Yet Another Dinosaur Extinction Theory: Bugs

first_imgA press release from Oregon State claims that insects may have finished off the dinosaurs.  Two main reasons were given for this hypothesis: (1) the extinction coincides with the rise of flowering plants and their pollinators, and (2) the impact theory has serious problems.“There are serious problems with the sudden impact theories of dinosaur extinction, not the least of which is that dinosaurs declined and disappeared over a period of hundreds of thousands, or even millions of years,” said George Poinar Jr., a courtesy professor of zoology at Oregon State University.  “That time frame is just not consistent with the effects of an asteroid impact.  But competition with insects, emerging new diseases and the spread of flowering plants over very long periods of time is perfectly compatible with everything we know about dinosaur extinction.”The theory actually proposes a brew of toxic effects, including geological catastrophes like impacts and volcanoes, mixed in with new diseases from biting insects.  George and Roberta Poinar have found evidence of “leishmania, malaria, intestinal parasites, arboviruses and other pathogens” in dinosaur coprolites (fossil dung) and in the guts of amber-entombed insects.  They suggest that waves of epidemics caused dinosaur extinction over a long period of time.    Rather than a single event, therefore, the Poinars propose that “The confluence of new insect-spread diseases, loss of traditional food sources, and competition for plants by insect pests could all have provided a lingering, debilitating condition that dinosaurs were ultimately unable to overcome.”    Science Daily posted the hypothesis with a picture of a tick encased in amber.One would think that the highly-versatile and adaptable dinosaurs would have enjoyed some nice salad after millions of years of pine cones and ferns.  Maybe they couldn’t get used to the taste of broccoli.  Now that 25 years of animations of horrific space bombardments have to go out the window, it’s open season for you to propose your own theory about dinosaur extinction.  Add to the historic list: diarrhea, cosmic rays, poached eggs, tobacco (Gary Larson), asteroids, and not listening to Mom (see ARN for more ideas).    All these hypotheses fail to explain why so many contemporary creatures avoided the extinction – including some good-size mammals and birds (the reputed dinosaurs of today).  Remember that dinosaurs came in a wide variety of sizes.  They roamed the entire planet – including Antarctica (12/12/2007).  Whatever killed them off must have been both global and very selective.    Since we now know that soft tissue, proteins and maybe even blood has been preserved in some dinosaurs, indicating that they lived much more recently than assumed by evolutionists, put the pieces together.  Maybe humans killed off the remaining ones after the Flood.  Professor Noah from the University of Ark claims that this hypothesis is “perfectly compatible with everything we know about dinosaur extinction.”(Visited 11 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

36 x Endless Hair Elastics/ Bobbles : Snag free quality thick bobbles.

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McFarlane Incite offers number of advantages

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Ohio Ag Net’s Dale Minyo visited with John Couch of SISCO at the 2016 Farm Science Review about the McFarlane Incite, a piece of equipment that’s offering a number of in-field advantages, both in the fall and spring. Watch the video below for more information.last_img

Poonia ready for $20,000 face-off with Samuels

first_imgDiscus thrower Krishna Poonia after winning the gold medal in Commonwealth Games.Just a week after winning the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games (CWG), discus thrower Krishna Poonia has been thrown a fresh challenge. Her rival Dani Samuels of Australia has challenged her to a $20,000 contest.The duo has been involved in a verbal duel after Poonia had suggested that Samuels skipped the CWG because of poor form and not health and safety concerns.In retaliation, Samuels has called for a one-on-one contest with Poonia to determine who is better.  Poonia said she is ready for the contest. “I am not kicked about the $20,000 prize money. I am right now fully focused on winning the gold at the Asian Games. However, I am ready for any challenge Dani throws at me. If she wants to contest before the Asian Games, she will have to come to India,” Poonia said. Poonia’s coach and husband Virender Poonia too said the athlete was ready to face Samuels. “After the Asian Games, the contest can be held anywhere outside India and Australia,” Virender told Headlines Today.Dismissing Samuels’ reasons for skipping the CWG, he said: “If the Australian cricketers can come and play here, why can’t Samuels?” Dennis Knowles, who coaches Samuels, said the Australian athlete skipped the CWG because she feared she might get sick. He refuted Poonia’s claim, saying Samuels had been in her best form in 2010.Dennis Knowles, who coaches Samuels, described Krishna’s feat as “fantastic” and invited her for the contest.  Knowles said Samuels had skipped the CWG because she feared she might get sick. He refuted claims about Samuels’ form, saying she had been in the best of shape in 2010.  Sports commentator Charu Sharma dubbed the challenge thrown by Samuels as “childish”.advertisement”If Samuels wanted a fair challenge, she should have participated in the CWG. Her reasons for not coming aren’t entirely convincing as most of the other Australian athletes did come,” Sharma said.last_img read more

DeGrom, Mets Ace Cards, 5-0

first_imgNEW YORK — Jacob deGrom was simply overpowering. Almost perfect, too.The reigning NL Rookie of the Year retired his final 23 batters following a first-inning single, and Lucas Duda hit two long homers to nearly the same spot May 21 during the New York Mets’ 5-0 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals.“I knew I had good command of my pitches — all of them,” said deGrom, who never even went to a three-ball count.The slender righty struck out 11 over eight dominant innings, shrugging off a tender hip and stiff shoulder that had bothered him recently.In his latest stingy start at Citi Field, the only blemish was Matt Carpenter’s clean single with one out in the first.“It happened so early, I mean it’s hard to look back and have any regrets about that,” deGrom said. “I honestly didn’t think about it. I knew I hadn’t been in the stretch in a while so I was just thinking, go right after guys.”Michael Cuddyer had his first three-hit game of the season and also walked for a perfect day at the plate. John Mayberry Jr. put the slumping Mets lineup on the scoreboard with an RBI single in the fourth.Besides the single by Carpenter, the lone Cardinals hitter to reach base was Kolten Wong with a two-out single off Jeurys Familia in the ninth. The lack of offense left Jaime Garcia little chance to win his first major league start since last June.The shaggy-haired deGrom (5-4) posted his fifth double-digit strikeout game and first since Sept. 21 at Atlanta. He is 10-1 with a 1.19 ERA in his past 12 starts at Citi Field, giving him a 1.50 ERA in 16 career home games.“I knew we were cruising out there, that’s for sure,” rookie catcher Kevin Plawecki said. “I could tell in the bullpen that he was locked in. … He just had it all working.”Blown out the previous two nights, New York managed a four-game split in a series that matched the top two pitching staffs in the majors.Duda’s solo shot off Garcia (0-1) in the sixth cleared the shed-like canopy that shelters visiting relievers behind the 380-foot sign on the right-center fence.The big slugger did it again in the eighth, hammering Randy Choate’s only pitch for a three-run drive that came down on the canopy roof. “Amazing,” Cuddyer said. “We needed them, that’s for sure.”Garcia won 13 games in both 2010 and 2011, helping the Cardinals to a World Series title four years ago. But injuries have derailed his promising career, and he had been sidelined since having thoracic outlet surgery last July to alleviate numbness and tingling in his pitching arm and hand.Making his first big league appearance since June 20, the 28-year-old lefty walked five and flirted with danger all day. But he limited the damage to two runs in seven innings, thanks in large part to four double plays turned behind him.“I got outs when I needed to get outs, big situations, but unfortunately that wasn’t good enough,” Garcia said. “I’m here. I’m going to compete.”(MIKE FITZPATRICK, AP Baseball Writer)TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more