Real Murcia and UCAM CF want to sneak into the fight for promotion

first_imgThe proposal of the Royal Spanish Football Federation to end the season in Second B and Third is giving a lot to talk about. In it, the federative body intended to play an express playoff with the first four of each group and that there were no category drops. There were clubs that accepted it because it benefited them and others simply accepted the decision, but there are entities that have taken a step forward and have brought an alternative to the RFEF. This is the case of Real Murcia and UCAM CF, both in Group IV of Segunda B.Real Murcia and UCAM CF, always putting health ahead, advocate for canceling the season. But they believe that if they compete again, the ideal would be to play a playoff for promotion with the top 10 finishers in each group and a playout with the last 10. Currently, after the break, the Granada team is eighth and the university tenth, so both would be on the bid for being the next exercise in Second A. But UCAM CF is tied on points with Cádiz B, eleventh, and those of Asier Santana had yet to visit the yellow branch. Therefore, the entity of Ramón de Carranza would be clearly harmed by this proposal. The systemThe proposal of Real Murcia and UCAM would be to play behind closed doors in a neutral venue. If there was a tie in a hypothetical extension, the best classified would go to the next round. The first and second of each of the four groups would not dispute the first tie, which would have these duels:– Match 1: 3rd VS 10th– Match 2: 4th VS 9th– Match 3: 5th VS 8th– Match 4: 6th VS 7thIn the next round, the winner of match 1 would be compared to the winner of match 4 (match 6) and that of match 2 to winner of match 3 (match 7). The third tie would be the first classified in each group (FC Cartagena in the IV) before the winner of shock 6 and the second (Marbella FC) against the winner of shock 7. The two teams that prevail would play a final and one of they would achieve promotion.The proposal also includes dates for both friendlies and gatherings. The playoffs would take place on June 16-17, June 20, June 24, and the Grand Final on June 27.last_img read more

Jennifer Ellison-Brown: Identifying common sport-related injuries

first_img Soft tissue injuries Stress fractures A fracture is a break in a bone. There are two types. Simple (closed) fracture: The bone is cracked, but the skin is not damaged. Open or compound fracture: The skin is damaged and the bone may stick out. Bones contains nerves and blood vessels, so a fracture means pain and bleeding. This leads to swelling and bruising when blood leaks in surrounding tissue. Signs and symptoms: These include damages to muscles, ligaments tendons and cartilages and are identified as follows: Sprains: This happens when the ligament at a joint gets overstretched and torn. Example:- twisting the ankle when running can cause it to sprain. In a severe sprain, the ligament is badly torn and the injury looks like a fracture. The symptoms are pain and tenderness around the joint that are made worse by movement. Swelling occurs, followed by bruising. Strains or pull: This happens when a muscle or tendon is torn due to violent overstretching. The hamstrings and calf muscles are at special risk if warm-up is not done properly (the Achilles tendon of the calf muscles can tear completely). The symptoms are: a sudden sharp pain at the tear, then swelling, stiffening and sometimes cramps. A torn Achilles tendon prevents the casualty from getting up. Torn knee cartilage: There are two curved pads of cartilage at the knee joint. These may tear if the knee is twisted violently. Symptoms are pain on one side of the knee; the joint may ‘lock’ and not straighten fully for a time and may swell later. Tennis or golfer’s elbow: This happens when the muscles in the lower arm are overused. The area around the elbow becomes inflamed, tender and sore. Abrasions or grazes: This is when skin is scraped off the body; for example during a sliding tackle in football on a hard pitch. Cuts: This is when the skin and the blood vessels get damaged, so blood flows out of the body. Bleeding must be stopped as quickly as possible. Bruises: These are signs that blood is leaking from damaged blood vessels under the skin and are caused by impact. The skin changes colour (blue, black), the area is painful and can swell. Blisters: Repeated friction in the skin causes the layers to separate and fill with fluid, creating a small swelling. This is best avoided by wearing correct size and type of foot wear. These are injuries to the bone and include fractures and dislocation. Fractures n The casualty may have heard or felt a snap. n Pain and tenderness around the injury n The part cannot be moved normally n Swelling and bruising develops n The limb may look deformed and twisted. Hard-tissue injuries These are small cracks in the bone often caused by too much running on hard surfaces. The signs of stress fracture are steadily increasing pain in a particular area of the limb, swelling and tenderness. An example of this injury is the shin splint. Injuries in sports fall in two categories, acute and chronic or overuse injuries. Acute injuries are the result of a sudden stress on the body. Chronic or overuse injuries are caused by overtraining, insufficient recovery, poor technique and badly designed footwear or equipment. Injuries are classified as soft tissue injuries, hard tissue injuries and others referred to as dangerous condition. The emphasis this week will be on soft and hard tissue injuries. Dislocations A dislocation means that a bone at a joint is forced out of its normal position, usually by violent twisting. The ligaments around the joint may also be damaged. This usually happens at the shoulder, elbow, finger and thumb. The signs and symptoms are severe pain at or near the joint, the joint appears deformed and the casualty cannot move it. Swelling and bruising occurs around the joint.last_img read more

