Canada adds 12000 jobs in August but unemployment rate rises to 7

OTTAWA — Canada’s economy gained 12,000 jobs in August, bolstered by a gain in full-time employment, but more people were looking for work and the unemployment rate ticked higher for the first time in months.The unemployment rate increased to 7.0 per cent for the month, up 0.2 from 6.8 per cent, where it had held steady for six consecutive months, Statistics Canada reported Friday.The overall increase came as the number of full-time jobs grew by 54,400, offset in part by a drop of 42,400 part-time jobs.The job gains were better than an estimated a loss of 4,500 jobs in August, according to Thomson Reuters.Trade data earlier this week was also stronger than expected, adding strength to the case that the economy is improving after slipping into a recession in the first half of the year.Statistics Canada reported on Tuesday that the economy grew in June, the last month of the second quarter, raising hopes that the dip was short-lived and that the second half of the year would show growth.“A decent hiring tally in August is in line with other stronger readings we have seen recently from Canada’s economy for the third quarter,” TD Bank economist Leslie Preston said.However, she noted that more cyclical industries, such as construction and manufacturing, are shedding jobs.“While it is good news that hiring in sectors like public administration and educational services are offsetting these losses for the time being, these gains are unlikely to be sustained, and we do expect hiring overall in Canada’s economy to slow through the remainder of 2015,” Preston said.Canadian exports surge for second month in a row: ‘What the Bank of Canada wanted to see’Canada officially in a recession as GDP shrinks 0.5% in second quarterThe Bank of Canada has cut its key interest rate twice this year in an effort to provide a cushion for the economy, which has been hit hard by the slump in oil prices that began last year.[np_storybar title=”Canadian unemployment rates for provinces in August” link=””] Canada’s national unemployment rate was 7.0 per cent in August. Here’s what happened provincially (previous month in brackets):— Newfoundland 11.5 (11.9)— Prince Edward Island 10.8 (11.6)— Nova Scotia 8.4 (8.1)— New Brunswick 10.1 (11.0)— Quebec 8.0 (7.7)— Ontario 6.8 (6.4)— Manitoba 5.7 (5.6)— Saskatchewan 4.7 (5.2)— Alberta 6.0 (6.0)— British Columbia 6.0 (6.0) [/np_storybar]The central bank, which makes its next interest rate announcement on Wednesday, has predicted the economy will grow at an annual pace of 1.5 per cent in the third quarter that ends Sept. 30 before picking up to a 2.5 per cent pace in the last three months of the year.Friday’s job report says Saskatchewan led the way in August as it added 4,000 jobs, while Newfoundland and Labrador added 3,100. Manitoba added 2,700 and New Brunswick increased by 2,400. There was little change in the other provinces, Statistics Canada said.Public administration employment increased by 14,000 in August, while educational services gained 11,100 jobs.Overall public sector employment gained 27,200 for the month, while the private sector gained 6,300 jobs.The number of self-employed workers dropped by 21,600.Statistics Canada also reported Friday that the unemployment rate for students aged 15-24 over the summer months from May to August was 16.8 per cent, similar to where it was during the same time last year.That compared with an unemployment rate of 10.3 per cent for non-students in the same age category.In a separate report, Statistics Canada reported labour productivity of businesses slipped 0.6 per cent in the second quarter following a 0.5 per cent decrease in the first quarter.The agency said output of businesses decreased at a similar rate to the first quarter, while hours worked continued to increase. read more

OA Property Holdings given Govt go ahead to construct condominiums in

As Government continues its drive to clamp down on squatting, Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan has given the seal of approval to the O&A Property Holdings Limited to construct condominiums in Cummings Lodge, Greater Georgetown.The company will construct the housing units in an area which will be known as “Gafoors Townhouses” scheme.Condominiums or condos are housing units usually styled as apartments or flats, but the units are, however, owned by the buyer. In North American and European models, the condominiums are managed by an association of homeowners.According to a document seen by this publication, the O&A Property Holdings Limited “satisfied” the requirements for a condominium scheme to be constructed at the Lot ‘A’ portion of Block 1 which comprises areas ‘M’ and ‘N’ and a section of area ‘L’ at Plantation Cummings Lodge, Georgetown.Minister Bulkan exercised his powers as guided by Section Five of the Condominium (Regulation and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act of 1989. The subject Minister’s order of approval was made official on October 14.During that same month, squatters occupying State reserves in Sophia, Greater Georgetown, picketed the Communities Ministry in light of moves by the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) to forcibly remove them from their settlements. They demanded that alternative living arrangements be provided for them.Communities Minister Ronald BulkanMinister Bulkan granted approval for the Gafoors Townhouses scheme on September 26.It was on October 12 that the CH&PA dismantled about two dozen structures on the Government reserves in Sophia, but the process was halted after much opposition and repeated pleas of the squatters who said they were not given official notice of the removal exercise.Representatives of the Housing Authority stated that squatting was impeding progress in the community of Sophia and as such, a task force was set up to address the issue.On October 23, the Housing Authority announced that some 266 notices were given to the reserve squatters that they must remove their structures by January 30, 2018.Many problems have surrounded the relocations of squatters. During last month, residents of Mocha Arcadia vented their frustrations against Government’s plans to relocate more than 40 families from Broad Street, Georgetown to Barnwell, Mocha, East Bank Demerara (EBD).One of the duplex homes at Perseverance , East Bank, DemeraraThis Government has long said that there was not enough space to fulfill the demand for housing and has moved to establish townhouses, duplexes, condominiums along with single units. At the “Housing Solutions 2017 and Beyond” expo at Perseverance, EBD, Guyanese were introduced to 25 such housing units, which were constructed for the four-day exhibition. …area will be known as “Gafoors Townhouses” scheme Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedLow income housing for public servants in 2017October 4, 2016In “Local News”20 Broad St. squatters get Food For The Poor houses at ProspectMarch 16, 2019In “latest news”Govt’s new housing plan lacks “proper study” – AliNovember 24, 2016In “Local News” read more