Niklas Ekberg in THW Kiel until 2015

← Previous Story Sigurdsson to stay in Berlin until 2017 Next Story → DKB Handball Bundesliga 2012/2013 opened with a tie! One of the best right wing in Europe and the Topscorer of the Men’s Olympic Tournament in London, Niklas Ekberg (23) has signed three years contract with VELUX EHF CL winner – THW Kiel.– I am very happy that after these tough weeks everything ended so positive. That was my dream as a kid to play in THW Kiel in front of so many fans – said Swedish right wing. Niklas EkbergTHW Kiel

Kadetten Schaffhausen wins Swiss Super Cup

Kadetten Schaffhausen beat champion Wacker Thun 27:21 (14:12) in Gossau and win the Swiss Super Cup! At the first match of the season, new Kadetten’s coach Markus Baur won the first trophy with the new team who surprisingly lost the Championship at the Play Off Final last May. The TOP scorer in the winning squad were Emrich and Mamic with 6 goals, while Franic and Chalkidis scored both 4 in defeated team.Wacker Thun: Merz/Winkler (31.-39.); Dähler (3), Isailovic (1), Franic (4/3), Lanz (2), Caspar (2), von Deschwanden (1), Bhend, Chalkidis (4), Rathgeb (1), Huwyler, Hüsser (2), Studer (1).Kadetten Schaffhausen: Vaskevicius/Maier (); Cvijetic (1), Kukucka (4), Emrich (6), Goepfert (3), Graubner (1), Pendic, Mamic (6/1), Stojanovic (3), Heer, Jurca (2), Muggli, Tominec (1).Wacker Thun will play at the VELUX EHF Champions League, while Kadetten will join EHF Cup.PHOTO: KADETTEN SCHAFHAUSEN GossauhandballkadettenKadetten SchaffhausenSwiss handballSwiss handball Super Cupwacker thun ← Previous Story PSG beat Veszprem finally! Next Story → Oscar Carlen left HSV Handball – New surgery in Sweden read more

EURO 2014 semifinals Spain on France Denmark against Croatia

← Previous Story Austria beat Hungary – Russia wins “brother derby” Next Story → Croatia the last semi-finalist, after a match for all or nothing! EHF EURO 2014euro 2014 denmarkhandball resultsherning euro 2014herning handball Two semi-final pairs are known. Croatia beat Poland 31:28 and got the ticket for the final weeekend in Herning. In their sixth consecutive semi-final at EHF EURO events since 2004, Croatia will play against Denmark on Friday (21). Spain and France will meet in the first semi-finals two and a half hours before, while Iceland and Poland will play for the fifth place.MAIN ROUND – RESULTS:AarhusRussia – Belarus 39:33 France – Sweden 28:30Croatia – Poland 31:28TABLE:France 8Croatia 8Poland 6Sweden 6Russia 2Belarus 0Herning:Macedonia – Spain 22:33 Austria – Hungary 25:24 Denmark – Iceland 32:23TABLE:Denmark 10Spain 8Island 5Hungary 3Macedonia 2Austria 2The final placement:7 Sweden8 Hungary9 Russia10 Macedonia11 Austria12 Belarus13 Serbia14 Norway15 Czech Republic16 MontenegroPHOTO: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud/ read more