God and One Man

first_imgThe Daily Observer Publisher has often considered the theme ‘God and One Man.’ The idea was rekindled yesterday when he stumbled upon a new “one man” in Assistant Editor C.Y. Kwanue’s comprehensive story published in yesterday’s edition on last Saturday’s launch of the Booker Washington Institute’s novel agricultural program.Reporter Kwanue, one of the newspaper’s longest-serving employees (1986), is also our Education and Defense Correspondent.He told the story of how BWI’s new agricultural program got its beginning. It was inspired by a similar program in the Republic of Benin, a West African country bordering Ghana, Togo and Nigeria. The program was started by ONE MAN, a visionary young Dominican priest named Father Godfrey Nzamujo.Father Nzamujo is, in our perception, not only “one man” but also ONE African PhD who has truly made a difference in the world.It was he who many years ago started the Songhai Agricultural Project in Benin, training and developing young African entrepreneurs who went out and expanded the project throughout Benin. The project has been so successful that it is now spread to 15 African countries.Now that it has reached Liberia, we deem this a very serious opportunity to spark the transformation of our agriculture.But who will become our “one man” to make this happen—to make an agriculture project so successful that it is replicated in every Liberian county and change forever Liberia’s agricultural productivity landscape?In yesterday’s editorial, we challenged BWI Principal Tarnue Harris and Board Chairman Jackson Paye to focus on this agricultural program and follow it to its successful conclusion. This means replicating it somewhere else in Kakata and in each of the 15 counties. This could indeed spark the transformation of agriculture in Liberia.The program could be given a great boost should the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) become actively involved by doing everything in its power to foster it in every technical way possible—helping with seeds, fertilizers, insecticides, farm implements and well-trained personnel that BWI may seek.But we would like to stress that this assistance from the MOA should not mean that it is an MOA project. It is an initiative undertaken by BWI and should be seen and dealt with as such. We are asking only for the MOA’s supportive involvement, taking pride in the fact that one of the nation’s institutions teaching agriculture is venturing out into agricultural production in a determined bid to feed itself, save money hitherto spent on food purchases and at the same time help needy people and institutions with food.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Living Conditions Survey will establish new poverty line – Chief Statistician

