in as a government all the same consumer protections would apply.Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe previously told that he would not mind if his mortgage was held by a vulture fund.  Apr 19th 2019, 6:11 AM Short URL 82 Comments TAOISEACH LEO VARADKAR has said when he took out his mortgage he didn’t know it could be sold on by his bank.In an interview with this week, the Taoiseach said he understood the intent behind Sinn Féin’s No Consent No Sale Bill. The proposed legislation aims to give mortgage holders the power to block the sale of their mortgage bank loans to vulture funds.The Dáil voted by 80 votes to 45 to pass the Bill – the government opposed the proposed legislation. The issues relating to the legislation were teased out yesterday at the Oireachtas Finance Committee. Varadkar told“When I took out my mortgage back in 2003 or 2004 I didn’t actually realise that that could be sold on by the bank to another lender, so I can understand people’s genuine concerns and fears when that happens, when they get a letter in the post saying that your loan now belongs to someone else.”However, like Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe and the Central Bank who have flagged concerns about the legislation, the Taoiseach also has reservations. “The difficulty with the Sinn Féin Bill is the advice we have from the Central Bank, which is independent… is that if we pass this legislation, while it might give a few hundred people or a few thousand people reassurance, it could do real harm in terms of interest rates and in terms of credit availability,” he said, adding that there are 600,000 people who pay a mortgage. Image: AP/PA Images Image: AP/PA Imagescenter_img Taoiseach says he didn’t realise his mortgage could be sold on by his bank when he took it out in 2003 In an interview with this week, the Taoiseach said he understood the intent behind Sinn Féin’s No Consent No Sale Bill. Share Tweet Email2 115,062 Views By Christina Finn Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Weve learnt a lot and lived so much We talked to the

first_img Share4 Tweet Email2 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL Sep 9th 2019, 8:31 PM By Andrew Roberts ONE OF THE tallest ships in the world sailed into Dublin last week as part of its 7 month training voyage across northern America and Europe. The Mexican Navy’s ARM Cuachtémoc, named after one of the last Mexican kings, hosts a crew of 257, and was greeted by President Michael D Higgins at a ceremony last Thursday.Known for training generations of cadets, officers and sailors from both Mexico and other countries, for many on board the trip has been their first time visiting other countries.We visited the ship, which has been docked in Sir John Rogerson’s Quay where it has been open to the public over the last few days, to chat to some of the crew before they set off on their next destination. Watch the video for our full report. 10,699 Views Monday 9 Sep 2019, 8:30 PM ‘We’ve learnt a lot and lived so much’: We talked to the crew of Mexican Tall Ship Cuauhtémoc One of the world’s tallest ships is currently 5 months into its voyage with Dublin the second last stop. 5 Comments Source: Subscribe for more videos last_img read more

Outox les armes de la DGCCRF contre la boisson antigueule de bois

first_imgOutox : les armes de la DGCCRF contre la boisson “anti-gueule de bois”France – Vendredi 18 juin, une boisson qui permettrait de faire chuter le taux d’alcool dans le sang sera commercialisée. Les pouvoirs publics et les associations conspuent le produit, mais quel est leur champ d’action ?L’affaire rappelle celle de la boisson Security feel better en 2006. Ses producteurs prétendaient qu’elle pouvait faire chuter le taux d’alcool six fois plus vite que la normale. Un arrêté pour l’interdire avait été pris mais il avait été cassé par le Conseil d’État car jugé excessif et disproportionné. Aujourd’hui, le produit est toujours commercialisé mais la publicité met l’accent sur l’allègement des effets de la gueule de bois plutôt que sur la prétendue chute du taux d’alcool.À lire aussiL’étrange maladie qui rend ivre sans boire une goutte d’alcoolConcernant Outox, quels sont les pouvoirs des acteurs publics ? Étant donné le précédent, une interdiction pure et simple n’est pas à envisager. Pour cela, il faudrait que la Direction générale de la concurrence, de la consommation et de la répression des fraudes (DGCCRF), conjointement avec l’Agence française (ou européenne) de sécurité sanitaire des aliments, mette en évidence des éléments dangereux pour la santé dans la composition du produit.En revanche, le terrain de la publicité mensongère semble être plus propice. En effet, des études mettent déjà en doute les propriétés alléguées par les producteurs d’Outox. Une plainte déposée auprès de la DGCCRF pousserait cette dernière à enquêter. Si la boisson ne fait pas baisser le taux d’alcool dans le sang, une condamnation (amende, prison, publicité rectificative, etc.) pourrait intervenir. La société devrait alors cesser de faire miroiter des qualités injustifiées à ses clients, ce qui les pousserait peut-être à reprendre une consommation raisonnable. Le 16 juin 2010 à 11:19 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Une politique agricole commune plus écologique