PSG and Flensburg at the top

5. HC Prvo plinarsko drustvo …10415257:261(-4)9 3. MVM Veszprém10712281:252(29)15 4. THW Kiel10514284:271(13)11 ← Previous Story RK Vojvodina players help to calm down suspicious passenger on Lufthansa flight Next Story → Mikkel Hansen leads “Golden ball” race 6. Orlen Wisla Plock10325275:286(-11)8 8. Besiktas Jimnastik Kulubu10109264:334(-70)2 1. SG Flensburg-Handewitt10802302:263(39)16 SG Flensburg will stay at the VELUX EHF Champions League Group A top until February 2016! Ljubomir Vranješ guys won in Istanbul against Besiktas 34:26 to reach 8-2 score this season, enough for the first place ahead of PSG Handball.Besiktas Mogaz Istanbul – SG Flensburg-Handewitt 26:34 (16:17)Besiktas Mogaz Istanbul: Demir (8 saves), Kocic (2 save) – Arifoglu (1), Pribak (2), Boyar, Buljubasic, Demirezen (1), Özbahar (8), Dacevic (2), Coban, Nincevic (3/2), Djukic (5), Döne (4/1)SG Flensburg-Handewitt: Andersson (3 saves), Møller (12/2 saves) – Karlsson, Eggert (3), Glandorf (10), Mogensen (6), Svan (6), Wanne (2), Djordjic (1), Toft Hansen (2), Mahé (4), Radivojevic, KozinaParis SG : Celje PL 32:27 (17:12) PSG: Annonay, Omeyer, Melić, Mollgaard 1, Vori 1, Kounkoud, Barachet, Gunnarsson, Abalo 4, L. Karabatić 4, Hansen 7, Narcisse 8, Onufrijenko, Honrubia 2, N. Karabatić 5, M’tima.Celje Pivovarna Laško: Lesjak, Gajić, Blagotinšek 3, Ivić 1, Babarskas 1, Janc 5, Marguč 3, Poteko 4, Zarabec 2, Dujmović, Kodrin, Fižuleto, Patrianova 2, Dobelšek 1, Mlakar 4, Žvižej 1.STANDINGS: 7. RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko10118262:289(-27)3 EHF Champions LeaguePSG HandballRK Celje Pivovarna Lasko 2. Paris Saint-Germain Handba…10802315:284(31)16 read more

Swappage scheme could generate €129 million for Exchequer says motor industry

first_imgSimilar to scrappage but much more beneficial to the Exchequer, swappage has the potential to deliver an even greater benefit but at no greater risk to tax revenues, the Industry or the state.In their proposal for Budget 2014, SIMI estimates that 17,000 cars would be sold through the scheme and that it would save 11,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.New car salesSince the downturn, car sales have fallen dramatically. According to the SIMI, in 2007, €2 billion in tax was generated from the sale of 186,000 new cars.This has fallen by €1.4 billion and this year, less than €600 million will be collected from just 73,000 new cars.SIMI state that since 2007, 12,800 jobs have been lost in the motor industry, while over the past five years, 150 garages have closed.  New car sales have been down by 57 per cent for 5 years.No costThey also argue that a swappage scheme will not need resources from any other projects and would be self-financing and at no cost to the Exchequer. “It would deliver an immediate and significant increase in tax revenues,” they add.Paul Linders, SIMI President said that the motor industry is facing a “fundamental structural problem, where traditional new car buyers are left out of the market due to the cost to change gap”. He added: THE SOCIETY OF the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) has said that a swappage scheme would give a much needed boost to the motor industry.They propose that a €2,000 reduction in VRT on the purchase of a new car where the trade-in is a 2008 car or older would create 2,200 jobs and generate €129 million for the Exchequer.Alan Nolan, SIMI Director General said: We need action now and if no incentive is introduced, we’ll see many more dealers go out of businesses and the local employment they provide will be gone.Swappage would cost the state nothing, new jobs would be created, the Exchequer would gain significant extra revenue and we have a chance of returning to more normal levels of business when consumer confidence and normal economic growth levels return.”Read: New ’132′ reg system drives huge increase in August car sales>Read: ’131′ plates don’t seem to be working as new car sales down 11.2% in May>last_img read more

10 reasons Steven Seagal is better than you

first_imgSTEVEN SEAGAL IS better than you. You should just accept it.What, you still think Steven Seagal isn’t better than you?He is WAY better than you. Here’s why:1. He’s been shot, but whateverYouTube/HDNetFightsAnd he’s ALWAYS armed. You heard that, right?2. He runs like a girl and doesn’t careYouTube/mrjarvie19853. He understands fashionThis is him at the VH1 Fashion Awards. (Anthony Harvey/PA Archive/Press Association Images)4. Jean-Claude Van Damme isn’t even on his radar And accepted them with dignity. (MERGEN BEMBINOV/AP/Press Association Images)6. He rocks out on the guitarYouTube/RedEntAgency7. He borrowed Bono’s glasses, and never gave them back(JACK DEMPSEY/AP/Press Association Images)What, you think Bono’s going to ask for them?8. There’s a trumpet fanfare when he kicks peopleYouTube/Bepprob9. He literally enforces the lawSeagal is an actual officer in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. With full powers to arrest anyone that hijacks a nuclear submarine, or, you know, parks illegally.He also beats up his fellow officers, according to this clip from his reality show Steven Seagal: Lawman.YouTube/NewVideoDigital10. I mean, COME ONWhat a guy. (Misha Japaridze/AP/Press Association Images)He’s better than you. YouTube/HDNetFights5. He’s won awardslast_img read more