first_imgAhead of Guyana’s impending oil and gas sector, the Guyana Bureau of Statistics (GBS) is moving ahead with several surveys which will provide the State with quantified information to guide its planning.Chief Statistician Lennox Benjamin at a recent engagement at the Finance Ministry said the Living Conditions Survey will be essential in developing a new level of current income and expenditure within the country and a new demarcation of the poverty line.The last Living Conditions Survey was conducted 12 years ago and Benjamin feels the current one is being done at an appropriate time. In 2006, it was determined that 36.1 per cent of Guyana’s population was living in conditions consistent withChief Statistician Lennox Benjaminmoderate poverty.However, since then Guyana has moved higher on the Human Development Index, now being ranked number 127 out of 188 nations. As such, this country is deemed a ‘medium human development’ nation.The Chief Statistician said consumption patterns have changed, thus the need for the survey. Another survey is for households and budgets which should give key markers for economic growth.“For household budgets, we are measuring the consumption patterns and level of expenditure of the populace as a while, using a representative sample of the population. We last did such as exercise in 2006. It is also a major input; we will be doing a re-basing of our economy which is the base on which when we measure the performance of the growth of the economy and we need to know this before counting oil,” Benjamin remarked.“When you’re doing a household and budget survey, you are also doing a portion of that to measure our living conditions from which we derive our poverty line,” he added.These surveys were announced in September 2017 and were conducted in a three-month period. The Labour Force Survey is geared to track the labour market dynamics in the country, the Department of Public Information (DPI) reported.In March 2018, it was reported by <<<>>> that the unemployment rate has remained relatively unchanged, falling marginally from 12.5 per cent in the 2012 census to 12 per cent at the end of September 2017.Ahead of oil production in 2020, Government released the ‘Green’ Paper for the establishment of the Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) in the National Assembly earlier this month and Finance Minister Winston Jordan declared that it was an example of the Administration’s commitment to good “governance and accountability.” The Green Paper, which sets out preliminary proposals to stimulate discussion, also points to possible courses of action open to the SWF legislation.It was recommended that Parliament will be responsible for passing the Natural Resource Fund Act; approving the annual Budget, which would include the annual withdrawal from the Natural Resource Fund; and reviewing the annual report. If enacted, an SWF could impact on Guyana’s poverty line but it is not yet clear if another Living Conditions Survey would need to be conducted after that time.last_img read more

Govt heading down hill – PPP

first_imgAML/CFT BillThe People’s Progressive Party said government is heading downhill with the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill, adding that its most recent decision to ramrod three new stages of the bill in Parliament, will do more harm than good.The Party’s Chief Whip Gail Teixeira said government is still advancing with these stages, without taking into consideration the most important element that would get the nod from the Financial Action Task Force, and that is the appointment of a director of the Financial Intelligence Unit.According to the order paper, Government, through Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Basil Williams is expected to present another Anti-Money Laundering Bill, when the National Assembly meets for its 36th sitting on May 4.Legal Affairs Minister and Attorney General Basil WilliamsPPP Chief Whip Gail TeixeiraBut Teixeira said the architecture of the AML/CFT is structured on a Financial Intelligence Unit: “The role of the FIU is implementer and regulator in relation to the implementation of regulation on these issues… there is no FIU director or deputy director and the new architecture that the new Government brought in and passed in Parliament, leaves it to the parliamentary Committee of Appointment to appoint.”Teixeira said there has been no appointment of any member of the constitutional body. According to her, government needs to appoint a director, deputy director, accountant and lawyer along with ten members to sit on the Anti-Money Laundering Authority. She said none of the issues have been completed. If fact, they have only now begun to be addressed.She said the rush to take the Bill through with the amendments, is unacceptable, as the main item of the legislation is absent.So whether it is checking with the banks to see if they are compliant, the reporting and investigative aspects cannot be done without the FIU becoming fully constituted.She said her party does not buy the argument that the rush to have the Bill go through Parliament is necessary, since, whether the bills are passed or not, before FATF, the country will still remain noncompliant because of the absence of an FIU body.“The rule of FATF, CFATF and the international banking system is that the FIU and the director of the FIU are in all of these issues. The government seems to be unaware of what needs to be done”, she said.The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently urged government to “promptly” address the deficiencies in its AML/CFT framework to ensure full compliance with FATF recommendations.In December, Attorney General Basil Williams stated that there were still a number of recommendations the country needed to fulfil before it could become fully compliant with FATF and the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) requirements.Currently, government is in the process of employing a director and deputy director for the FIU.Teixeira, who is member of a parliamentary committee in charge of overseeing this aspect, disclosed that a sizeable number of applications for the position have been received.Thereafter she said, a sub-committee will be established to develop a score system to act as a guideline when reviewing the applications to determine which will appear on the shortlist for interviews.Meanwhile, more amendments to the AML/CFT Bill are slated to be presented at the upcoming sitting of the National Assembly on May 4; however, Teixeira lamented that Government intends once again, to ramrod all three stages during that one sitting.The PPP/C Chief Whip explained that she got a call from the Government Chief Whip Amna Ally who informed her of Government’s intention to present the amendments at the upcoming sitting.“She asked if we will support the amendments to the AML/CFT Amendment Bill with all three stages at one sitting on May 4… and our answer was a resounding ‘no’,” Teixeira stated.She explained that the amendments are large and complex, and therefore, it needs to be reviewed extensively, especially considering that the PPP/C will be entering the parliamentary chambers with no knowledge whatsoever on what to expect.Teixeira further explained that these pieces of legislations need to be reviewed and discussed comprehensively to ensure it is consistent with each other and that there is no contradiction.last_img read more