first_imgUne politique agricole commune plus écologique ?Bruxelles souhaite favoriser les petits agriculteurs et les pays de l’est. En même temps, à l’occasion de la réforme de la PAC (Politique agricole commune), l’UE veut une agriculture plus écologique.La réforme de la PAC proposée par l’UE ne prendra effet qu’en 2014. Trois options doivent être étudiées. La suppression des aides au revenu et des mesures d’intervention sur les marchés, une redistribution plus équitable des aides financières ou la mise en place d’aides mieux réparties et plus durables.Une source proche de la Commission européenne pense que cette dernière option est “la plus susceptible de recueillir le soutien le plus large et qui a les faveurs du commissaire” à l’Agriculture Dacian Ciolos.À lire aussiDes scientifiques chinois développent un nouveau riz qui pourrait nourrir 200 millions de personnesLa PAC retient 40% du budget européen (59,8 milliards d’euros en 2009) à elle seule. Ces fonds doivent être répartis mieux qu’ils ne l’étaient jusqu’à présent, estime Bruxelles. En effet, les fonds versés par hectare ont été établis à partir de critères de productions antérieures. Quand en Lettonie, un agriculteur perçoit 95 euros par hectare, en France, le producteur touche 300 euros. Quant à la Belgique ou aux Pays-Bas, c’est jusqu’à 460 euros par hectare que perçoivent les exploitants. Cependant, Dacian Ciolos souhaite éviter un rééquilibrage brutal, mais préfèrerait introduire un niveau minimum de paiement pour les petites exploitations tout en plafonnant certaines subventions versées aux grandes exploitations. Ce plafonnement des aides attribuées avait déjà été suggéré lors de la réforme de 2008 mais des pays avaient fait pression (l’Allemagne notamment) pour ménager leurs grandes exploitations.Dernier point, l’aspect environnemental devrait être privilégié. Les aides seront versées préférentiellement aux agriculteurs qui respectent des critères “verts”.Vu le budget dédié à la PAC, les discussions risquent d’être compliquées pour trouver un accord quant au budget pluriannuel pour 2014-2020.Le 19 novembre 2010 à 13:39 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Face Up Time Magazine

