Disabled activists say governmentfunded research

first_imgDisabled activists say government-funded research, which concludes that the programme to reassess people on incapacity benefit through the work capability assessment (WCA) was linked to 590 suicides in just three years, is both “damning” and “timely”.Campaigners, doctors and psychiatrists have been warning for several years of strong anecdotal evidence that the programme to reassess hundreds of thousands of old-style incapacity benefit (IB) claimants was causing significant harm and distress, particularly to people with mental health conditions.But now public health experts from the Universities of Liverpool and Oxford have shown in a study that, for every 10,000 IB claimants who were reassessed in England between 2010 and 2013, there were an additional six suicides, 2,700 cases of self-reported mental health problems, and an increase of more than 7,000 in the number of anti-depressants prescribed.The most significant increases took place in the most deprived local authority areas of England.Across England as a whole, the reassessment process from 2010 to 2013 was “associated with” an extra 590 suicides, 279,000 additional cases of self-reported mental health problems, and the prescribing of a further 725,000 anti-depressants.The idea for the research came originally from disabled activist Rick Burgess (pictured), who later co-founded the grassroots campaign group New Approach, and wanted “recognised and respected epidemiologists” to carry out “an academically-rigorous study” into the number of deaths caused by the WCA, with the results to be reported before the 2015 election.Together with three other leading campaigners – artist-activist Liz Crow* and New Approach co-founders Jane Bence and Nick Dilworth – Burgess began discussing the idea early last year with David Stuckler, professor of political economy and sociology at Oxford and one of the new study’s co-authors.Stuckler concluded at the time that such research was not possible because the necessary data had not been released by the government.Burgess pointed out that the research had been “started by disabled people with no funding”, but he said it was “brilliant” it had been completed, and that he felt “grimly vindicated” by evidence which would, “in any functioning democracy”, cause a government to be removed by a vote of no confidence.He said: “It does show welfare reform is causing excess deaths, which is what we have always said, and it has been reported in most media, so the idea to have a rigorous, reputable study done was worth it for campaigners, even though it is not exhaustive and there is much data still to be wrestled out of the hands of this very secretive government.”Linda Burnip, co-founder of Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), said: “This research simply confirms what we’ve all known for a long time, but is very timely both in relation to the ongoing UN inquiry into the grave and systematic violation of disabled people’s human rights and to DPAC’s campaigning priorities for 2016.“The main focus of this campaigning will be an end to people being wrongly pushed to their deaths by the current benefit system inflicted on them by [work and pensions secretary] Iain Duncan Smith.”Mark Harrison, chief executive of Equal Lives, said the research was “very timely and damning of a brutal system which is damaging people’s mental health”. He said it was clear the government was intent on cutting public spending and dismantling public services “whatever the human consequences”. He said: “To them, people who commit suicide or whose mental health conditions deteriorate as a result of their policies are merely collateral damage in their austerity war. “I am sure the government will ignore the evidence in this report as it does with all the facts and statistics which show their policies are damaging the life chances and killing poor and disabled people.”He added: “This poses a real challenge for the leaders of the disability rights movement and disabled people’s organisations in how to respond to politicians and civil servants who are not listening and aren’t interested in disabled people’s lives and human rights.”John McArdle, co-founder of Black Triangle, said: “This is yet another damning body of evidence that makes it clear that the UK government is guilty of implementing policies and systems that are leading directly to the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands, of chronically ill and/or disabled people.“It remains the case that there exists no safety protocol built into the DWP-Maximus [the US company which carries out the tests] disability assessment regime.“Vital medical evidence is neither sought by, nor provided to, the DWP and we are firmly of the view that this is a deliberate policy.“The Westminster government knows fine well that were such vital evidence to be provided, far fewer people would be found fit for work and so the Tories’ overarching goal of destroying our social security safety net as part of George Osborne’s ‘long-term economic plan’ would fail to meet its target.“Lives lost are accepted as being collateral damage in achieving this aim. These deaths have irrefutably arisen as a direct consequence of the implementation of an official policy that is ‘intentionally or knowingly reckless with a depraved disregard for life’.“The Westminster government is therefore unquestionably guilty of democide.”Michelle Maher, of the WOWcampaign and petition, said the research “joins a long list of evidence given to the government on the horrific impact of medical assessments”.She said: “I am still concerned that the government will claim they are listening and change the WCA, making it worse, under the heading of helping sick and disabled people into work because work is good for us.“The numerous reports into foodbanks have been ignored or justified in appalling ways, with Tory members celebrating their existence.“I fear the same will be said of the WCA and reports of the language the DWP and Iain Duncan Smith are using would indicate a direction of change that will be far worse.”The study’s authors say their findings also demonstrate the need for a cumulative assessment of the impact of austerity measures on disabled people, as demanded by the WOWcampaign.The study was published online in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, and carried out by researchers from the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Psychology, Health and Society, and from the University of Oxford, and funded by the National Institute for Health Research, which itself is funded by the Department of Health.Ben Barr, the study’s lead author and senior clinical lecturer in applied public health research at the University of Liverpool, said: “The programme of reassessing people on disability benefits using the WCA was independently associated with an increase in suicides, self-reported mental health problems and antidepressant prescribing.“This policy may have had serious adverse consequences for mental health in England, which could outweigh any benefits that arise from moving people off disability benefits.”But DWP dismissed the report’s findings.A DWP spokesman said: “This report is wholly misleading, and the authors themselves caution that no conclusions can be drawn about cause and effect.“In addition, it is concerning that they provide no evidence that the people with mental health problems highlighted in the report even underwent a work capability assessment.”He pointed to the five independent reviews of the WCA – the first three carried out by Professor Malcolm Harrington – and “significant improvements to the process” made by DWP since 2010, including to how the WCA is used to assess people with mental health conditions.He also said the percentage of people with mental health conditions who receive the highest level of support after being assessed for eligibility for employment and support allowance through the WCA has “more than tripled since 2010”.Barr said DWP’s response was “disappointing”, and that none of the other factors researchers had looked at as possible causes, such as cuts to local government services or a fall in wages, could explain the rise in suicides and the deterioration in mental health.And he said the increases only happened among age groups most affected by the WCA, while the rise in mental health problems “tended to occur shortly after the increase in people undergoing the WCA in each area”.Barr also called on DWP to publish any data it has on claimants’ mental health before, during and after the assessment.He said: “Unfortunately, the DWP implemented the policy without a controlled trial or any plans to evaluate its impact on mental health. “Given that data is not currently available on the specific individuals who underwent the WCA and there is no trial evidence, the next best approach to investigate the potential effects on mental health is the one we applied in our study, using appropriate statistical methods to control for alternative explanations for these trends.  “Our findings should at the very least raise serious concerns for the DWP that the potential negative impacts of the WCA need to be investigated further.” Sue Bott, deputy chief executive of Disability Rights UK, added: “It is shameful for the DWP to dismiss in such an offhand manner a serious academic study showing a worrying rise in suicides and mental health issues connected to the WCA. “This evidence, added to the growing weight of evidence from tribunals and concerns from coroners, should surely lead to a complete rethink on the WCA, which by any measure is not fit for purpose.”*Crow’s own piece of work, We Are Figures, grew out of the discussions with Stuckler, but because of the difficulty of identifying how many austerity-related deaths there had been, she focused on the human cost of austeritylast_img read more