Riddim Squad, Buxton Stars, Beacon, Santos to battle tonight

first_imgLimacol Knockout Football TournamentThe Ministry of Education Ground on Carifesta Avenue will again host the Limacol Knockout Football competition tonight. The tournament, whose third installment began about three weeks ago, provides an opportunity for community teams and other clubs to showcase their raw skill.Matches in the tournament will continue this evening when Riddim Squad faces Buxton Stars in the first encounter at 18:00 hrs. Coming off of a shocking loss, Buxton will look to improve their game at the back end, having conceded three goals within their final 10 minutes of playing time.On the other hand, Riddim Squad is currently in a comfortable position after the last match went their way. In fact, it was a 3-0 win for Riddim Squad, which gives a massive confidence boost to the otherwise formidable team.As the evening winds down, Santos will have their first meeting with Beacon FC at 20:00 hrs. It will truly be a clash of the titans, with each team already registering a remarkable win over the course of the tournament. Beacon will be very confident, after stealing a win in their last match. Despite it being a 1-0 encounter, Beacon’s defence played strongly to prevent the opposing side from scoring.Santos played to a draw in their first match. However, the longstanding team made a great comeback in their last match to register a victory. Thanks to two beauties from their player Keith Cains, the team was able to make it over the line while holding off its opponents from scoring.A total of 12 teams are currently competing for first place glory, with Group A featuring a mixture of experience and youth in Guyana Police Force, Pele Football Club, Northern Rangers and Mahaica Determinators. Over in Group B, Campton, Georgetown Football Club, Riddim Squad and Buxton Stars will fight for the most points in the group; while Group C: Santos, Pouderoyen, Grove Hi Tec and Beacons Football Club, are competing against each other in the round robin segment. The winner of the tournament is slated to receive a cash prize of $600,000.last_img read more

Leaders’ boot maker held

first_imgThe arrest of Martin Villegas – and Mexico’s raid of a warehouse filled with hundreds of cowboy boots and belts made from endangered species – has raised questions about how much Fox knew of the scheme and whether the former Mexican president purchased illegal boots himself. Before Fox left office in December, Villegas created a special brand of cowboy boot named after him, which was manufactured in Mexico’s shoemaking capital, Leon, in Fox’s home state of Guanajuato. The Mexican boot maker also produced footwear for Fox’s bodyguards, relatives and friends – including Bush, a fellow lover of ranchwear who accepted a pair of ostrich-skin boots as a gift during a visit to Fox’s ranch in 2001. Fox, in Rome for his election as co-president of an association of center-right parties from around the world, was under fire this week from Mexican media speculating not only about the boots, but the source of his post-presidential wealth. Reached by The Associated Press on Friday, former first lady Martha Sahagun said she and Fox were aware of Villegas’ arrest but would not comment. Fox issued a denial through his Web site Friday. Fox’s ruling National Action Party said it has confidence in Fox’s integrity and maintained the accusations were designed to detract attention from corruption cases involving opposition politicians. SKINS: Man who gave products to Fox and Bush is charged with money laundering. By Lisa J. Adams THE ASSOCIATED PRESS GUANAJUATO, Mexico – A boot maker to world leaders, including President Bush and Vicente Fox, is in a Colorado jail, charged with money laundering and conspiring to illegally smuggle skins of protected animals into the United States to provide exotic footwear for high-end clients. Villegas was arrested Sept. 6 along with two other Mexican nationals and two U.S. residents following a three-year undercover operation by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agents. The five allegedly made 25 illegal shipments of banned skins into the U.S. since 2005, the department said. Days later, Mexican federal agents raided the Canada Grande factory and warehouse in Leon, which is owned by one of the other Mexican suspects, Esteban Lopez Estrada. They found about 550 products made of endangered sea turtle skins, as well as products made illegally from the hides of crocodiles, lizards and cobras. If convicted in the U.S., Villegas and Lopez face up to five years in prison and $250,000 in fines for each conspiracy count, and 20 years and $500,000 in fines for each smuggling and money laundering count. If Lopez is convicted in Mexico, he faces one to nine years in jail and a fine of $1,365 to $13,650. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Ex-Manchester United and City star withdraws from charity match for health reasons

