Barça’s business with Barry: could go for € 3M

The transfer of the youth Louie Barry can become a round financial business for FC Barcelona. The English arrived this July from West Bromwich Albion in exchange for just over


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Iran coach lambasts World Cup use of video on close calls

FILE – In this file photo from June 20, 2018, Iran head coach Carlos Queiroz, second left, talks to an assistant referee during the Group B match between Iran and

Jovic, without excuses: signed a document not to leave home

first_imgSerbian public opinion insists that, even in the event that Jovic had not read this text, should have been aware of the measures imposed in the country, since in Serbia there is no talk of anything else. The volume of information regarding the conditions of the returnees is immense. It should be remembered that an estimated 45,000 Serbs have returned to the country during the crisis unleashed by Covid-19. In total there are almost a million Serbs emigrated and scattered throughout the world, almost 14% of the total population. Furthermore, the text obliges the citizen who signs it (in this case Jovic) to, “in addition to complying with the mandatory quarantine in home isolation, notify the Serbian Institute for Public Health by telephone of any changes they may make to the monitoring of their health status“reads the document in its final part.In the last few hours, a model of this text issued by the Ministry of Health and supposedly signed by Luka Jovic has been circulated by various Serbian media. Beyond that these photographs really correspond to the document that the footballer signed, ACE Yes, you have been able to verify the authenticity of the form. This is, Jovic was forced to sign a text identical to that shown in the Serbian media. Luka Jovic Yes, he was informed of the conditions in which he had to maintain his quarantine once he entered Serbia A week ago, last Friday. Among them was that of remaining isolated in his Vracar apartment, in the heart of Belgrade. The player, however, broke quarantine and was hunted on the street on Wednesday. This has earned him the object of a criminal complaint by the Serbian Prosecutor’s Office for having violated the rules of the state of alert decreed throughout the country since last Sunday.Jovic, in his explanations this Thursday, accused the authorities of not having properly informed him. However, all those returned citizens (especially those from Spain, Italy and France) they were required to sign special documentation. In it, in addition to communicating how he should behave, personal data were registered: name, address and contact telephone number. The purpose of the writing is to keep these returnees under control and, in passing, to remind them of their duties in the fight against the Covid-19 coronavirus. last_img read more

Djokovic donates € 1 million to Serbian toilets

first_imgNovak Djokovic He was affected in current days by means of his social networks due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Behind the solidarity mobilization of a number of elite athletes throughout this identical week, amongst that are Rafael Nadal, the one from Belgrade needed to contribute his grain of sand with a solidarity donation. Novak, as printed by ATP on its social networks, has offered a million euros to purchase respirators and medical provides to the Serbian medical providers. This donation was carried out together with his spouse, Jelena Djokovic, and his personal basis.“There may be an unpredictable scenario, all assistance is welcome. Persons are scared, many individuals are contaminated. Strive to spend time in a optimistic spirit, construct immunity, as a result of that is how we’ll create a defensive mechanism in opposition to the virus, “mentioned Djokovic.last_img read more

Neymar and the Ars hotel pact

first_img“The Neymar thing was pending, we will talk about him again.” The phrase that came from within the club already last November is more current than ever. Barça pledged its word with the Brazilian in trying to make his return possible and that flame is still pending. Among other things because Josep Maria Bartomeu wants to please his star, Leo Messi, and show him that the transfer is possible.Mundo Deportivo offers more data on the roadmap for the player’s return this Saturday, who is now confined to Brazil waiting for the resumption of the continental leagues and the Champions, if it occurs. The journalist Fernando Polo relates a meeting at the Ars hotel of the player’s father with Bartomeu to discuss the matter of the lawsuit, which logically would be withdrawn in the event of the player’s return. Neymar’s father proposed to withdraw the lawsuit for which he asked for 26 million (according to him renewal bonus, according to fidelity Barça). For this, Barça had to commit to signing it in writing. The Catalan club backed down because a signed document, black on white, could give rise to a complaint by PSG to FIFA. As the player’s signing, the matter of the lawsuit remained on standby. Barça went on to offer 130 million euros plus Rakitic, Todibo and the loan of Dembélé, the best proof that the club no longer trusted the French winger, even though he has sold a different film during all these months. PSG, of course, said no to the offer. And Neymar’s numbers continue to show that he’s worth two. Or for more. If not to tell Barça, he was wrong with his 222 million euros and crashed with the signings of Coutinho and Dembélé.last_img read more