Dont forget about them Defence Forces abroad send Xmas wishes

first_imgDID YOU KNOW that there are Irish Defence Forces personnel currently posted in 20 different countries across the world?Some of those dreaming of home from farflung missions in Mali, Ivory Coast, Bosnia, Afghanistan and beyond have been sending photos and Christmas messages to loved ones here.The slideshow below is just a small selection – if you’d like to see more, see the messages from those at 42 Infantry Group at UNIFIL in the Lebanon by clicking here. For other smaller missions, click here.(Tomorrow, we’ll bring you the link to messages from those posted in Golan Heights, Syria.)last_img

You can walk run or dance your way to the finish line

first_imgCredit: Electric Run IrelandOn 22 MARCH, Dublin’s RDS will play host to a 5k run with a difference. The first of its kind in Europe, the Electric Run combines the music and lighting of an “electric wonderland” with the healthy lifestyle promoted by running.We spoke to Angela Geraghty of Run Ireland, who are organising the event, about what people should expect on the night.Hi Angela. So what makes the Electric Run different to other 5ks?First of all, the props are designed by Disney technicians. Everytime you get to a stage in the run where you might be feeling a bit tired, there’s something else that will encourage you on because you’ll see another structure in front of you that is beautiful to look at.The music is also a big part of it. Upbeat dance music is played all the way along the route in different locations.Can you tell me a bit about how it got started?Electric Run is an American organisation. The guy that’s behind is Dan Hill. He set up this event called Ragnar and that snowballed so he decided to develop the Electric Run.He’s a young guy who is mad into sports and having a good time. He’s got a whole team of people around him now who are the same — highly motivated and all about having fun.They’ve taken the concept of the Electric Run all around America and then wanted to move into Europe.They asked Active, who are an American company, about finding a partner and they suggested Run Ireland. We’re proud that it will be the very first Electric Run in Europe.Credit: Electric Run IrelandSo it’s more about having fun than winning then? It’s not competitive at all. There are no chips or times recorded. The whole point of it is to get people to be more active by combining sport with a really good night out. It’s for all ages because you can walk, run or dance your way through the 5k.We expect that nobody will be bothered with their times as they’ll be stopping to take selfies as there are fantastic photo opportunities with the colours and props.Where will the course be situated?It uses every nook and cranny in the RDS. Part of it will be indoor, part will be outdoor and we’ll be running through the back of the stadium stand.When you’ve got structures like that with the lighting and all of the equipment and the props we can really make something effective out of that. A dark alley becomes a really magical lane full of light and sound. We’re trying to apply to every sense as you’re running through.What will runners meet at the finish line?There will be a DJ in the Main Hall in Simmonscourt so people can go in and party there for another hour or you can leave. We haven’t announced the DJ yet as they want to sell the event on the event and not the DJ. I believe they will have a very high profile DJ for London.YouTube credit: Electric RunHow much is registration?€38 each or €140 for a team of four.And do you get anything else for that?You get an Electric Run t-shirt, shutter shades, glow sticks, and we’ve got a guy called Stick Man who will be going around in a luminous outfit throwing freebies into the crowd all the time.Are runner encouraged to dress up?Absolutely they are encouraged to. There’s even a section on our website entitled: ‘What To Wear’.(That section reads: We invite you to bring your creativity, smile, laugh, and leave dull at home. It is the collective light and creativity of the thousands of participants that brings this event to life! You are coming to have fun and experience something magical. Look the part! If it is bright-coloured, blinks, shines, glows, or looks like something from another planet, it’s perfect! Put it on and come celebrate with us!)Will alcohol be sold on the night?The RDS are opening one of their bars but they are going to control that.And what do you say to people who might be thinking about taking drugs at the event? It’s very clear on our website that there is a zero tolerance policy to drugs. We’ll have quite a lot of security on the night and everyone will be checked going into the RDS. It’s the same policy as any other event.It’s a fun, clean, family-orientated event but at the same time I can imagine there will be a lot of teenagers and young people there as well.Credit: Electric Run IrelandThere are seven weeks until the big night. How is planning going? It’s going really well. The RDS have been brilliant. We have an awful lot of experience ourselves because we’re also the organisers of the Connemara Marathon. This is a cinch compared to that!We have partnered with Johnny Donnelly of Arcana Productions who was responsible for organising all the in-port stopovers for the Volvo Ocean Race.Then there’s Ray O’Connor who is the race director of the Connemara Marathon and also of Run Ireland so between the two of them they are accomplished.It will be a fun way to get runners’ partners, kids and friends who usually don’t go running, to try it and have fun. Maybe when they do it they might take up more serious events.What has demand been like so far? It has been brilliant. We’ve only advertised on Facebook so far and we’re nearly halfway there I terms of numbers registered. We’re expecting 7,000 on the night.We’ve got our TV campaign to start yet so we’re expecting it to sell out. It’s an amazing the power of Facebook because we have seen it go viral.To register and for more information, visit or their Facebook pageStart getting excited about Ireland’s 16-year-old snowboarder Seamus O’ConnorThe new US Olympic bobsledding suits are insanely tightlast_img read more