Rancor around proposed tech cafeteria ban misses the point

first_imgDon’t confuse a negotiating ploy with finished legislation. Don’t confuse politics with policy. Aeons ago, back in 2016, a trio of left-leaning city supervisors proposed a hefty “tech tax,” the legislative equivalent of hoisting up Big Tech by its pant cuffs, shaking, and funneling the resultant pile of cash into beneficent causes such as homeless services and affordable housing. Well, that generated a lot of copy. It was designed to, after all. And both professional journalists and regular folks fervently thumb-typing onto their phones began questioning how this was all going to work. Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletter But this legislation was not designed to work. It was simply designed to garner media attention and embarrass Big Tech and its San Francisco government allies. As such, parsing the nuances of this proposed legislation was a fool’s errand. But serious and well-meaning journalists did this, regardless. Diligently reporting on the inner workings of legislation that isn’t supposed to work actually misinforms the public. Context matters and, it turns out, there’s a difference between politics and policy. Fast-forwarding to the present, odd-couple Supervisors Ahsha Safaí and Aaron Peskin, with the support of the city’s Golden Gate Restaurant Association, have introduced legislation that would preclude future office buildings from including private cafeterias where free food and other amenities keep techies indoors, toiling away at all hours (it would not affect extant cafeterias, and future offices could still bring in catering or subsidize their workers’ food). The ostensible goal is to shunt cloistered employees out-of-doors to purchase their lunches at local businesses, patronize other local establishments, and coexist with the rest of the city.Well, this generated a lot of copy. It was designed to, after all. And, once again, both professional journalists and outraged thumb-typers parsed it all, questioning how it was all supposed to work. But this legislation was also not designed to work. Not like this. Shortly after its introduction, its principals explicitly confirmed to me that this was merely an initial gambit, an opening salvo meant to spur discussion and end up in a different, milder place.Or, as one City Hall source put it, the ultimate goal is to have the cafeteria ban “massaged into something less extreme and into a program of the sort that already exists where companies are handing out vouchers.” We live in a high-tech world: This would not be hard to do. Employees’ smartphones can be loaded up and recharged like Clipper Cards, and could be geotagged to only work within, say, a quarter mile of an office. Not coincidentally, Peskin and Safaí’s opening press conference was held in a mom-and-pop restaurant that benefits from a program of the sort that already exists, in which workers are presented food vouchers by their company. So, to put it bluntly, Peskin and Safaí are engaging what is called “negotiating.” Opening hard and settling back to where you wanted to be has been a tried-and-true strategy dating back to the dawn of civilization when our forebears haggled over the price of gourds in open-air bazaars. Most recently, erstwhile Supervisor Scott Wiener elevated this to an art form. The former litigator eschewed the 400 meetings/blue ribbon panel/kumbaya approach and simply launched bruising “opening offers” which, in his own words, “forces the other side to negotiate.”Context, again, matters. There is a difference between politics and policy. And, in this case, the former has been reported on as if it’s the latter.Take it outside, boys (and girls).A goodly number of Internet denizens have reached out to Ahsha Safaí via e-mail or social media to kindly inform him his city planning ideas are stupid and that he’s as dumb as a rock. Let the record show that Safaí obtained a Master’s in city planning from a small Northeastern university called Massachusetts Institute of Technology. That doesn’t put him on a higher plane than the rest of humanity, but it is something to consider before sending him a derogatory meme. There is no sign informing members of the general public that they must be so tall to ride the ride when it comes to commenting on San Francisco public affairs. That’s for the best; even naive and uninformed people can have great ideas — and weighing in on your government is your right. Even if you’re one of the guys who sings during public comment. That said, word to the wise: Your elected leaders notice when reams of negative invective are heaped upon them via the Internet when they jostle companies backed by heaps of venture capital dollars — but in-person interactions skew overwhelmingly positive. And, you’re not going to believe this, but they give more credence to those who inhabit the real world than the virtual one. Additionally, your elected leaders have grown weary of complaints that their legislation does not address myriad city problems it is not intended to address. As such, your elected leaders are not impressed when complainants accuse them of wasting time crafting such legislation, and thereby neglecting to devote every waking hour to solving this city’s most pressing issues. To wit: a particular sect of online commenters cast Peskin as some manner of San Francisco Rasputin who was using this legislation to obscure our city’s pressing woes of housing, homelessness, affordability and transit. Well that would be a neat trick: The legislation in question was actually crafted by Safaí. And then, just like that, in the midst of being pilloried for neglecting the city’s pressing issues, Peskin’s office last week announced the conclusion of an intense bargaining session with Uber and Lyft in which the rideshare titans would acquiesce to a future per-ride surcharge, creating a potential $30 million yearly revenue stream — specifically directed to city transit. Mayor London Breed is on board — as is Assemblyman Phil Ting, who will write the enabling state legislation. This was, in short, some complex, multi-party negotiating. “It turns out that legislators can pat their heads, rub their bellies, and negotiate with Uber and Lyft,” sums up Peskin. “To do well at this job, you have to run, catch, and hit.” Criticisms of Safaí and Peskin’s cafeteria proposal are legitimate. The devil is in the details, and being a trained city planner, as Safaí is, or an autodidact, as Peskin is, does not mandate deference. It’s also a legitimate question as to whether the Wiener-like aggressive opening gambit might have led to more rancor than any “less extreme” vouchers-or-something compromise might be worth — if such a compromise is even reached after so much initial animosity. But anyone who had been claiming that our legislators are unable to multitask and are hiding from this city’s pressing issues — and used this cafeteria legislation as a case in point — is not yet tall enough to ride the ride.Both Safaí and Peskin claim that one of their goals was to start a conversation. That’s what you’d say if starting a conversation is all you manage to do. But it’s hardly a wild notion that a conversation is warranted: Some 7 million square feet of new offices could be conjured into being by the inchoate Central SoMa Plan, and it’s a legit concern that dead ground-floor space and insular tech employees will lead to an unwanted facsimile of mid-Market (where tech outfits were treated to tax breaks to “revitalize” the area and, instead, ensconced themselves within self-contained fortresses). A city regulating tech cafeterias is a splashy news story, but a city regulating land use is not — it happens every day. San Francisco is a process-heavy realm that likes to talk and talk — and talk — but sometimes talking is warranted.  What kind of city do we want to be? What does it mean to be a San Franciscan? That’s food for thought. Email Addresslast_img read more