Revolution of the PSG also in exits

first_imgLigue 1* Data updated as of April 13, 2020 There are still many questions to clear after the coronavirus pandemic, such as whether Ligue 1 will resume or if PSG will be able to continue signing at the same rate as in recent years. It seems difficult to think that everything will continue to be the same in the French capital, which must decide at the outset whether to keep Mauro Icardi as property. In fact, four big footballers from the squad could have played their last meeting with the Parisian team’s jersey if the competition did not return. Then there are the sides. Meunier has denied having it done with him. Borussia Dortmund and although he prefers to stay, he has called himself “big business”, although he has aroused the interest of several clubs. The same happens with Kurzawa, which they relate to both Sevilla and Arsenal.These four can go free in the summer (on the good side is the great salary savings they would have with their outings), but next year the same will happen to Angel of Mary. The case of the Argentinean and that of Kylian Mbappé (contract ends in 2022) with those who are most concerned at the offices of Paris. To this we must also add that average Europe He has two of his young talents on his agenda: Tanguy Kouassi and Adil Aouchiche. All this without taking into account that Neymar still interested in Barcelona. PSG has a big planning task ahead.center_img Edinson Cavani, Thiago Silva, Thomas Meunier and Layvin Kurzawa finish contract, and they are all important players with offers that have not yet been renewed. The case of the Uruguayan striker seems sentenced, since with Thomas Tuchel He won’t have many opportunities as a starter as long as they continue Mbappé, Neymar and Icardi (for the Argentinean they must still exercise the purchase option). In winter he was close to joining the Atlético de Madrid, but now he will have time to choose (his mother says he prefers Spain). For his part, the captain is already 35 years old and it does not appear that he will prolong his contract. Recently, the Brazilian central defender dropped that he would like to return to Fluminense.last_img read more

Real Murcia and UCAM CF want to sneak into the fight for promotion

first_imgThe proposal of the Royal Spanish Football Federation to end the season in Second B and Third is giving a lot to talk about. In it, the federative body intended to play an express playoff with the first four of each group and that there were no category drops. There were clubs that accepted it because it benefited them and others simply accepted the decision, but there are entities that have taken a step forward and have brought an alternative to the RFEF. This is the case of Real Murcia and UCAM CF, both in Group IV of Segunda B.Real Murcia and UCAM CF, always putting health ahead, advocate for canceling the season. But they believe that if they compete again, the ideal would be to play a playoff for promotion with the top 10 finishers in each group and a playout with the last 10. Currently, after the break, the Granada team is eighth and the university tenth, so both would be on the bid for being the next exercise in Second A. But UCAM CF is tied on points with Cádiz B, eleventh, and those of Asier Santana had yet to visit the yellow branch. Therefore, the entity of Ramón de Carranza would be clearly harmed by this proposal. The systemThe proposal of Real Murcia and UCAM would be to play behind closed doors in a neutral venue. If there was a tie in a hypothetical extension, the best classified would go to the next round. The first and second of each of the four groups would not dispute the first tie, which would have these duels:– Match 1: 3rd VS 10th– Match 2: 4th VS 9th– Match 3: 5th VS 8th– Match 4: 6th VS 7thIn the next round, the winner of match 1 would be compared to the winner of match 4 (match 6) and that of match 2 to winner of match 3 (match 7). The third tie would be the first classified in each group (FC Cartagena in the IV) before the winner of shock 6 and the second (Marbella FC) against the winner of shock 7. The two teams that prevail would play a final and one of they would achieve promotion.The proposal also includes dates for both friendlies and gatherings. The playoffs would take place on June 16-17, June 20, June 24, and the Grand Final on June 27.last_img read more