first_imgMAGSTATSIssue: October 15, 2012 | Vol. 180, No. 16Frequency: 56 Times Per YearCirculation: 3,276,822Launched: 1923Publishing Company: Time Inc.Design Director: D.W. PineEditor: John HueyIn an era of easy access to information, getting the facts straight has never been more important. That is one of the reasons 22-year-old artist Dylan Roscover was contracted by Time to illustrate the difficulties of finding the truth in a sea of information.“Time gave me the copy of which quotes to use,” says Roscover. “It was up to me to determine the hierarchy—which was more important from a visual standpoint. Time gave me a general, top-tier category of quotes that they wanted the most of, and the rest was filler. It was up to me to take it and execute it visually. It’s an interesting challenge for each illustration.” Roscover estimates that the design took a total of 40 hours to complete. Time copy editors proofread each piece of type in the illustration.“The copy desk gave me little changes to the copy to make sure it was ready to be printed on the cover,” he says. “They gave me capitalization changes or commas, and I was responsible for executing all of those. It was an incredibly time-consuming process.”Roscover used the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator to create the contour of how the type would flow and in what direction. From there, the artist adjusted the characters—20 to 30 percent of every character in every word was adjusted.“I used a photographic reference to get it as correct as possible,” he says. “A portion had to be changed—the lighting of Barack’s face had to be adjusted significantly so that it fit with Romney’s or it would have looked very strange because it is such a complex style in terms of space and form.” DESIGNER’S COMMENTS“Captivating. I’ve spent full minutes simply absorbing the cover and will, no doubt, spend more time actually reading it.Great concept, beautifully executed. At a glance the cover telegraphs exactly what the message is and then holds us spellbound.  Even with all the text-art, it is still a very readable cover—including the skyline with the light sans. The illustration is strong enough to hold up under the weight of the red border and boxes of bold type without interfering. Hats off to the (now cross-eyed) fact checking team at Time. I’m sure we’ll see lesser executions mimicking this cover in the months to come.”– David Weaver, art director, Saveur“As an artist, I am fascinated by the process with which this cover was conceptualized. However, as a viewer I am immediately overwhelmed by a seemingly infinite amount of information—all of it delivered in black and white text form. This causes the creative (or lazy) part of my brain to tune out and look for something easier to enjoy. Also, since the designers have chosen to highlight/enlarge certain items like percentages, my brain yearns to make some quick visual comparisons between what the two candidates stand for. And yet upon closer look, it appears Romney’s giant ‘92.3%’ has to do with unemployment for working women, while Obama’s ‘95%’ is about tax cuts. Once I discovered the ‘mirroring’ items are completely unrelated, I accepted the fact that this cover would require too much of my attention to fully understand and appreciate.”– Nick Saglimbeni, publisher, WMB 3D: World’s Most Beautiful”Kudos to Dylan Roscover for the illustration on the October 15 cover of TIME magazine. Awesome use of type to illustrate the presidential candidates’ profiles. As a designer, I appreciate the attention to detail that went into making this cover, including meticulously editing the copy to make sure information, punctuation and kerning are correct and flow with ease. Everything is set up to pull you into the center to read the headline; very nice, very impactful. The TIME logo in white blends in a little at the logo’s base, but the logo is so recognizable that it could be in reverse and people would still know it is TIME magazine, red border and all.  Great branding!”-Mark Rook, director, Creative Services, WTWH Media, Inc. Have a unique “cover” story? Contact associate editor T.J. Raphael at read more

At least 17 injured after Biman Bangladesh aircraft skids off runway in

first_imgBiman Bangladesh plane skids off runwaytwitterA Biman Bangladesh Airlines plane skidded off the runway when it landed in bad weather at Yangon’s international airport on Wednesday evening, injuring at least 17 people, officials said.The Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft was carrying 29 passengers and four crew when it bounced while landing during heavy winds in Myanmar’s commercial capital, Bangladesh’s ambassador said. The plane was severely damaged.The 17 who sustained mostly minor injuries were admitted to a local hospital, Manjurul Karim Khan Chowdhury, told Reuters.”The main reason, the pilot told me, was the weather – crosswinds,” he said, “When he was trying to land… suddenly the aircraft jumped, went up and went down heavily.” Biman Bangladesh plane skids off runwaytwitterA photo published by the Myanmar Times showed the plane halfway off the runway with its fuselage apparently broken.Shakil Miraj, general manager for Biman Bangladesh, also blamed bad weather for the crash.The airline flies between Yangon and Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka four days a week.A spokesman for Myanmar’s Department of Civil Aviation declined to comment, saying the department had not received a report of the incident from the ground.last_img read more

Lightning kills 4

first_imgFile photo of LightningFour people were killed in lightning strikes in three districts — Mymensingh, Bogura and Sunamganj — on Wednesday, reports UNB.In Mymensingh, two people died after being hit by lightning while catching fish in two separate beels — one at Kolakanda village in Muktagachha upazila and the other at Nattakuri village in Sadar upazila.In Bogura, a farmer, Zahidul Islam, 46, was hit by a thunderbolt around 10:00am while harvesting paddy in a field near his house at Dhulaori village in Dhunat upazila, leaving him dead on the spot.In Sunamganj, a farmer was severely injured after he was struck by lightning while threshing his paddy at Anandapur village in Shalla upazila at noon.Later, he was rushed to Dirai Upazila Health Complex where he succumbed to his injuries.last_img read more