No contest likely on Down Syndrome bill to provide resource teaching

first_imgA NEW BILL presented before the Dáil today is expected to pass into committee stage without a Dáil vote as the Government has indicated they will not be opposing it.The ‘Down Syndrome Equality of Access Bill 2013’ is being presented by Independent TD Finian McGrath and would mean that pupils with Down Syndrome in mainstream schools will be guaranteed resource teaching hours.There is considerable cross party support for the bill and the Government’s support will mean that it will proceed directly to the Third (Committee) Stage.At present not all children with Down Syndrome are guaranteed resource teaching hours if they go to mainstream schools.Down Syndrome Ireland estimate that about 30 per cent of children with Down Syndrome who attend mainstream schools don’t receive resource teaching .This is primarily because, under a 2005 circular from the Department of Education, Downs syndrome is not listed as being a “low incidence disability” and as such resource teaching hours were not guaranteed.The new bill being debated will therefore afford statutory recognition to Down syndrome as a ‘‘low incidence disorder’.Downs Syndrome Ireland argues that the disorder affects about 1 in every 500 births in Ireland and is less frequent than other forms of disability.At present they say that the provision of resource teaching is allocated on the basis of a psychological assessment.Read: Government “coming across as very anti-disability”, says mum >Read: Mothers granted leave to challenge law on resource hours for children with Down Syndrome >last_img read more

New report on human trafficking highlights low number of prosecutions

first_imgA NEW REPORT by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) on trafficking has highlighted the low number of prosecutions in Ireland.The report, by the OSCE’s Special Representative for Combating Trafficking in Human Being said it is concerned that Irish law does not extend full rights to over half of all victims, as they are also treated as asylum seekers.Today the Immigrant Council of Ireland warned that this denial could prevent victims from rebuilding their lives by preventing access to training and work.Denise Charlton, Chief Executive, said the report is a “wake up call” and with just 4 prosecutions in 2011 and 8 presently before the courts, “shows a clear need for a fresh approach to identifying victims”.The report found that up to 60 per cent of trafficking victims are being denied full entitlements and benefits as they are treated solely as asylum seekers.It also made recommendations about ensuring that the “best interests of the child are the primary consideration in all actions concerning every child”.“The need for special training for social workers to meet the needs of child victims is also drawn attention to,” Charlton said. “It is clear from the report that those behind this trade will stop at nothing in their ruthless pursuit of money by trampling on the rights of others. The OSCE has shown us that our laws and regulations must be kept under constant review.”Read: ‘Modern day slavery’ to be criminalised>Read: Three arrested in human trafficking investigation>last_img read more