HULL FCs win at Langtree Park will count for noth

first_imgHULL FC’s win at Langtree Park will count for nothing on Friday according to Nathan Brown.Peter Gentle’s side beat Saints 22-10 in Round Six last season but Saints’ new head coach isn’t concerned about past records.“I don’t pay attention to things like that,” he said. “They have a lot of new recruits there and it will be a tough game. They have new signings in key positions; Daniel Holdsworth is in the halves and he has a fair bit of responsibility with kicking and the passing game whilst Benny Galea is going well too.“I think they can only get better as well as their players gel. Like them, we are trying to make slight adjustments as we go along too and sometimes it can take a little time.“I was pleased with the win on Sunday but we know we have a lot of work to do. It was a good tough game and at times in the second half we got on top and were winning the important battles. We had them pinned down but we let ourselves down with penalties.“Our commitment and effort was great and our defence was good and that’s important.”Saints will be missing Josh Perry and Lance Hohaia through injury but neither are expected to be long term.“Josh has a knee problem and Lance a shoulder. At one point we were looking at 8 to 12 weeks with Perry so to be three to four weeks is a result. It is unfortunate, but it gives someone else a chance.“Big Alex (Walmsley) is more than likely to come in for Josh and James Roby should be back on for Lance.“Alex has done well – he has shown good form in the friendlies and John Kear has been happy with him too. He is ready to play and John said his attitude has been spot on.”Tickets for tonight’s match, which kicks off at 8pm, are on sale now from the Ticket Office at Langtree Park by calling 01744 455 052 or by logging on here.last_img read more

A HATtrick from Jonny Lomax saw Saints to a compr

first_imgA HAT-trick from Jonny Lomax saw Saints to a comprehensive 36-10 win over Bradford at Odsal.The youngster was inspirational as he guided his side to their best performance of the season.Jon Wilkin and Gary Wheeler were imperious at half back too – with James Roby and a physical and mobile pack too much for the home side to handle.That combination saw Saints dominate the first half and lead 26-0.Lomax – at full back – stole the show with a brace as well as having a hand in Saints other scores.In the second half, Bradford showed their hand first through Brett Kearney before Lomax clocked his hat-trick after great work from Roby and Francis Meli.Ade Gardner tallied another but Elliot Kear had the last laugh with a consolation.Saints made three changes from the side that drew with Hull FC last Friday. Lomax moved to full back in place of injured skipper Paul Wellens, Gary Wheeler made his first start of the season alongside Jon Wilkin in the halves and Mark Flanagan was named at loose forward.Anthony Walker was also on the bench for his debut.Bradford boss Francis Cummins brought James Donaldson in for his first start in a year and promoted former Salford prop Adam Sidlow to start.From the Bulls’ kick off it was clear Saints were in no mood to be pushed over. A strong drive down the middle saw them win a penalty and then, following Jon Wilkin’s bomb, another set of six.The ball was pushed right and when it came back inside Jonny Lomax scorched over for a great try.Gary Wheeler missed the conversion but made up for it a minute later when he pulled off a crucial tackle to deny a Bulls’ attack.Saints then increased the lead further. Willie Manu slipped off a tackle, fended another and then scooted round Brett Kearney like he wasn’t there.Wheeler atoning for his earlier conversion miss to make it 10-0.And on 14 minutes, number 14 increased the lead further. Great kicking from Wilkin saw Saints gain a repeat set and James Roby slipped Anthony Laffranchi in.Sia Soliola was held up close to the line in 18 minutes but his huge drive, followed by Alex Walmsley’s effort, created the space for Lomax to jink and step his way to the line.Lomax almost set up another after a fantastic run too – Bulls just about quelling the danger.Bradford finally put some pressure on the Saints line on the back of a couple of penalties – but the home side bombed the chance of getting on the board.Saints’ D was too good, but the wrong option was chosen by Matty Blythe with the line at the Bulls’ mercy.And with four minutes to go, a superb half was rounded off. Saints battled to the Bulls line and with four players hanging off him, Tony Puletua twisted and turned and plunged over.Wheeler making it 26-0.Saints survived a late scare as the hooter went – Jamie Langley’s kick knocked on by Jarod Sammut.Nathan Brown’s men began the first half on the front foot but couldn’t convert early pressure into points.And a penalty to the home side gave the Bulls the perfect chance to reply – Brett Kearney collecting a fine offload to get his side underway.Jamie Foster missing the two-pointer.On 51 minutes a great kick and chase from Wilkin forced a drop out – but Saints couldn’t capitalise.And on 56 minutes a forward pass denied Francis Meli another try and then both sides had real chances to get over once more.With 15 to go the game was becoming scrappy and punctuated by far too many penalties.But that period was ended with a try right out of the top drawer. Roby went on the blindside, fed Meli who turned it back inside for Jonny Lomax’s third.Wheeler steaming it in off the touchline for his fourth conversion of the afternoon.Ade Gardner notched his first of the campaign before Elliot Kear scored a late consolation for the homesters.Match Summary:Bulls:Tries: Kearney, KearGoals: Foster (1 from 2)Saints:Tries: Lomax (3), Manu, Laffranchi, Puletua, Gardner, Goals: Wheeler (4 from 7)Penalties:Bulls: 7Saints: 10HT: 26-0FT: 36-10REF: Tim RobyATT: 8203Teams:Bulls:1. Brett Kearney; 5. Elliot Kear, 4. Matty Blythe, 3. Keith Lulia, 17. Jamie Foster; 19. Danny Addy, 6. Jarrod Sammut; 8. Nick Scruton, 14. Matt Diskin, 27. Adam Sidlow, 16. Tom Olbison, 12. Elliot Whitehead, 15. Chev Walker.Subs: 9. Heath L’Estrange, 10. Manase Manuokafoa, 13. Jamie Langley, 21. James Donaldson.Saints:7. Jonny Lomax; 2. Ade Gardner, 3. Jordan Turner, 19. Josh Jones, 5. Francis Meli; 17. Gary Wheeler, 12. Jon Wilkin; 11. Tony Puletua, 9. James Roby, 14. Anthony Laffranchi, 13. Willie Manu, 4. Sia Soliola, 15. Mark Flanagan.Subs: 10. Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, 24. Joe Greenwood, 25. Alex Walmsley, 27. Anthony Walker.last_img read more