A central defender is needed

first_imgIn the offices of Real Madrid, reports on plants begin to take on greater importance. The axis of defense is becoming a major issue, even more so with a new economic crisis lurking, requiring cunning and speed. By age and / or performance, the situations of Nacho (30 years old), Militao (22) and Sergio Ramos (34) make it necessary to monitor and bring other options closer to ensure the future. The most delicate position is that of Nacho, despite that motto of “always complies”. Zidane, like anyone else in the club, only has loving words (his press conference after the canterano’s saving goal against Valladolid serves as an example) and praise for him, But in 2019-20 its participation decline has begun to be pronounced. Last season was the one with the fewest minutes since 2015-16 and in this one, between the knee injury and the signing of Militao, who made him a central quarter, the same trend followed. He stopped with 641 minutes, the 22nd of the squad. With a contract until 2022, a considerable age and Madrid conditioned by the number of chips, it is transferable. And girlfriends are not going to miss it … 6 The performance of Ramos It is beyond doubt, but its future does have some uncertainty. Sometimes it’s hard to believe because of his physique, but on his next cake there will be a 35. In the club they have it very present and, as AS has told, they do not treat renewal as a matter of priority. Its current relationship is until 2021 and friction is looming because the player wants to extend until 2023, while Madrid, faithful to its policy with those over 30, would offer until 2022. Her partner with Varane, today, seems unbreakable. 3center_img Militao, exciting reinforcement due to versatility, youth and potential, has not materialized. It is early and in the club they keep his confidence, not in vain 50 million were paid for him and De Ligt was preferred last year. It penalizes him that his arrival was before Zidane’s return. The French coach publicly designated him as his third option, but with 992 minutes (17th of the team) has not allowed him much to show what pasta is made of. Meanwhile, with Brazil it has gained a fixed place in the calls. 4 This painting therefore requires a coat of paint, at least in the medium term. In the quarry there are no firm conditions to climb the step, but from the outside Yes, there are several names on the agenda. Zidane really likes Dayot Upamecano (21 years old), who wants to leave Leipzig this summer to take his big leap. His hiring will not be easy because Bayern is on the prowl …last_img read more

“If the club decides I should leave because they need money, I will have to leave”