Shots fired at police officers were random and indiscriminate

first_imgPOLICE IN NORTHERN Ireland have said that it is only by “good luck” that no children or passersby were injured or killed when a number of shots were fired randomly and indiscriminately in Dunmurry yesterday afternoon.The incident occurred as PSNI officers arrived to answer a call about a burglary at Foxes Glen. Senior Investigating Officer Detective Chief Inspector Karen Baxter said the culprits intended to kill police but that they could have hurt anyone in the area.“The three officers who responded to the call for assistance yesterday had a lucky escape. They were badly shaken by the incident but they reported for duty this morning and are back at work.”Baxter appealed to anyone with information about activity in the wooded area beside Foxes Glen yesterday morning to contact the station. It is understood the shots were fired from that location.Addressing concerns about the length of time it took police to return to the area after the shooting, he said, “Previous experience has indicated that on many occasions where an attack has been made on police there is often a secondary or additional means of attack in the same area. As a police presence after such an attack can in itself constitute or increase a risk to the community, on many occasions the decision is taken to reduce that risk by removing police officer from the immediate area.“We do not believe that the police withdrawal yesterday increased the risk to the community. We also believe that it did not adversely affect the police investigation.”A 26-year-old man is currently in custody, being questioned in relation to yesterday’s events. A number of searches carried out in the Belfast area have yielded a number of replica firearms and a small quantity of ammunition. They are due to be sent for forensic and ballistic examination.Man arrested over attempted murder of 3 police officerslast_img read more

Oireachtas agenda Companies public pay and the HSE board

first_imgAt 1pm, the sub-committee on Public Expenditure and Reform begins the process of tearing through the revised estimates for public expenditure published last week. Brendan Howlin and Brian Hayes will be explaining changes to funding for state pay, the Public Appointments Service and more. (Watch here.)The Agriculture committee gets together at 2pm to continue its discussions of a proposed code of conduct for grocery retailers – with the IFA and the Food and Drink Industry Ireland offering their thoughts. (Watch here.)The EU Affairs committee also meets at 2pm to hear from the NUI Galway pairing of Prof John McHale and Dr Alan Ahearne – a former advisor to Brian Lenihan – as they discuss the European Economic and Monetary Union. (Watch here.)At 2:15pm, the Environment committee resumes its deliberation of insurance coverage for areas prone to flooding, hearing from the OPW, before hearing from Bill ‘Okey Doke’ O’Herlihy to discuss his forthcoming chairmanship of the Irish Film Board. (Watch here.)The Health committee has a late enough sitting, getting together at 5pm to discuss possible amendments to the Health Service Executive Governance Bill 2012, which abolishes the board of the HSE and creates a new structure of governance ahead of the abolition of the board altogether. (Watch here.)Explainer: How does a Bill become a law? WHAT ARE OUR politicians doing in the halls of Leinster House? lets you know with our guide to what’s coming up to the Dáil and various Oireachtas committees today.DÁILRichard Bruton kicks off the day with Questions to the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at 2pm, setting the scene for Enda Kenny to step in with Leaders’ Questions at 3:15pm and then the more formulaic Questions to the Taoiseach at 3:36pm.Four topical issues are discussed just after 5pm before the first debates on Bruton’s new landmark Companies Bill – which completely overhauls and consolidates the law on setting up new companies, and aims to streamline the process of setting up small companies. That’ll be discussed until about 8pm.At 8pm Fianna Fáil gets the first of two 90-minute debates on a motion about public sector pay. Written after the collapse of Croke Park 2, it calls on the government to engage with the public unions instead of legislating for pay cuts – and, in fact, pledge NOT to introduce those pay cuts. Debate adjourns at 9:30pm.The day’s Dáil business can all be viewed here.SEANADIt’s a relatively late start for the Seanad today – because the chamber is being used to welcome 45 Transition Year students giving their thoughts on various public matters. They’ll be in situ from 12:30pm to around 2:45pm.This means the Seanad itself doesn’t start until 4pm, when it spends 75 minutes discussing its future agenda. When that’s taken care of, there’ll be the final discussion on the Education and Training Boards Bill 2012 which rationalises Ireland’s VECs.COMMITTEESThere are five committee meetings holding public sittings today:last_img read more

