Feel Good Friday – ReFleece

first_img When to Take Your Suit in for a Cleaning, According to the Experts Where to Find Artwork to Match Your Style Saint Archer Brewing Company’s New Tropical IPA is Coming Soon and Coming In Big With combined degrees from Northeastern, Stanford, Harvard and Yale, you would expect this power couple to be on Wall Street or CEOs of a Forbes flaunted company. Instead, Sam Palmer and Jennifer Feller have founded ReFleece, a company that designs iPad and tablet sleeves out of reclaimed fabrics. They work with some of America’s best companies (whom we like even more now!) such as Woolrich, Patagonia and Polartec.Rather than throwing away extra textiles, the companies sort them and save them for ReFleece. They send everything from old scraps to damaged or returned garments that cannot be donated to charity. They won’t partner with just anyone; the company has to have quality materials and be eco-conscious about their wool, water, dyes and petroleum use too.Don’t be afraid that old wool or felt isn’t going to keep your products safe and sound. With the Classic collection, all the items are double lined with recycled exteriors and upcycled fabrics on the inside. The exterior wool also resists wear, dirt and spills. The Wild Side collection is reversed with the colorful upcycled fabrics on the outside making each sleeve unique.Recently ReFleece partnered with J.Crew and made a limited edition run of sleeves made from vintage US Army tents.  And 2014 is looking stellar for the brand. ReFleece has all sort of new stuff coming out for spring: an iWallet with room for the essentials, 4Square organizing modules for desktop, a City Bag that can carry a laptop, and some sweet little zip bags that work for toiletries, corralling cables or whatnots of all types. They will also start working with Ibex Outdoor Clothing, creating a source for  more magical wools to work with.Stay tuned for what else these braniac sustainable pioneers have up their, ahem, sleeve on their blog. How Full Harvest and Misfits Market Are Saving Ugly Produce Editors’ Recommendations 5 Canadian Lifestyle Brands You Need to Know last_img read more

Sun News Network finds out Thursday whether it will get its guaranteed

OTTAWA — Sun News Network will find out Thursday whether it will get its coveted guaranteed spot on the television dial.The Quebecor-owned network is seeking what is known as mandatory carriage from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.If the CRTC grants the broadcaster’s application, cable and satellite providers would have to include the channel as part of their basic TV packages.Some at the CRTC hearings have suggested a “must-offer” designation — rather than mandatory carriage — would suffice for Sun News. Such a designation would only compel cable and satellite companies to make Sun News available to their customers, who could then choose whether or not to subscribe.But Sun News executive Kory Teneycke told the CRTC in May that anything short of mandatory carriage would spell a ‘death sentence’ for the channel.“Let us be very clear: a ’must-offer’ licence would not have a meaningful impact on the current trajectory of Sun News and would inevitably lead to the closure of the station,” Teneycke said at the time.“Let me repeat: a ’must-offer’ licence would be a death sentence.”Mandatory carriage would generate significant revenue for the network, which says it would earn 18 cents a month from every household that subscribes to a basic cable or satellite package.That would help offset the network’s losses, which were $17 million in 2012 — a situation that Quebecor (TSX:QBR.B) calls “clearly unsustainable.”The CRTC is expected to release its decision on Sun News on Thursday at 11 a.m. ET. read more