first_img Ex-United striker Cole says the abuse of Pogba would have affected him 1 Former Manchester United striker Andrew Cole has withdrawn from an upcoming charity match at Old Trafford and revealed he has been suffering from kidney failure.The 44-year-old, who won five Premier League titles and the Champions League during a trophy-laden spell with United, said he is not well enough to play in the UNICEF Match for Children, which will take place on November 14.“In June of this year I suffered kidney failure, caused as a result of contracting an airborne virus and I have been under medical care ever since,” Cole said in a statement. “I was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with a condition called Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis.”Cole said he had spent close to three weeks in hospital undergoing a kidney biopsy and dialysis, and he is continuing on a course of steroids which has led to a slight change in his appearance.In thanking his doctors at the Manchester Royal Infirmary, as well as his family, Cole added: “Together we have been through some dark days. However, the good news is that I am feeling better as each day passes and the consultant is hopeful that I will make a full recovery by next spring.”Cole said he would remain in his role as an ambassador for United.last_img read more


first_imgDONEGAL athletes have been honoured at the National Athletics Awards in association with Woodie’s DIY and Tipperary Crystal which took on Saturday in the Clyde Court Hotel in Dublin.Mark English (Letterkenny AC) who had a remarkable 2012, a year in which he lowered the national junior 800m record to a blazing 1:45.77 and finished a brilliant fifth in a highly competitive World Junior Championship final. English was the worthy recipient of Junior Athlete of the Year.Teresa McDaid (Letterkenny AC) was the winner of the Coach of the Year. The Donegal coach has assembled an incredible squad of international class middle distance athletes including Mark English, Darren McBrearty and Ruairi Finnegan, whose talent she has nurtured. The Master of the Year award was presented to Ciaran O ‘Doherty (Letterkenny AC) after claiming the gold medal at the 2012 World Indoor Masters Championships in the 3,000m in Finland.Rob Heffernan (Togher AC) was named as the Athlete of the Year at the National Athletics Awards in association with Woodie’s DIY and Tipperary Crystal which took on Saturday 17th of November in the Clyde Court Hotel in Dublin 4.2012 was the year when Rob Heffernan quite literally had the Walk of his life. His fourth place finish in the 50k Walk at the London Olympic Games was the standout performance by an Irish athlete at major championships this season.On that occasion the Togher AC athlete carved his way through the field and came up one place short of what would have been a well deserved Olympic medal. In the process Heffernan destroyed his own national record with a time of 3:37.54. The 34-year-old remains on course to grab the major medal that now appears more probably than possible. Not Surprisingly Rob Heffernan was also awarded the Race Walker of the Year Award for 2012. Dundrum South Dublin (DSD) were the worthy recipients of the Performance Club of the Year Award. DSD is one of the powerhouses of Irish athletics and the Dublin 14 club enjoyed an exceptional run of success in cross country, road running and track competition over the past year. There was also the addition of the Development Club of the Year Award which went to Carlow club St Laurence O’Toole. The club caters for over 350 members ranging from a 120 strong Fit4Life group to young rising Irish Sprinter Marcus Lawler, who had a fabulous year setting new Irish youth records over 100m (10.72) and 200m (21.42).The Endurance Athlete Award went to Fionnuala Britton (Kilcoole AC) who struck gold at the European Cross Country Championships in Velenje last December. Britton was also the worthy winner of the Track and Field Athlete of the Year Award. She came agonizingly close to securing a bronze medal over 10,000m at the European Outdoor Championships in Helsinki, having to settle for fourth on that occasion. Britton went