THE Extraordinary General Meeting of the Rugby Lea

first_imgTHE Extraordinary General Meeting of the Rugby League Council scheduled to be held on Wednesday October 9 has been postponed.A majority of Super League clubs have indicated an interest in further consultation on the detail of the proposals in order to reach the best solution.These discussions will continue to positively progress but all parties involved are unanimous in their belief that the key focus for Rugby League at this moment is staging a successful Rugby League World Cup 2013 and this should be the focus of the sport.The RFL will be making no further comment at this time.last_img

ST HELENS and the world of rugby league will be u

first_imgST. HELENS and the world of rugby league will be uniting to celebrate the life of Saints legend Steve Prescott MBE when one of the borough’s most eye-catching landmarks is named in his honour.The footbridge linking the town centre to Langtree Park – home of the Saints – will become the Steve Prescott Bridge at a special ceremony to mark the event on Friday February 21.It takes place before the St. Helens v Hull game – where the two sides who Steve served so well, will contest the inaugural Steve Prescott Cup.The event kicks off at 5.30pm with a welcome from Radio 5 Live presenter and Steve Prescott Foundation (SPF) Ambassador George Riley.There will be speeches from Steve’s son Taylor Prescott, Saints Chairman Eamonn McManus plus live Granada Reports interviews involving Council Leader Barrie Grunewald, Saints legend Paul Sculthorpe and Steve’s widow Linzi.The bridge designs will be presented to the Prescott family by Councillor Grunewald who said: “Steve was a first class ambassador not only for rugby but for the town. As well as being a legend of the game he is also honoured for his tireless fundraising for his Steve Prescott Foundation.“Naming the bridge after him is our tribute to one of the greats of St. Helens. It’s a well-deserved honour and a fitting one – with the bridge linking Steve’s beloved town and club.”Singing at the event will be Tom Loughlin, son of Saints legend Paul, Sophia Ben Yousef and the St. John Vianney School Choir – where Steve was a pupil – who are performing even though they are on half term holiday.There’s also a 13 strong contingent of former players who played with Steve from St. Helens and 13 from Hull plus all the Steve Prescott Foundation Ambassadors.Saints Chairman Eamonn McManus said: “It is more than apt that the bridge rightly named after Steve connects his home town to his home rugby team.“Both entities are honoured and privileged to have produced such a truly exceptional person whose selflessness and courage will now never be forgotten.”Mike Denning Chairman of The Steve Prescott Foundation added: “This is very fitting for a real life Hero and Sporting icon born here in our town. Steve has inspired so many and has raised awareness of not only the very rare form of cancer which he battled but also the plight of those injured or fallen on hard times in the great game of Rugby League.“We would like to thank all parties associated with the renaming of the Steve Prescott Bridge!”last_img read more

The RFL and First Utility have teamed up to be abl

first_imgThe RFL and First Utility have teamed up to be able to offer you two free tickets to the First Utility Super League Grand Final*As well as getting 2 tickets, customers who switch to First Utility will also save an average of £334** on their energy bills, which can go a long way to paying for next year’s season ticket.To take advantage of this offer, visit https://www.first-utility.com and get a quote to see how much you could save. Once you’ve switched to First Utility send your email confirmation to SLCompetitions@superleague.co.uk and you will be sent your two tickets.*You cannot choose your own seats.**Customers who registered at first-utility.com to one of our 1, 2, or 3 year fixed term and everyday tariffs between 01 January 2016 and 31 March 2016 saved an average of £334 per year.***Terms and conditions applylast_img read more