All about Philippines

first_imgCrescent-shaped beaches dusted with talcum powder-like sand; uninhabited tropical islands, lush impenetrable jungles bristling with unique wildlife, the thrusting soaring capital of Manila, historic cities, a diverse local cuisine and culture …the Philippines has all this and more. Go there and discover some of the 7,107 islands of this vibrant archipelago where English is widely spoken, the people are fun loving and life moves to a lilting beat.Philippines is all set to become the ultimate destination for Indian travellers in 2015 with the launch of Department of Tourism’s Visit the Philippines Year 2015. This was announced at a press conference organised by the ministry of tourism, Philippines, at the Philippines embassy in the Capital on January 29. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The Philippines recorded a growth of 15 % during the first 10 months over the same period in 2013. With 2015 being declared as Visit the Philippines Year a rise of 20% has been targeted for outbound increase from India, this year. The Department of Tourism (DOT) hopes to inspire 10 million foreign tourists to discover, explore and fall in love with the Philippines. After promoting destinations like Manila, Boracay, Cebu, Bohol in the Indian market, (DOT) Philippines is looking at introducing new destinations like Palawan, Clark and Davao among Indian travellers. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix“What will truly sustain Visit the Philippines Year 2015 campaign are the people themselves. I urge the businesses, communities and locals, to play an active part in spreading and amplifying our messages, enticing potential visitors to come visit our shores,” said Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr.On this, Benito C. Bengzon, Jr, Undersecretary for Tourism Development, Philippines stated, “2015 will be celebrated as Visit the Philippines Year; it is an invitation to all to partake the enduring promise of more fun in the Philippines, 2015. It features a calendar of events and activities that are an exciting mix of parades, concerts, feasts and sports tournaments. India’s growing outbound tourist markets are an important source of visitors to the Philippines. We will convert all the opportunities to leverage our tourism product and leave no stone unturned.”last_img read more

Playa del Carmen to set up professional tourist police unit to assist

first_imgPlaya del Carmen, Q.R. — City officials are preparing a proposal that would allow the municipality’s tourist police to support municipal police in criminal acts.Gustavo García Utrera, alderman of the Security Commission, says they are drafting a proposal to amend the Regulation of the Interior of Public Security to insert the support unit, probably at the level of sub-direction, that would allow tourist police to accompany first respondent police officers in criminal acts.He explained that before the end of the year, they are hoping to form a professional tourist police support unit to fulfill the First Respondent National Protocol, which he points out, would be set up as soon as they have everything in order. The goal, he adds, is to increase the effectiveness of public security not only with tourists, but in criminal matters.“This office must have a high level of legal academic preparation and must understand, crystal clear, the First Respondent National Protocol to be an adviser or guide of the police officers who assist a criminal act and ensure that the approved police report is effectively integrated and, in the case of dispositions, they have all the support they need,” he said.The city councilor noted that with the new unit, they will be able to better deal with the professionalization of the procedures in the National Protocol of Action, admitting that the public’s opinion has had an effect.He says opinions point out that many of those arrested for crimes are released by the Public Ministry because the police did not do their job properly.Martín Estrada Sánchez, head of the Public Security Bureau’s Office, added that before the end of this year, the call will be issued to form the professional tourist police. He expects that during the first half of 2019, they will have active members.“We want this police to be the spearhead to improve professionalism so that there are police with a minimum of 80 percent English and some other language, as well as a bachelor’s degree who will therefore will have a higher salary than the rest for the high preparation that we are going to require,” he explained.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Fox looks to expand 24 franchise with prequel l

first_imgFox looks to expand ’24’ franchise with prequel, legal drama BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – Fox is developing two potential new series for its “24” drama franchise.Fox executives Dana Walden and Gary Newman told a TV critics’ meeting Thursday that veteran “24” producers Howard Gordon and Brian Grazier are working on the ideas.One is a prequel to the original series and involves “24” creators Joel Surnow and Bob Cochran, said Walden.The other series is set in the legal world and would be a new take on the franchise, she said. The action unfolds in the 24 hours before a prisoner’s execution and involves high “emotional stakes,” Newman said.They didn’t share further details.Kiefer Sutherland starred in the original “24” that aired from 2001 to 2010 and in a limited 2014 version. The short-lived 2016-17 reboot “24: Legacy” featured Corey Hawkins. by The Associated Press Posted Aug 2, 2018 7:40 pm PDT Last Updated Aug 2, 2018 at 8:20 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