Credit Union loan book is down but membership is up

first_imgMore: €24,000 payment for sexual orientation discrimination at Credit Union > The Government remains fully committed to supporting the Credit Union movement throughout this process. We want credit unions to emerge stronger so that you can continue to play an important role in local and national life in this country.Read: Money advice: National Consumer Agency’s top five tips > DEMAND FOR LOANS from the Credit Union is down for a second year in a row, despite €1.1 billion worth of loans handed out to its members over the last 12 months.The lack of demand has been put down to “continued restrictions on lending”.Despite this, membership has increased by 36,000, bringing the total number of members to 3.1 million across 32 counties, making the Irish movement one of the most popular in Europe.The figures were revealed today, as almost 2,000 delegates met at the Irish League of Credit Unions annual general meeting in Limerick.The theme of the conference is ‘Committed to Communities’ and discussions have been focusing on recent regulatory and legislative changes, as well as restructuring within the sector.Speaking at the AGM earlier, the Minister for Finance Michael Noonan, said that although credit unions were going through a major transformation, the government would stand by them:last_img read more

SIPTU serves strike notice on Greyhound days after unofficial strike

first_imgDAYS AFTER AN unofficial strike broke out at the Greyhound Household plant in Clondalkin, west Dublin, SIPTU has served seven days strike notice on the company.It said today that the workers “have been prevented from attending work under their current terms and conditions of employment since 6am on Tuesday, 17 June”.Unofficial strikeOn Tuesday 17 June, Greyhound Household said that it regretted the unofficial industrial action taken that morning by its household collection crews. It said that it was taking measures so that customers were not affected.It said that when staff came to work on Tuesday, they were asked  to clock in “under the conditions recommended by the Labour Court”. However, they did not clock in and “refused to work under the new conditions” so they were asked to leave, said a spokesperson.On the same day, a man was taken to hospital by ambulance after an incident at the Greyhound Knockmitten Lane depot in Clondalkin. The company said it at the time it was investigating whether the man was knocked down.Official strikeSIPTU Organiser, Henry O’Shea, said today that strike notice has been served and will come into effect at 6am on Friday 27 June. Our members have been forced into this action because of the company’s unilateral imposition of terms and conditions of employment that have not been agreed and contain up to 35% pay cuts. They also contain changes to sick pay, bonuses, meal allowances and other conditions of employment.SIPTU has 70 members in the company which has a contract to collect household waste for Dublin City Council.Read: Truck ‘strikes Greyhound worker’ during unofficial industrial action>last_img read more

The 9 at 9 Sunday

first_imgEvery morning, brings you brings you the nine stories you need to know a little before 9am.1. #COURTS: A man has been released without charge following the seizure of heroin worth almost €6.3 million last week.2. #POLICING: A new scheme will see every 150 houses in Dublin have its own dedicated garda, the Irish Mail on Sunday reports. The ‘back to basics’ programme will eventually be rolled out to the rest of the country.3. #LEGALISATION: A report in this morning’s Sunday Times details how medicinal cannabis for patients with conditions linked to muscle spasticity will be legalised next month, although will take some time before it comes on the market.4. #YOUR INFO: Pharmaceutical companies can buy the records of every public patient in Ireland, the Sunday Business Post has revealed. The paper reports that the information has details such as name and date of birth, removed.5. #BANKING INQUIRY: The Sunday Times reports that a crucial 2008 cabinet letter regarding the bank guarantee may be released to the inquiry, after previous fears that it would be withheld.6. #INSURGENCY: The first shipment of Russian fighter jets to be used to fight rebels has arrived, according to BBC News.7. #UPWARD ONLY: Bewley’s on Grafton Street could have its rent reduced next week. The Supreme Court is due to rule on whether it should be brought in line with market rates.8. #LAUNCH: North Korea has launched two short-range Scud missiles, in breach of UN sanctions, Reuters reports.9. #MARS: Nasa has tested what is pretty much a flying saucer, carrying advanced technology to be used to land on Mars. However, its parachuted tangled and it crashed into the Pacific Ocean.last_img read more