SAINTS Betfred Super League campaign continues th

first_imgSAINTS’ Betfred Super League campaign continues this evening when Wakefield Trinity come to the Totally Wicked Stadium.We have a whole host of entertainment both on and off the field to bring you the ultimate matchday experience, which is ideal for all the family!Game Schedule:Turnstiles – Open 6:30pm Club Face Painters – These will be operating in the Hattons Solicitors Family Stand and as well as the Totally Wicked North Stand from 6.30pm … come along and get your face painted in Saints colours for free! Inflatables – Rugby themed inflatables will be in the North and South West Stands.Crabbie’s – Buy two Crabbie’s and get a beanie hat free in the kiosks tonight!Kiosk Food – We have a new range of food for you to sample at selected kiosks – endorsed by big Alex Walmsley. We’ve teamed up with Big Al’s to bring a selection of Burgers and Pizza Twists to the Saints. Click here to find out more!Member Offer – If you’re a member, you can take advantage of our pie and hot drink combo offer for £3.50. Simply present your Membership Card at the kiosks to access this deal. slected kiosksBoots – Your favourite furry mascot Boots, who is sponsored by Small Wonders, will be in attendance in all the concourse areas from 6.30pm onwards so look out for him and say hello! The A Star Saints Angels – Will be performing a brand new routine before the game.Bucket Collection – Dig deep for Breast Cancer Research.Kick Off – We’ve planned a very special and spectacular entrance for the teams tonight – be in your spot ten minutes before kick off! Half Time – Our Crossbar Challenge in association with OD’s Jewellery & Watch Boutique will take place. Participants can win £100 in ODs vouchers. If you want to take part email the club at keepmeupdated@saintsrlfc.comAlso, we will have a very special announcement from the Steve Prescott Foundation at half time. Stay tuned!The match is sponsored by Knauf Insulation with Hightown Group as our Corporate Sponsor. The Matchball is sponsored by Bidvest.Team NewsKeiron Cunningham has named his 19-man squad for the match. You can find out more here.TicketsTickets for the game are available from the Ticket Office at the Totally Wicked Stadium or by calling 01744 455 052. Price details are here.There will be cash turnstiles on the Hattons Solicitors West, Totally Wicked North and East Stands.If you require a South Stand ticket then you need to head to the Ticket Office.Saints SuperstoreThe Saints Superstore is open from 9am until kick-off. It will be open after the game for half an hour. Our new look programme #asone will once again be on sale.Featuring an interview with new signing Luke Douglas it is packed with all you need to know about your Super Saints!The cover has our players on one side of the V and randomly selected 2017 Members on the right hand side! Is your name there? These will change every match!There’s also the latest news and views from around the club, our Academy and community teams – and an interview with Zeb Taia.It is priced at £3.Today’s programme is available on the concourse as well as in the Saints Superstore and is sponsored by Warrington AudiTravelMatchday Car Parking details are here.last_img read more

Wilmington fire crews respond to apartment fire

first_img Flowers said there was minor damage. One resident wanted a medical evaluation and was treated at the scene. There was no further reported injuries.Flowers said the fire was ruled an accidental cooking fire. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington Fire Department responded overnight to a residential apartment structure fire on Constitution Blvd. around 11 p.m. Saturday.Crews reported seeing smoke when they arrived. Assistant Chief Sammy Flowers said the fire had been extinguished by the time they arrived. Fire Crews continued to check the apartment and set up ventilation to clear all smoke.- Advertisement – last_img

Wilmington woman found guilty in New Years Eve robbery

first_imgDekoya Evans (Photo: District Attorney’s Office). WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A woman was convicted Wednesday of robbing a man, and pawning items she stole from him.According to a release from the District Attorney’s Office, on December 31, 2017, Dekoya Danisha Evans, 33, went to a home on Long Leaf Drive and convinced the resident to give her money because she told him she could return a computer that was previously stolen from him. Evans took the victim’s money, left and returned two hours later with an unknown man. The man came up from behind the victim and choked him, as Evans ransacked the victim’s room and stole multiple items including three knives. Evans and the other suspect then left with the stolen items.- Advertisement – The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office investigated and found Evans pawned two of the victim’s knives on January 3 and sold another knife on January 6. Investigators have not yet identified the other suspect in the robbery.Evans was found guilty of Common Law Robbery and three counts of Obtain Property by False Pretenses. She was sentenced to up to two and a half years in prison followed by up to nearly two years. The judge also sentenced Evans to nearly two years suspended sentence and supervised probation when she gets out of prison. Evans was ordered to pay $135 to Jim’s Pawn.Evans was previously convicted of common law robbery, obtain property by false pretenses, breaking into motor vehicles, simple assault and multiple felony drug convictions.last_img read more

Domestic Violence shelter continues annual event despite impacts from storm

first_img “It’s such a great to celebrate not only the efforts we make together, to recognize the people who have lost their lives to domestic violence,” said shelter community outreach coordinator Andrew Stough. “But also recognize the strength it takes to make that difference and to make that change in someone’s life.”For 29 years the Domestic Violence Shelter and Services of Wilmington has united survivors, advocates and family members like Shequana Sidberry. She lost her sister ten years ago to domestic violence.“More and more people hear about it, more and more people come out and more and more people are affected by it,” said Sidberry.Related Article: New Wrightsville Beach school planned with storms, floods in mindMore challenges have come, however, for the shelter. They typically handle around 200 cases a month. Now the space it uses to house victims while they transition or seek asylum is closed due to Florence storm damage.“We’ve had to come together as a staff suddenly going from our two locations to one,” said Stough. “And we’re just sharing a lot of space together much like a lot of the families in a lot of different spaces together and just pulling together.”That’s the message they carry along Wilmington’s streets ‘Together we will R.I.S.E’.As much as the night is for remembering abuse, it’s also to advocate resiliency from the abusive storm that happens within the home.“It keeps my sister’s memory alive,” said Sidberry. “I hope that when I talk about her story or just share some encouraging words with some one that has experienced it that it will help them to realize that love is not abuse.”The Shelter plans to continue events through the month to spread awareness. You can also donate online and it will aid their repairs the the victim shelter. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – They serve hundreds in the Cape Fear that are dealing with the dark and dangerous situation of abuse at home.Thursday marchers took to downtown Wilmington to raise awareness over domestic violence. The march corresponds with the month of national awareness. It comes after a tough month of September, both for the shelter, and for victims impacts by Florence.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Summer on the Square returns to Burgaw

first_img The free events will feature live music by:Thursday June 6 Randy Knight and Parrot Party (Jimmy Buffett Tribute)Thursday June 20 The Imitations (Beach, Soul, and Rock & Roll)Thursday July 18 Soul on the Beach (Motown and Beach)Thursday August 21 British Invaders (Beatles, Rolling Stones, the Who, Etc.)“The Town of Burgaw is thrilled to partner with Pender County Parks & Recreation to offer a fun filled event that families can take pride in,” said Cody Suggs, Burgaw Parks and Recreation Director. “We hope to see everyone out and enjoying what Burgaw has to offer.”All concerts will begin at 6:30 pm. Attendees are encouraged to bring blankets and chairs to enjoy the entertainment. Various food trucks will be on site throughout the series. Please no alcohol or pets.Related Article: FEMA establishes disaster recovery centers in Pender CountyFor more information contact (910) 259-1330 or (910) 300-6401.The event will be hosted on the Pender County Courthouse Square, 100 S. Wright St., Burgaw 28425. Pender County Courthouse during Blueberry Festival in Burgaw. (Photo: NC Blueberry Festival) BURGAW, NC (WWAY) — The Town of Burgaw and Pender County Parks and Recreation are collaborating once again to offer the Summer on the Square concert series.“We are pleased to bring this concert series once again to downtown Burgaw,” said Zachary White, Pender County Parks and Recreation Supervisor. “The series will feature new bands in addition to crowd favorites from last year.”- Advertisement – last_img read more