on to the London Olympics and placed 15th in the 10,000m and then returned a few days later to run a personal best of 15:12.97 in the heats of the 5,000m.Inspirational performance of the year went to Steven Colvert (Crusaders AC) for his outstanding 20.40 second performance over 200m in the heats of the National Senior Championships in Santry. Although the wind was just above the allowable limit on that occasion Colvert is an exciting prospect and looks set for a bright future in the sport.The Outstanding Official Award was presented to husband and wife Joe and Bernie Walsh of Fingallians AC who both embody the ethos of volunteerism, giving unselfishly their time and energies for the benefit of others. Joe and Bernie have been at the cutting edge of athletics in Ireland for a long time individually and as a couple.Padraig Griffin was named as the Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. Padraig played a very significant role in Irish Athletics for almost half a century. The award is a fitting recognition for all those years of service. Jason Smyth (City of Derry AC) and Michael McKillop (St Malachy’s AC) were worthy recipients of the Special Recognition Award. Both athletes dazzled at the Paralympics Games in London by winning double gold and setting two world records each.The Mountain Runner of the Year was awarded to Brian MacMahon (Clonliffe Harriers AC) who finished sixth at the World Mountain Running Long Distance Race in Switzerland.The Ultra Running Award was presented to Ruthann Sheahan (Athenry AC) for her fifth place performance at the World 24 hour Championships.The AVIVA Tailteann Schools’ Awards were awarded to Sarah Lavin of Castletroy College and Caimin Dunne of Belvedere College Among 27 national records set in track and field competition from junior to senior levels in 2012. The record breakers were honoured on the night for their outstanding achievements included Finn Valley pair Sarah Collins and Dempsey Mc Guigan.DONEGAL ATHLETES HONOURED AT NATIONAL AWARDS was last modified: November 18th, 2012 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:DONEGAL ATHLETES HONOURED AT NATIONAL AWARDSlast_img read more


first_imgA Donegal woman has slammed animal welfare authorities after they allowed an injured swan to die in her garden shed.Sparky the swanCaroline McGlynn pleaded with various animal welfare bodies to help the injured bird.Caroline’s father PJ Reilly rescued the swan after it hit a powerline in Burtonport, this week. Caroline put the swan, which they dubbed Sparky, into her garden shed and fed it.Over the next three days she rang at least four different animal welfare bodies pleading with them to help save the swan.Caroline revealed “I contacted a number of animal agencies and they said they would look into it.“I told them what had happened but that the bird was still drinking water but needed to be helped. “Unfortunately I didn’t get any help at all and the bird died three days later.Caroline Reilly-McGlynn who tried to save the bird.“The family were very upset and I can understand why.“We tried to help and save the poor creature but these so-called animal lovers didn’t even come out to try and help.“One particular person took the view that the swan was going to die anyway which I think is a disgrace.”So touched was Caroline’s dad PJ by the swan’s plight that he dug a whole in his own garden and buried it there with a plant on top of it. Caroline said the swans are regular visitors to her townland of Lackenagh.She has also revealed how Sparky’s grieving partner is still coming up to her father’s home closeby looking for the other bird.“It’s very sad to see it and my father is very upset by it all.“I don’t know for sure but the swan could have been saved if someone had bothered to take the time and come out and check it. “I always contribute to animal charities but this would certainly make me think twice in future if this is the kind of response they give to people,” she said.WOMAN BLASTS ANIMAL GROUPS AFTER SWAN LEFT TO DIE IN HER SHED was last modified: January 14th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:burtonportCaroline McGlynndeadISPCAswanlast_img read more