Heres What Happened Today Friday

first_img Source: Dominic Lipinski#UK: Rolf Harris was sentenced to five years and nine months in prison.#BOSNIA: Floods in Bosnia have unearthed a mass grave.#UK: Andy Coulson was given an 18-month prison sentence for phone hacking.#FRANCE: A teacher has been stabbed to death by a mother of a student.#AUSTRALIA: A woman has been charged by police for racially abusing a Asian train passenger.INNOVATIONThis satellite could help predict climate changes. []Bitcoin has been given the red light by Europe’s top banking regulator. []What  are the biggest threats to the Internet in the next 20 years? Here’s what the experts had to say. [The Washington Post]PARTING SHOTAs our American friends are celebrating Independence Day today with a load of fireworks no doubt, here is a history of fireworks in pop culture. [The Atlantic] Updated 11pmNEED TO CATCH up? brings you a round-up of today’s news… Newly elected leader of the Irish Labour party is congratulated by her husband Pat and daughter Aoife at the Mansion House in Dublin. Source: PA Wire/Press Association ImagesIRISHJoan Burton was elected the new leader of the Labour Party. Alan Kelly is stepping into Joan’s old shoes as deputy leader. Fianna Fáil wants new legislation introduced to end the Garth Brooks concerts fiasco, Varadkar says the gigs should go ahead, while Dublin City Council says there’s no going back on their decision.Racist graffiti greeted those who were on the way Irish citizenship ceremonies.Gerry Adams said the peace process should not put at risk by the walk-out by Unionist parties.Hilary Clinton said she “cares deeply” about Northern Ireland but is not going to comment on “internal Irish politics”.Over 90,000 homes may have dangerous levels of radon gas.The UK pub chain Wetherspoon confirmed that they will not be buying the iconic Dublin pubs Café en Seine, The George, The Dragon and Howl at the MoonWORLDlast_img read more

Flamehaired children and crooning pensioners steal the show at Mollys comeback event

first_imgMOLLY MALONE IS back.The famously brassy lady returned to Dublin city centre at a new location this afternoon — having being plucked unceremoniously from her long-established home at the bottom of Grafton Street back in April.Very little hoopla had been planned for this afternoon’s unveiling… Just a straightforward photo-op with new tourism minister Paschal Donohoe — who looked relieved that he wasn’t required to wear any comedy headwear for the occasion.This is, after all, just a temporary home for the country’s most famous fictional fishmonger — she’ll be wheeling her wheelbarrow on Suffolk Street for the next three years or so, to make way for Luas track-laying at her old stomping-ground. Source: Source: Sasko Lazarov/Photocall IrelandThere’s Something About Molly though…Something about her that seems to provoke a certain giddyness among Dubliners and tourists alike.And there was a carnival atmosphere in town today, as a crowd of around 150 people stopped to watch Donohue do the honours — sweeping a large, utilitarian plastic covering off the ‘Tart with the Cart’ to reveal Molly 2.0 in all her glory. Source: Sasko Lazarov/Photocall IrelandShe’s had a pretty extensive makeover since we last encountered her, you see.After all, the poor dear has been been monging fish, rain or shine, at the same spot on College Green since 1988. A visit to the beauticians (or in this case, the metalworks) was well in order in advance of today’s curtain call.The results were more than impressive, spectators agreed.“Good as new,” a man in crowd smiled approvingly.“Smashing” someone else remarked.As you might expect, however, there was a slightly different tone amongst the cynics of the fourth estate — as it was remarked that who-ever had been given the job of burnishing the bronze seemed to have spent an inordinate amount of time focusing on one particular area.The Minister might want to watch where he’s looking, a reporter suggested — as photographers snapped away in the vain hope that Donohoe might, in a moment of weakness, inadvertently cast his gaze towards Molly’s ample frontage.Like Brian Hayes did, last time out… [Pic:]Thankfully, there were other distractions for the Minister to concern himself with…Like the arrival on the scene of 5-year-old Dubliner Maya O’Mahony — apparently, straight out of central casting.Surely this flame-haired whippersnapper must be working for the Department?“No, absolutely not,” smiled the Minister’s press handler — as the young girl clambered up Molly’s wheelbarrow and plonked herself proudly amongst the cockles and mussels, providing providing the snappers with an unexpected, but welcome, dash of colour.Source: Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland Source: Sasko Lazarov/Photocall IrelandThe whole scene was utterly adorable, everyone agreed.That is — everyone apart from a certain couple from Killiney, who seemed determined to steal the limelight for themselves… Source: Video no match for Patricia Dolan and her husband in terms of pure, unadulterated star power — Donohoe seemed happy to fulfil the rest of his obligations away from the action, as he retreated 30 feet or so down the road to answer reporters’ questions on the serious issues of the day. Molly will have to face the photographers all by herself from now on…[]Spare a thought for the poor woman next time you’re in the area.And try and avert your gaze.Everyone knows what you’re up to.Read: Industrial action threatened as Irish Rail plans to go ahead with pay cutsRead: Molly Malone is on the move…last_img read more