Teacher uses creative ways to engage middle schoolers with math

first_imgWILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Seventh graders at Trask Middle School in Wilmington use math VersaTiles to solve equations.“I think they like working with their hands. It’s like a little movement break in between every problem,” said Amber Adams who teaches math at the New Hanover County School.A teacher for eight years, Adams says its just one way she tries to keep learning about math fun.- Advertisement – Ironically, the person who inspired Adams to teach was her seventh-grade math teacher Karen Cassano.“I had to get up in front of my kids, my peers, and do a 10-minute mini lesson on angles and she wrote at the bottom of my rubric, I think you should go into teaching when you get older,” Adams recalled. “For a teacher to say that to a seventh grader, it was so profound. I turned out being a seventh-grade math teacher.”When we visited the school, Adams was holding an ‘auction day’ for her students where they get to bid using fake money on an assortment of cool prizes she purchased.Related Article: NHCS Teacher of the Year receives new car“Its just a motivating thing for the students. You saw how engaged they were in just that 10-minute auction we had, to spend $10 to $20 dollars every month just to get them that motivated about being in my classroom, they earned it,” she said. “They work hard in my class, so they deserve something like that.”For a subject that can be challenging for many students, keeping them on track with each lession is important.“If you don’t have that engagement, they’re just not going to connect with the work they’re doing in those classes,” said Scott Andersen, an assistant principal at the school. “I think she’s a remarkable teacher because she’s innovative, she plans, she works hard, she understands her students and their needs and she works hard to meet those needs every single day here at Trask Middle School.”The reason we picked Adams is because a parent of one of Adams’ students sent us a nomination. She told us how thrilled she was to receive a handwritten notecard about her daughter from Adams.“There’s something to be said about an old-school, snail-mail postcard as opposed to an email or text that I also think are a real important thing,” Adams said.Each week, she picks a student from every class period and sends a note to their parents.“I think the first time a teacher contacts home shouldn’t be for something negative. It should be for something positive the student is doing in the classroom,” she said. “It could be they did a really good job on a test or they’re just doing really well in class or they helped a friend, just to let the parents know I’m seeing awesome things from them.”Adams said a big part of teaching involves building relationships with students and parents.“I try to keep the lines of communication open at all time because I think its important for parents to know how their students are doing in school,” she said.On behalf of WWAY and Mattress and Furniture Liquidators we would like to congratulate Amber Adams as our ‘Teacher of the Week.’“This is a really big surprise. I’m super excited,” she said. “I’m very honored, very thankful. This is huge.”As for the $100 gift card we presented her, Adams plans to use it to buy more things for her auction at the end of the school year to reward students for earning good grades.“At the end of the day, I just want my students to like being in my classroom, learning about math. I want them to leave at the end of the school year enjoying math and not being one of those really difficult subject areas,” she said.last_img read more

Increase in sales in first quarter of 2019 – NSO

first_imgWhen compared to the corresponding quarter of 2018, NSO statistics show that the industrial turnover, meaning total sales and other income, have increased by 3.8%.The intermediate goods sector recorded an increase of 9.4%, while the energy sector resulted in a 7.8% increase, showed NSO statistics.On the other hand, it also resulted that a 3.3% decrease in the capital goods sector, and a 0.1% decrease in the consumer goods sector was recorded. Hours worked decreased by 1%, while industrial gross wages and salaries increased by 3.6%.In the first quarter of 2019, industrial turnover decreased by 3.8% when compared to the previous quarter; which covers from September till December of 2018. Decreases were recorded in the consumer goods (16.5%) and capital goods (2.5%) sectors. On the other hand, increases of 4.2% and 0.8% were recorded in the energy sector and intermediate goods sector respectively.When compared to the previous quarter, the statistics showed that employment increased by 0.1%. During this period, hours worked decreased by 0.2%, whereas gross wages and salaries increased by 2.2%.WhatsApp <a href=’http://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/ck.php?n=ab2c8853&amp;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’https://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=97&amp;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a> SharePrintlast_img read more

Lets unite in the fight for survival – Delia

first_imgThe leader of the Nationalist Party Adrian Delia,  called on people to think about the bigger issues facing the citizens such as climate change rather than the problems facing the PN or gripes about the country.In an impassioned message on social media, Delia asked people to think beyond their boundaries and focus their attention on the ever increasing threat to the planet and human existence.He called on the population to make the changes needed to ‘save our planet.’‘So let’s shed our trivialities, let’s lose our high positions of pride and unite against the biggest challenge mankind ever faced; The end of the world as we know it. Let’s unite in the fight for survival, before it’s too late. Make informed choices lose our greed, change our lifestyle & save our planet’ wrote Delia in his post.Delia made the call as Malta and Cyprus were said to have recorded 38 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, the highest temperature in Europe. Wednesday was then predicted to reach 40 degrees.This was reported to be the third heatwave to hit the archipelago since June. Temperatures rose as high as 37˚C in early June and to about 38˚C at the end of the month. On Monday, the mercury rose to a sizzling 39˚C.Cut emissions by 2050Delia’s call comes not long after the Nationalist Party said that Malta needed to completely cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. It added that this could not be done alone.Referring to the EU commission report, PN stated that Malta should be achieving a renewable energy share of 13% in 2030, an increase of 3% in 10 years.“We need to cut our greenhouse gas emissions completely by 2050” – PNThe PN encouraged the government to seek collaboration with those willing, including the opposition, to drive the economy and the behaviour of citizens towards a low emission future. It added that this is essential if Government wants to fulfil its commitments, including the most recent one by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, towards European carbon neutrality by 2050.Additionally, in the run-up to the European Elections in May, the Democratic Party had also called for a quarter of the EU’s budget to be placed on climate change.PD calls for 25% of the EU budget to go towards climate changeThe PN  said that the Maltese economy cannot be separated from the European market and the challenges facing Malta need to be fixed through European wide solutions.Long term planningSpeaking to Newsbook.com.mt regarding the publication of the EU’s, ‘Trends and Projections in Europe 2018’ report, MEP Miriam Dalli explained that there had been a serious and decades long lacklustre planning on climate change. This was essentially to blame for Malta’s failure to reach certain environmental targets. Namely, the 2030 Effort Sharing Target which Malta has failed every year since 2013, and is currently in second to last place according to the last published report.The report by the European Environment Agency tracked the progress of EU Member States towards Europe’s climate and energy targets. While only 8 member states have hit the targets, Malta is at -46.5% in terms of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. This is a full 15.3% away from Ireland who is in third place from the last, and only 0.9% less than Cyprus at the bottom.“Lack of action along the last decades” – Miriam DalliNewsbook.com.mt contacted Dr Dalli in light of her work in the environmental sphere to get her reaction to these results. After pointing out that these results reflect the “lack of action along the last decades”, the MEP explained that “these are not targets that can be met overnight but require a strategy that spans over years in area such as transport, waste, buildings and agriculture.”When it comes to Malta actually finally reaching environmental targets, Dr Dalli reiterated that “Long-term plans will make the difference.” The MEP assured this newsroom that “The plans that we are discussing now and that will eventually be laid out can give us results in the years to come.”Hefty finesAccording to the Carbon Brief, Malta along with the Republic of Ireland could invest in ‘additional flexibilities,’ which include buying allocations from other countries.If Malta doesn’t do this, it could incur hefty fines post 2020. In the case of Ireland, the country could face an annual fine of around €600m, until it manages to hit target.WhatsApp <a href=’http://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/ck.php?n=ab2c8853&amp;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’https://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=97&amp;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a> SharePrintlast_img read more