Vision bones found in Paphos cave appear to date from 14th century

first_imgBones found by a woman in a cave next to a church in Pano Arodes, Paphos after she said she had a vision of them, date from the 14th century, preliminary findings have shown, it was reported on Saturday.The church itself, Panagia Chrysospiliotissa, adjacent to the cave, was built in 1947.Preliminary examinations of the remains by the antiquities department say the four skulls and other bones appear to date from the 14th century, CNA reported on Saturday.They have been taken to the Institute of Neurology and Genetics in Nicosia where they will be examined, the report said.The cave was under guard on Friday as the excavations went on and more testing in the area around the buried bones will be carried out over the coming week.Police and archaeologists were called in on Friday by the Pano Arodes community leader, Matheos Stefanou, after the woman alerted him that she had found the remains as directed in her vision.The woman who lives in Paphos, according to Stefanou, said she went to the cave looking for the remains after seeing in a vision with three persons showing to her the cave and telling her there were skeletal remains there which must be moved.She went to the cave, found the remains and called the local authority.The small church, according to the local community leader, was built in 1947 by a woman from Alexandria, Egypt after being miraculously cured of an illness. Many believers visit the church often bringing offerings to the Virgin Mary, asking for help with their problems.You May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoYahoo SearchThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Research Best Compact SUV CarYahoo SearchUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Hospital problems could be helped by better planning

first_imgMany of the problems state hospitals face could be solved through better programming and coordination, head of the Patients and Friends association Marios Kouloumas said on Tuesday.The group, set on visiting state hospitals to record and codify all problems so that it can present its proposals to the health ministry, visited Limassol hospital earlier in the week.The main problems are difficulty in accessing specialist doctors as there is medical understaffing which leads to very long waiting lists, infrastructure problems and lack of basic equipment, and lack of coordination as regards referrals of patients and obtaining lab results, he said.“The situation is unacceptable at the hospital’s Accident and Emergency department,” Kouloumas told the Cyprus Mail. As the establishment was built many years ago to accommodate far fewer patients it cannot meet today’s needs neither as regards the increased number of patients or as regards infrastructure.He added that the procedures are such that urgent cases are left to wait more than an hour before being examined, while other patients with less severe conditions might be left waiting between 12 and 15 hours before a doctor sees them. “Even if these cases are not urgent, it might be a flu case, but still they should not be left sitting there for so many hours”.As many patients go to the A&E departments even if their conditions are not described as urgent, he said, procedures should be in place to refer them to primary care instead of letting them wait there for so many hours.Another problem is the shortage in specialist doctors. “We were told by a patient who wanted an ophthalmologist appointment that he got one in eight months from now,” Kouloumas said.The hospital also lacks an MRI scanner, which means that many inpatients are referred to the Nicosia general for a scan.He said inpatients can remain at the Limassol general hospital for many days, in some cases up to a month, until they have an MRI scan or they are examined by a specialist of the Nicosia general hospital.“Patients end up occupying hospital beds in anticipation of their referral for an MRI scan, or examination or test results from Nicosia. We were told that a hospital bed is €300 per night. This means that an inpatient who is there for a month, will cost the state €9,000. Why not hire private services for MRI scans at €500 instead?” Kouloumas said.But the delay in obtaining the results of lab tests is also a big problem.“Histopathology tests for cancer are only made at Nicosia general hospital. We were told that it takes up to six months for Limassol hospital’s patients to get their results. These are cases were cancer is suspected. By then it could be too late,” Kouloumas said.“This is a matter of better programming and coordination,” Kouloumas said.He added that hospital hours should be extended to accommodate more patients per day and that the medical and nursing staff should be given the proper support and be utilised more effectively.He added that the problems faced by Limassol hospital are similar to those faced by all state hospitals. After the group visits all state hospitals, he said, they will make their suggestions based on their findings and submit them to the health ministry.You May LikeInsured Nation – Auto Insurance QuotesNew Rule in Rowland Heights, California Leaves Drivers FumingInsured Nation – Auto Insurance QuotesUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

MASSOB warned that

MASSOB warned that any attempts or plan to re arrest Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will be thoroughly and massively resisted. So I have liked construct a? reversing the expansion that former Democratic President Barack Obama’s signature Affordable Care Act, Nwamba had in his speech disclosed that “The synergy between the Enugu State Executive Council and the Legislative arm is paying off so much in the area of infrastructural development and the peace we are enjoying in the State. while the Secretary of State’s Office maintains he was the only candidate in his column. Andrei Tanichev.

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and several hours of walking around coffee shops hunting for approachable-looking people. “We said all these demands should be looked at, 5. read more