first_imgOn Monday they train individually: “I am looking forward to training with the group again. We have been told that on Monday we are going to start training individually. We are going to see what happens these days. At first they told us that we should do the tests on the 28th, but that date has already It has happened and we have not done it. On Monday we have been told that we are all going to train individually. “Tired of confinement ?: “I was used to being at home and I got along well, but in the end you get tired of the head and everything. It is not normal to be locked up all day in the house, but it is our turn. It seems that we are already going to see a little light ”.What do you usually do during the day ?: “I train, I talk to my friends almost every day and sometimes, when I’m in a good mood, I read, I watch series, movies… What everyone does. My family is here with me and I spend time with them. There are people who live alone, they must be very strong mentally. The truth is that it is very complicated.How are your daily workouts ?: “I always train with my father. He is always with me. He was a soccer player, he played in my country and since he was little he has educated me training. Before this situation I always went out to train with him. ”Do you agree to a replay? “It is not normal that people are dying and we are training and playing soccer games. But if they tell us that we have to go out to train, it’s for a reason. They are not stupid. If they tell us to go train, it’s because it’s safe. But everyone is free to think what they want. If they tell me I have to go to train, I’m the first to go. I very much agree with the end of the League. If it does not end, who will go down and who will go up?Do you agree with footballers being tested ?: “I don’t know how it works, but if there is a limit of tests and those who are risking their lives don’t have it, it doesn’t seem right to me either. But if they decide that we do the tests, then they must be done. If there is no cure, in the end we will all have to do the tests. “What do you think the matches will be like behind closed doors ?: “A month and a half ago we were playing a game in front of thousands of people and now they tell us that if we play we have to do it without fans. The most important thing in football is the fans, but you have to get used to it. It will be very difficult. The fans are the 12th player of all the teams and we all know the fans that Málaga has. They always help us, in good times and bad, even in this season, which has been very difficult. It will be difficult to motivate us, but the most important thing is that we are all healthy and well. ”What can you say about your future ?: “I have a contract with Malaga until 2021 and I am very happy here, I feel at home. I feel loved. “ There are clubs interested in Keidi Bare: “If the club decides that Keidi Bare has to leave because he needs money or whatever, I can’t do anything, I don’t make those decisions. I speak for myself and I can say that I am very happy here, like at home, I feel very loved. What the club decides for me, whether I have to leave or not, is something else. My representative has not told me anything. ”Were there any offers for Keidi Bare in January ?: “There were not only for me, there were for more colleagues. But I’m fine here and I’m not planning on going anywhere else. The decision maker is the club. If they need Keidi to go, I will have to go. “The next season will stop being Under-23 and they have to make him a professional record to continue playing: “This makes me feel like I’m in the air. This is what has happened with Mula and Iván Rodríguez (being Under-23, they had to go on to occupy professional records and the club was unable to register them due to their gap with the salary limit). It is a difficult situation, but I trust the club a lot and hopefully all this will be solved. ”Would you take it well if their wages were lowered ?: “Yes. If the club needs us to lower our wages, it would. We have no other option, we must help to the maximum and more in these difficult times. We haven’t talked about anything yet and I don’t know what’s going to happen on this matter. ”Club situation with the Receiver: “They are strange situations. I don’t care what they are going to do or what happens. The most important thing for me is to be one hundred percent in training, working with the team, and I am focused on the field. The club is calmer now, that is true. “Which coach has filled you more than you have had at Malaga ?: “They have all filled me, the truth. With Pellicer I have not worked long, but he is a very good coach, he is helping me a lot. Muñiz was the one who bet on me, he was the one who changed my career. He came from below and he put me to play, I’m here thanks to him. Then there is Victor, who has done everything. It has changed me a lot as a player and as a person. She is a wonderful person to me. ”His growth since coming to Malaga has been very important: “In a short time a lot has happened. I came from Atlético de Madrid and in a short time I have gone up categories. I feel more like a footballer, I have matured a lot in a short time ”.Málaga is three points from relegation and eight from the promotion playoff. What is the OBJETIVE?: “The most important thing is to start playing and that we are all well. We look game by game. It will be necessary to prepare well in training and then compete again. There is no point in talking up or down right now. It is going to be difficult, because the players have spent almost two months without training on a large field. It is not the same to train alone or to do it in a large field with teammates. ”last_img read more

Odriozola: “Zidane did not want him to leave Real Madrid”