PN Executive to meet next Tuesday to discuss General Council

first_imgThe Partit Nazzjonalista (PN) Executive Committee will be meeting on Tuesday to continue discussing the General Council that had been invoked by the party’s leader Adrian Delia and which will take place on the 27th of July.This was announced in a press release by Executive Committee President Alex Perici Calscione who also explained that the committee meeting was called following a number of meetings with the party’s secretary general Clyde Puli, Election Commission president Francis Zammit Dimech and Mark Anthony Sammut who is the representative of the petition questioning Delia’s leadership.The same communication also stated that the Executive Committee had already appointed an Electoral Commission which is made up of seven members and is being led by Francis Zammit Dimech who will be acting as an independent chairperson. The other members of this committee are two members from Elcom and two members from each faction of the petitions.It was also explained that at the time that the Electoral Commission was set up, the lists and verification obligations have been passed to the Commission. This means that no individual or official can change the verification process.84 signatures were not valid The press release also clarified that following verifications the petition asking Adrian Delia to carry political responsibility for the EP and Local Councils election defeat in May 2019, 84 out of the total 200 signatures were either not valid or not up to date.The PN also said that following the verification process of the second petition asking to respect the members’ decision to elect Adrian Delia as party leader; it transpired that 429 signatures out of a total of 536 were updated and valid.WhatsApp SharePrint <a href=’http://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/ck.php?n=ab2c8853&amp;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’https://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=97&amp;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>last_img read more

Facebook gets even creepier lets you know which friends are nearby

first_imgAdvertisement  the mobile web and the app menus in Facebook’s iOS and Android apps. It was reportedly a hackathon project, although some reports suggest the app could have been the work of one of Facebook’s more recent acquisitions, ambient social location startup Glancee. Attempts to access the app on a variety of platforms have resulted in a smattering of various server errors, which hints that this may be less than an official, worldwide launch. It’s an interesting (if not unexpected after the Glancee acquisition) move for the big blue social network, and already has some developers claiming that Facebook stole their idea for the app. – Advertisement – Of course, Facebook already has location-based functionality in Facebook Places, but Friends Nearby is different. It’s not about checking in somewhere and tagging your friends; it offers more opportunities for users to add new Facebook friends on the go. But if you’re not too fond of random friend requests, I suggest you don’t log into the app in a crowded area.Originally, By Lauren Granger,MemeBurnlast_img read more

Tips to Protecting your data

first_imgAdvertisement Many times, we fall victims to security loopholes or hacks which leave our data breached or liable to being breached. Sometimes, we are not are of the loopholes we have left open.When dealing with protecting your data, there is need to ensure that all your data is safe at any given time. Below are some tips to help you secure your data.Make sure your operating system and antivirus software are always updated. There are plenty of viruses being created everyday and you need to constantly update your system and the antivirus.Backup your data before and store the backup in a safe place. It would be useless to keep the backup in place easily accessible.Always move sensitive data from your laptop hard drive to an encrypted USB stick. In this way you know you alone has access to itMake sure you have password protection and inactivity timeout engaged on all devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.If possible, only use reputable Internet service providers. Some providers offer insecure connections.If you do not trust the Internet connection you are using use a VPN.Do not use WiFi connections that are not encrypted with WPA (avoid WEP encrypted connections which are easily hacked).Avoid online banking and shopping while on any public Internet connection.Disable pop-ups in your web browser. If you suspect that your laptop has become infected and you do not trust your Anti virus, you can get a free online scan from different online Anti-virus.Don’t assume your laptop is safe from malware  just because it is a Mac or because you are using a linux operating system. Consider installing a reputable antivirus product.Credit: We Live Security – Advertisement –last_img read more