Warnings that insolvency laws could contain an extra layer of bank veto

first_imgTHE IRISH MORTGAGE Holders Organisation has said the Taoiseach has moved to ‘protect egos rather than distressed debtors’ after concerns were raised today about new insolvency laws.The IMHO were reacting to an article published in this morning’s Sunday Times which said that the Justice Minister was briefed that an amendment was needed to the 2012 Personal Insolvency Act.The accidentally released memo said that there was an issue with the legislation which could lead to an “extra layer of bank veto”.CEO of the IMHO David Hall has said this afternoon that perhaps the greatest disappointment is the apparent delay in dealing with it.“The Taoiseach needs to clarify his role in not having this flaw addressed with the urgency identified and recommended by the Attorney General, as it appears that he or his office made a sinister move to protect egos rather than distressed debtors,” said Hall. The memo states, ‘despite concerns expressed by Department of Taoiseach about visibility of amendments at this point’. This is a most sinister development where political motivation has delayed vital legislation being amended.The Personal Insolvency Act included a number of debt resolution arrangements which can write off a portion of a debtor’s unsecured debts. In many cases banks have a veto over the deal because they often represent the largest creditor in a given situation.The IMHO is immediately calling on the Minster for Justice Frances Fitzgerald to “carry out a review of the insolvency act and system”.Read: Insolvency service seals threefold increase in debt arrangements >Read: Insolvency chief blasts Bank of Ireland >last_img read more

The iPad Lock Keeps Your iPad Cabled to Your Desk

first_imgYou know those wire cables that businesses use to secure laptops and desktops to desks, walls, and floors in order to prevent theft? Now you can have one for your iPad in the form of the iPadLock, in case you’re worried about someone swiping your iPad from your desk at the office when you go to a meeting, or want to be able to leave it on a desk in the library while you go to the bathroom. The iPad Lock is a clear plastic full-body case and kick-stand for the iPad with a port on the side that fits the included cable lock.The iPad doesn’t have its own security slot, so the folks behind the iPadLock built a case that has one in it, and included the steel cable that secures into the case on one side and loops around a fixture or desk on the other. They also claim that once the case and the cable are locked together, the case can’t be removed without damaging the iPad inside. You can buy the case and the lock together for $79.95 list price, or just the case for $39.95 list.last_img read more

Apple invents Logo Antenna for Macbook and iPhone

first_imgApple has had an interesting year with all the “Antennagate” problems it faced, yet engineers at the time were already at work on a new type of antenna which Apple is dubbing as their “logo antenna”.According to Patently Apple this new antenna will likely hide behind the larger Apple logo at the back of the device, therefore increasing its chances of picking up a stronger signal. Its position will also ensure that interference from metal or the outer casing will be minimized, thus helping to avoid the problems that plagued the iPhone 4 earlier this year.AdChoices广告To get around the issue of interference Apple’s Logo technology may contain conductive sidewalls that would more than likely be constructed from aluminum to dampen the interference. However what’s interesting is that the walls of the housing may also be used to hold other conductive components for example displays.If Apple gets it right their patented technology could even be used on a smaller scale, for example wrist-watches, pendants, headphone/earpieces and other wearable devices.Read more at Patently Applelast_img read more