first_imgÁlvaro Odriozola has reviewed in “The Chiringuito de Jugones” the second he lives in Bayern Munich with the break due to the coronavirus, the top of the mortgage on the Bavarian membership and the return on the finish of the season to Real Madrid and the return to competitors in Germany. Bundesliga: “We have now been coaching in small teams for a month till at the moment we’ve got skilled in teams of eight gamers. They’re going to make it official that the Bundesliga can begin. One of many plans was that the groups had to focus every week earlier than. Beginning Saturday The entire workforce will come collectively. Relying on the outcomes of at the moment’s assessments, will probably be determined whether or not we’ll play. “Adaptation: “German is an advanced language. I’m starting to perceive it extra. I’ve taught and now I’ve left it due to the coronavirus. Germany is a powerful nation and Munich a terrific metropolis. The membership and its members have shocked me. It’s being a membership highly effective, however very acquainted. “Seville’s curiosity: “Proper now I give attention to Bayern and I do not hear to rumors. Sevilla is a superb membership and it makes your hair stand on finish while you hear to the anthem. Bayern now attends to all my consideration.”Take a look at somebody: “I beloved the Brazilian workforce and amongst them I checked out Cafu. Though it’s paradoxical at Dani Carvajal, from whom I’ve additionally discovered many issues.”Closing of the Real: “I reside with nice unhappiness that every little thing has stopped. I’d have favored to reside the Cup closing on the pitch and now we’re within the place of whether or not it’s doable to play with the general public or if not each golf equipment have now requested that or not it’s doable to play with the general public on a date to be stipulated, however I’m very sorry that for a 12 months that the Real reaches a closing, a pandemic will come and paralyze every little thing. “Public: “There are a lot of individuals who make an effort to pay the subscription and the soccer belongs to these individuals. To remove their capability to see a title could be very unhappy.”Most essential day: “An important day of my profession was my debut with Real. My mother and father inform me that I get pleasure from and take into consideration every little thing I’ve had to sacrifice to be the place I’m.”Get used to not hugging: “It appears a bit unusual. I’m very acquainted. I like to hug my household. I’ve come alone to Germany. Germans are a little bit colder and in Spain we like rubbing extra. Absolutely it will finish quickly.”Stage after soccer: “Loads of issues are going via my head. The nice dream of my life was to be a footballer and I really feel privileged. I’ve many issues. I dreamed of being an airplane pilot and in addition a horse rider.”Robinson: “I ship a hug to the household and pals of Michael Robinson”. Future: “The switch is with no buy choice and I return to the top of the season in Madrid. I’m targeted. Being a part of Madrid and taking part in on mortgage at Bayern makes me really feel privileged.”Contact with Zidane: “Sure, I’ve contact with gamers and membership workers and even with the docs. Zidane is targeted. When it got here to speaking in regards to the departure I had a number of conversations with him and he confirmed me his assist privately when Bayern took an curiosity in me. Zidane did not want him to leave Madrid. It’s appreciated {that a} determine like his thought extra about me than himself. He is a superb coach and a terrific individual. “Reach Madrid: “I dreamed of being a footballer. I’ve performed for Real, I belong to Madrid and I’m on mortgage at Bayern. Amongst my desires is to succeed at Madrid. I actually like to dream. I’ve fulfilled nearly all my desires and amongst these I’ve left is to reach Madrid “.Security of taking part in in Germany: “As a footballer, lover of my career, I’m very hopeful that soccer will begin. An important concern right here is well being. I really feel secure. In Germany it appears that evidently the pandemic has been extra managed and that we’ll play once more on the 15th We have now handed three assessments and we’ve got all examined destructive. We did the primary one a month in the past, the second final week and the third yesterday. The federal government and the Bundesliga will certainly have handed all of the protocols to return to the competitors. “coaching: “I am going to the membership. We modify into separate altering rooms with a separation of two meters after which I return residence. I virtually do not leave residence. Right here you’ll be able to go jogging or strolling, however they informed us to keep residence to keep away from the danger of I get extra confidence right here. “last_img read more