Kilimall Uganda 2016 in Review Launch Black Friday Infinix Partnership and more

first_imgMr. Wang Chengyang; Managing Directior Kilimall Uganda addressing the press during the launch of the Infinix Mobile Smartphones in Kilimall stores in Uganda – “the Infinix Hot 4 and Infinix Note 3”, during a press conference held at Laftaz in Kampala on Monday 21st November, 2016. (Photo Shot by: Nathan Ernest Olupot) Advertisement After it’s launch in Kenya and Nigeria, Kilimall Uganda since it’s launch, I might say is the ‘last-man standing’ here in Uganda, offering the widest variety of products online. Following thier huge success on their 2016 Black Friday with an over whelming record of receiving more than 1,000 orders, 2000 items sold out and over 100,000 unique visitors within less than 24 hours, gave up-to 70% discounts on all their products giving their customers, to having a partnership with global smartphone makers, PC Tech we finally had a review on it’s 7-months existence in Uganda.1. Kilimall officially launched in Uganda Kilimall officially launched in Uganda in May 2016 serving a retail customer base that continues to grow exponentially, offering products that span various categories from; Phones, accessories, Electronics & Appliances, Clothes, Bags & Fashion, Home & Living, Office Products, Automotive, Digital Products, Kids Toys, to name a few, competing with it’s other biggest rivals in the market such as; Jumia, with a sole goal to become Africa’s No.1 E-commerce platform.2. Kilimall Uganda offered up to 70% Discounts on it’s Black Friday Deals Black Friday is the biggest online shopping day event in the year globally, where overwhelming discounts are offered on goods – and Ugandans were sure to jump on the boat. With over 10, 000 deals on various items, Kilimall gave it’s Ugandan online shoppers the best deal out of Black Friday. – Advertisement – 3. Kilimall Uganda partnered with Infinix to make a grand entry into Uganda On November 21st, 2016, Kilimall Uganda, partnered with global smartphone markers; Infinix Mobility to launch the Infinix Note 3 and Hot 4 in the Ugandan market. At the Kilimall Kenya Black Friday media conference, Infinix announced that their exclusive deal with Kilimall Uganda to launch Infinix NOTE3 and HOT4 would surely excite Infinix fans and loyals in Uganda.The Infinix smartphones are seen display during their launch in Kilimall stores in Uganda, on Monday 21st November, 2016. (Photo shot by: Nathan Ernest Olupot)“For the first time in Uganda, Kilimall Uganda and Infinix Mobile will make these elegant devices available to Ugandans at a discount of 70%, on Black Friday under the campaign dubbed #ItsABigDeal.” Mr. Chengyang Wang said during a press conference.4. Kilimall’s Black Friday orders showed a new dawn for online shopping in Uganda Kilimall Uganda at it’s Black Friday set a record of receiving more than 1,000 orders, 2000 items sold out and over 100,000 unique visitors within less than 24 hours.Mr. Wang Chengyeng; Kilimall Uganda Managing Director, over whelmed with the sales, in a press statement said, “We only launched 6 months ago, and have reached an unbelievable order number this Black Friday.”5. Kilimall Uganda guidelines on how to make savings while shopping during the festive season The festive season brings a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our old traditions with our family and friends. You need to shop something perhaps for your loved ones, but you’re always short on cash or have a limited budget for this.Kilimall Uganda gave it’s customers an exciting offer to cut on your spending while shopping online – so that your festive season doesn’t have to be a total budget-buster, giving you a head start of UGX 10,000 worth in a shopping voucher and all you had to do is follow a few simple steps:Take a picture of any taxi you see with the Kilimall Back Cover or sticker inside the taxi.Post the photo on your Timeline (Facebook or Twitter) and tag Kilimall Uganda and Infinix Mobile Uganda.Simple as that!6. Kilimall Uganda gave it’s best discount deals on gadgets during the Christmas season On December 20th, 2016, just five days to Christmas, Kilimall Uganda in a tweet mentioned, it’s givng it’s customers huge discounts on all tech gadgets they buy, ranging from smartphones, to TVs, to Tablets and Computers, to Smart watches, and so forth. One of their interesting tech discounts came on their smartphones. Early on, the online shopping platform partnered with Infinix Uganda to launch their Infinix mobile phones; the Infinix Hot 4 and Note 3, and now you can get them at awesome discounts.Huge tech discounts like never before. Tis the season to be shopping >>> https://t.co/5lqzon5EK0 @pctechmagazine #TechDiscounts pic.twitter.com/ap71MvO74i— Kilimall Uganda (@kilimalluganda) December 20, 2016On their list, some of the products their provided included; the Infinix smartphones, StarTimes TVs with pre-intalled decoder and 1 month FREE subscription, and Samsung 24, 32, and 40 Inch TV sets.[related-posts]Kilimall since it has become Uganda’s fastest growing online shopping mall with over 600 orders per day and counting, and Ugandan shoppers increasingly embracing the benefits of shopping online, Kilimall Uganda shared a few guides to those who still find it difficult to shop and pay for items online. Here are a few proven tips on how to go about it.7. Kilimall Uganda announced it’s winners of the Wish-List Campaign Kilimall Uganda last year had multiple promotions including; Spot a Taxi with Kilimall Uganda promo, Christmas Pre-warm promotion, Make a Wishlist & Win promotion, and so forth. Before ending the year 2016, in one of their promotion make a Wishlist & Win promo, Kilimall Uganda stepped out to award it’s participants that took part competition.The lucky winners managed to walk away with Infinix mobile phones, Bluetooth speakers, watches, rear view glasses, and so forth.All you had to do was to login to the Kilimall Uganda website daily to make your Christmas Wishlist and then later share it [your Wishlist] on your social media page/platforms. The participants that got many likes won, Joselyne Ngiine; Marketing Officer at Kilimall Uganda explained in a Facebook Post, as she was seen awarding some of the lucky winners of the promo.More to add to the videos, Brenda and Hillary won watches, while Sunna Ivan and Bright Niwaha who won an Infinix Hot 4 and Juicer press, respectively.Kilimall Uganda as of last year had been awarding all it’s participants that take part in their promo with gifts including; UGX 10,000 shopping vouchers.Happy New Year 2017!!!last_img read more

Reports Claim WannaCry Hackers May Be From China

first_imgSecurity Flaw Exploit (File Photo) Advertisement The hackers working under the name of WannaCry malware, the name that shook 150 countries by hacking their major websites earlier this month, are likely to originate from the southern mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Singapore.As per forensic linguistic analysis on the malware, it has come out that it was written by native Chinese speaking people, according to the South China Morning Post.However, earlier reports had suggested hackers being from North Korea. – Advertisement – The WannaCry malware hacked crucial data and in return asked a ransom for its restoration.As per reports, the hackers drafted the note in Chinese and then based on it, produced an English version. Later, it was converted into other languages with the help of Google’s Translate feature.The report further says that the typo in the note, bang zhu (which means ‘help) signifies that the note was originally written using a Chinese-language input system instead of being translated from some other language.The WannaCry ransomware attack hit more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries, crippling hospitals, governments and businesses.[related-posts]last_img read more