Jennifer Ellison-Brown: Identifying common sport-related injuries

first_img Soft tissue injuries Stress fractures A fracture is a break in a bone. There are two types. Simple (closed) fracture: The bone is cracked, but the skin is not damaged. Open or compound fracture: The skin is damaged and the bone may stick out. Bones contains nerves and blood vessels, so a fracture means pain and bleeding. This leads to swelling and bruising when blood leaks in surrounding tissue. Signs and symptoms: These include damages to muscles, ligaments tendons and cartilages and are identified as follows: Sprains: This happens when the ligament at a joint gets overstretched and torn. Example:- twisting the ankle when running can cause it to sprain. In a severe sprain, the ligament is badly torn and the injury looks like a fracture. The symptoms are pain and tenderness around the joint that are made worse by movement. Swelling occurs, followed by bruising. Strains or pull: This happens when a muscle or tendon is torn due to violent overstretching. The hamstrings and calf muscles are at special risk if warm-up is not done properly (the Achilles tendon of the calf muscles can tear completely). The symptoms are: a sudden sharp pain at the tear, then swelling, stiffening and sometimes cramps. A torn Achilles tendon prevents the casualty from getting up. Torn knee cartilage: There are two curved pads of cartilage at the knee joint. These may tear if the knee is twisted violently. Symptoms are pain on one side of the knee; the joint may ‘lock’ and not straighten fully for a time and may swell later. Tennis or golfer’s elbow: This happens when the muscles in the lower arm are overused. The area around the elbow becomes inflamed, tender and sore. Abrasions or grazes: This is when skin is scraped off the body; for example during a sliding tackle in football on a hard pitch. Cuts: This is when the skin and the blood vessels get damaged, so blood flows out of the body. Bleeding must be stopped as quickly as possible. Bruises: These are signs that blood is leaking from damaged blood vessels under the skin and are caused by impact. The skin changes colour (blue, black), the area is painful and can swell. Blisters: Repeated friction in the skin causes the layers to separate and fill with fluid, creating a small swelling. This is best avoided by wearing correct size and type of foot wear. These are injuries to the bone and include fractures and dislocation. Fractures n The casualty may have heard or felt a snap. n Pain and tenderness around the injury n The part cannot be moved normally n Swelling and bruising develops n The limb may look deformed and twisted. Hard-tissue injuries These are small cracks in the bone often caused by too much running on hard surfaces. The signs of stress fracture are steadily increasing pain in a particular area of the limb, swelling and tenderness. An example of this injury is the shin splint. Injuries in sports fall in two categories, acute and chronic or overuse injuries. Acute injuries are the result of a sudden stress on the body. Chronic or overuse injuries are caused by overtraining, insufficient recovery, poor technique and badly designed footwear or equipment. Injuries are classified as soft tissue injuries, hard tissue injuries and others referred to as dangerous condition. The emphasis this week will be on soft and hard tissue injuries. Dislocations A dislocation means that a bone at a joint is forced out of its normal position, usually by violent twisting. The ligaments around the joint may also be damaged. This usually happens at the shoulder, elbow, finger and thumb. The signs and symptoms are severe pain at or near the joint, the joint appears deformed and the casualty cannot move it. Swelling and bruising occurs around the joint.last_img read more

Vintage KC football teams of the ’60s to be celebrated tonight

first_imgThe all-conquering Kingston College football teams, which won both back-to-back Manning Cup and Olivier Shield titles in 1964 and 1965 to remain unbeaten in two seasons, will be celebrated tonight at a 50th anniversary Fortis Festival hosted by the Kingston College Old Boys’ Association at Witty’s Lounge, Savannah Plaza, starting at 7 p.m.Widely regarded as the best-ever schoolboy teams by virtue of their dominance and impeccable record, the 1964 squad comprised Tony Keyes (captain), Neville Oxford, Trevor ‘Jumpy’ Harris (father of former national player Wolde Harris), Lloyd McLean, Franklyn ‘Bowla’ Morant, and Dennis Johnson, as well as Mickey ‘Mouse Brown’ Vernon, Malee Miller, Winty Davidson, Baldwin Fisher, and goalkeeper Ossie Bailey.Despite losing Keyes, Fisher, Davidson, and Bailey, the 1965 team was just as devastating with as many as 10 members elected to the All-Manning team that year. Ample replacement for Keyes and company were found in Patrick ‘Patto’ Kirkwood, Carey Coke, Leopold ‘Offside’ Jackson, Derrick Bryan, and the colourful Leslie Lucas replacing Ossie Bailey in goal. The squad also included two very good players in Joseph Alvaranga and Roy Black, now a popular selector on KLAS radio and musicologist, who will provide the music for tonight’s tribute.All were honoured at a dinner hosted by the New York Chapter of the Kingston College Old Boys in April, 1997 in New York.Significantly, in 1964, Kingston College achieved the grand slam of schoolboy sports, winning not only the Manning Cup, but Boys’ Champs and the Sunlight Cup cricket competition (now Grace Shield) as well, a feat unmatched in the annals of schoolboy sports.Franklyn Morant was a member of all three teams, while ‘Jumpy’ Harris and Mickey Vernon were key members of the winning Sunlight Cup team, and the outstanding sprinter, Tony Keyes, a member of the trail-blazing Champs’ team, which had the distinction of being the first schoolboy representatives to run and win at the Penn Relays in the USA.- Orville Clarkelast_img read more